Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

"What you talk'n bout Billy Bob....happy new year"????

So freak'n what I ain't updated here in a while? Ya see, it's like this, I ain't been feel'n like writing any thing.
Ain't nuttin go'n on at the slabs to write about. I ain't been do'n nuttin exciting to write about. Sadie is just lay'n round so there ain't nuttin to write about her. So what do I write about?

Well....I made a couple trips to town....Walmart ya know. Stopped off at the auto parts store to order a new water pump for "that jeep. Well shoot, they had one in stock. Dropped off my meds prescriptions and wouldn't ya know it, they had to send a fax to Dr. Frunkinsteen back in Deming before I could get them. But....that was last year. This is a new year....2011...can ya believe it.

When I was much younger....like maybe 10 or 12, I used to think...."you gonna be dead by the time you're 60". When I was 10 or 12 year old, 60 was ancient...all wrinkle up and lay'n in a death bed. Now that I'm way past that age, I'm count'n my lucky stars, bless'ns and all that stuff. Maybe I ain't gonna die after all.

It were cold last night when I headed to the campfire. Everyone was sit'n up close with blankets and stuff wrapped round them. I digs in my pocket and pulls out a hand full of firecrackers....boy howdy. But what I really wanted to do was shoot that big ol' .357 magnum....straight up in the air. But I didn't. Someone said the sherriff was cruis'n round and I sure didn't want to go to jail for shoot'n guns. Although I could have gone to jail for the fireworks I was "pop'n" off. Ya see, California has rules and regulations. It's illegal to bring fireworks into the State. You have to buy California certified fireworks in California. You get them at the local fire departments.

Anyhows, someone set off some kind of a bonfire. It brighted up the whole place for miles. I'm think'n it was magnesium or something like that. Burned 15 minutes or more. After I watched it for a while, I couldn't see nuttin....except for a little fire when I closed my eyes. Took 30 minutes for that fire to burn out before I could see anything. Damn!!!

Spent a bunch of ilde hours work'n on the boat, hunt'n parts, call'n hobby shops and all that. Oh yeah....that freak'n dog what was chas'n the remote control car stepped right in the middle of it. Broke it. That dog meant business. Maybe, just maybe, I got a spare part for it.

Got me a whole chicken in a pot in the solar oven. Gonna brew me up a big pot of chicken soup. That will last a week or so. Ummmm Ummmmm....that gonna be good.

Struck me a gold mine yesterday. I was out look'n for a place to fly my airplane and I fount this table full of books. Hmmmmm.....wonder if there any old westerns on that table. Boy Howdy, let me tell ya.....it weren't nuttin but westerns. They was 3 for a buck so I pick out 12 and paid my $4 in the little plastic jug sit'n there. Read so many them cowboy books I broke out my cowboy hat. Now I are a cowboy.....yee haa!!! Git yer hands up ya big gallute fore I put a hole in ya right tween yer eyes.

Well shoot.....now I got stuff to do.


  1. Have a great new year buddy! next time maybe you can make it out to Terlingua and hang with us.

  2. Whoaa,, easy there Wild Bill!! Put down Sane Grey and step back from the bar, you've had enough.

    Happy New Year,you old Coot.. Where we gonna meet up this year?

  3. Howdy Billy-Bob, like Nick says, have a great new year.
    I used to cary a snuff can full of Zircoloy shavings as an emergancy fire starter. That stuff would light up your world. . .

  4. Hey BB, I spelled that wrong, it is suppose to be Zircaloy.

    About thinking that 60 is ancient; I will turn 68 in Feb. but my Dad died at 60, so I still think 60 is really old. Anything past that and I feel I am on borrowed time.(grin)

  5. Woohooooooo Billy Bob, 2011!

  6. That's kind of scary, you with a cowboy hat on,and a 357 strapped on your hip. Boy talk about the law west of the Pecos, how about the Judge of the Slabs.

    Tell us more about your prospecting days, where were you digging.

  7. Have you found any gold yet Billy Bob?