Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old news

Well, I guess it's about time to "write" something.

I found that the older ya get and the more ya write, the less there is to tell. For the last 1 1/2 years...or something like that, I've poured my life's story out to this blog. There ain't nuttin more to write about.

Christmas dinner at the slabs was a complete success again, just like the 2 years before. There was right at 25 in attendance with plates and eat 'em up utensils in hand. We had a solar baked ham (by Chili Bob) and a big ol' fat turkey (by Rich and Mary). Both were spectacular. After dinner, we all sat around the campfire, bellies full, and BS'ed about world affairs.

This is a test...... gonna see how long it takes to upload a 15 meg video. Hmmmmm....right at 5 minutes.

Been work'n on "da boat" for the last week installing the motor and drive for the stern wheel. Look'n good so far. Turns right bout 120 rpm what should make it go close to a hunert mile a hour or so. Looks like I may be tak'n a day trip to San Diego for more parts. Why don't Walmart carry parts for Mississippi river boats???

Speak'n of Walmart....got my list all wrote out and ready to roll. Been out of meds for a couple days now so guess it's bout time to go git me sum more. Speak'n of meds....since I ain't had none for a couple days, I been feel'n pretty darn good. Ain't had no pains, blood pressure fine, still breath'n, but still can't remember a damn thing. Why just the other day I was talk'n to old Uncle Ben and was gonna write something down on my Walmart list...in just a minute. Well, waited more than just a minute....now have no idea what it was. Drives me crazy cain't remember shit.

Look'n like old Billy Bob gonna get a taste of winter here in a couple days. Weather thingy says it gonna get down to 32 degs. Not in the day time silly's....night time. Yeah, go head and laugh....it's headed east where all you other people lives. Glad I filled my propane tank the other day.
We been in the upper 40's at night and lower 70's during the day for the last couple weeks. Cain't beat that with a stik. Eat your hearts out!!!


  1. Dang!!! You ain't off lost in the desert looking for the lost Dutchman's mine. :-) And sounds like you didn't die of food poising from the dinner like last year. And you didn't super glue yourself to the commode working on "dat boat".

    But you did make and upload a video!!! Whoopee!!
    Shoot!! We may drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st century yet!!

  2. I cant remember if I was there last year or was it the year before?

  3. Good to hear from you again. Off the meds and feeling better? Great, now quit going to doctors and you should be perfect. Not saying you ain't peerfect now. . .

  4. Nick, do you want to sell your Freddie Kruger painting?

  5. Ummmm, maybe next year we'll get some " Talkies "? Yep, 21st century

    Bill in da snow

  6. Watched your video. Hoped to see Goofy and Rich, Chili and Seann... not even a dog like Sadie or Socks or Daisy? or your sites you staked out? How am I gonna recognize ya when we get there?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Last year Nick....sheesh!!!

    LOL Dizzy....you pretty much nailed it for see'n the Dr. Frankenstein feller. Meds....well maybe I need then no matter how I feel.

    The video test was just to see how long it took to upload....that's all.

    Karen.....they right over there... not 100 feets from old Billy Bob's house. If ya find one of us, you'll find all of us. (one block off Canal Rd on Rayhound Rd....look left)

  8. You know Billy Bob, you should explore Twitter..it's only short messages, but that might be perfect..give it some thought..I for one would "follow" your tweets..

  9. Glad you are doing fine and thanks for updating your blog :-)