Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Work'n on "da boat"

While I'm sit'n here with nuttin to do....................

Well, it's been a long week....today IS Saturday right??? Ain't got much done 'cause I been too freak'n busy. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to be retired and have to work every day just to surrive every day life. I think the Government should issue each retiree, such as myself, with a full time maid, yardman, mechanic and maintenance man. That would make my life so much easier and endurable.

I had promised my dear friend, Old Uncle Ben, that I would take some before and after pics.....but I plumb forget. Ya see, it's like this.....I was work'n on that Mississippi riverboat when I noticed some cracks on the bottom. What the hell, where them come from? So I started fix'n 'em....you know...sand'n and all that stuff. Then I masked off the rest ot the boat, took it outside and sprayed a couple coats of epoxy enamal on it. Hmmmmm.....there's them damn cracks again. So's I mess with them cracks......boy howdy Billy Bob, ya done did it now.

Oh yeah....forgot to tell ya.....I installed the motor, rudders and controls in the boat before I foun't them cracks. All I need to do now is take the radio gear and battery out of the rc car and put in "da boat". It'gonna work just fine. All I gotta do is find some water to test it in. Now where ya gonna find water in the desert???

The next day....after I thought the epoxy paint had dried, I commenced to sand the places I messed up. Nope, epoxy paint ain't dry yet......more mess up. Then I says...."what the hell...paint the automotive over the epoxy (for the correct color) and be done with it. I grabs the can of spray and push that button. Oh Oh.....did ya read the instructions Billy Bob? Well hell no I didn't read the freak'n instructions. It was laquor....not enamal....and everyone know what happen when ya spray laquor paint over undry other paint. It ripples....like my body...full of wrinkles. To make a long story short....I wiped that crap off and sprayed one more coat of epoxy. Boy howdy....glad that's over. Now I have a two tone white Mississippi riverboat....with wrinkles on the bottom..........grrrrrrrr.

My mechanic came by yesterday and drove off in "that jeep". He gonna change the water pump what was leak'n. Shoot....it took him 3 hours to do it. What the hell??? Today, he is supposed to come by and change oil in that great big engine in "Sally da house" and the Onan generator. Wonder how much that gonna cost me. But it don't make no matter...I got so much money I could grow a tree. At least that what everyone thinks.

Weather at "da slabs" has been almost perfect, even with the cold front that come through. Lower 40's at night and upper 60's during the day. What ya think bout that ya cold weather yankees? 


  1. Howdy there BB. Glad to hear from you again. Maybe it is just so plumb dry out there in the desert that bottom of that River Boat, which had just come from damp old Georgia, is drying out and cracking? Or did you drop it and forgot about it?

  2. Hey neighbor, you missed the big New Years freeze in Deming. We had a couple nights down to about 15 degrees. Coldest its ben in 100 years. Every plumber in town has ben running around fixing frozen pipes.

  3. Dang Billy,, you gonna have so much glue and added on parts on the boat, it'll never float!
    Maybe rename it Anchor? or ROCK? (as in, float like a rock)

  4. Dizzy, I'm think'n it has to do with climate change. Hell, I don't know.

    Howdy Jim. Ain't seen ya in a long time. Yeah, I talked to "pesky neighbor" Wayne and he says there was a couple inches snow. Out where I live, at the rv park on Silver City Hwy, 15 degs ain't nuttin. Sure am glad I ain't there though.

    Oh come on Ben, you knows old Billy Bob better'n that. That boat ain't gonna sink....sheesh!!! Ever'body know wood don't sink.

  5. BB
    Could you send me one of those trees?