Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boat fix'n

Ok...that's it....I've been a nice guy and all, but...... When a person takes advantage of another persons blog comments section and post links to ridiculous crap, something needs to be done. I don't want to disallow anyone to post comments, but I will if there are any more like the ones from yesterday's headlines....that's it. Have some respect please.

Boy howdy let me tell ya. Son Robert went this morning to pick up the pontoon boat for his daddy to fix. While I was wast'n my time for a solution to his problems, he...all by his self...not know'n what the hell he was doing, started tear'n stuff apart. By the time our professional boat motor fix'n person, old Billy Bob, appeared on the scene, it was too late. He had done broke one part and the motor wouldn't start at all. Let me see....hmmmm, it ain't get'n no gas. "Robert....the fuel lines on the fuel pump are backwards". And that broke part is what helps start the motor. Fuel lines in right place and it crank right up. Now old Billy Bob get out his screwdriver and turn stuff......opps....back'er down. Motor run'n bout the right rpm, shifts into gear without dying, but still a little rough. "Oh crap Robert, I thought you fixed that leak and why is that line too short"??? Fuel everywhere. New fuel line and a brand spank'n new "whatchamacallit" is on order. LOL....can you believe that word is in spell checker???

My old scraped up leg looks and feels so much better today....but my hip feels terrible. But then, my hip hurts like the dickens every day. Ya old fart!!!

Here what we gonna have for supper tonight.....BLT's, fried taters, refried beans and over easy eggs. Too bad we didn't have that for breakfast. Granddaughter Westley brung me a big fat scrambled egg sandwich this morning....

We think'n go'n night fish'n this weekend. If the pontoon ain't fixed, we gonna go in the bass boat. Now how we gonna get 4 adults, 3 grand kids and 4 dogs in a bass boat???? It ain't gonna happen.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Full house

Boy howdy, let me see....a son, 4 grandkids and 4 dogs....I'm go'n in the house and watch tv.

With the help of my wonderful son and a bunch of people on the internet, the Auto Park (emergency brake) is fixed and all put back together. No, I did not resort to calling the Workhorse Service people for help. Old Billy Bob would rather be lost than to ask for directions.

Ok....two sons and 4 dogs in "da house". Will be back laters....

Fell UP the porch earlier today. Now I'm in dire need of some crutches. Ripped off a toe nail and a big scrape on my chin...it could have been broke from the way I was carry'n on. "The steps Billy Bob, use the steps".

Well I want you look here, I just got up from a nice nap a while ago and here come my son....and two big old dogs. He left and where do you suppose the dogs are? Yep...lay'n in the middle of the floor sleep'n....along side my two dogs. There ain't no way I could ever....ever...travel with 4 dogs....sheesh!!!

Ok...porch is filled with grandkids waiting on their papaw. More good news tomorrow.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New surroundings

Got up this morning....again. Ain't it wonderful to look out the winder and see another day? Sometimes I wonder.

Son Robert showed up at "Yo Mama's RV Resort" before I had finished my first cup....and you know what that means. Only one eye open and grumpy as hell. Started do'n stuff (making ready) for the long journey to Tallapoosa, Ga. where my son lives. By the time I got everything done other then unplugging the electric core, Robert comes back down from BS'n with his mama on the back porch. We hook up "that jeep and head'em up the road for the 30 minute trip.

At "Camp Roberto" I look the park'n situation over. Boy howdy, can I get "da house" back out of there....that quite a hill to climb. Emptied my tanks in the old mobile home site, turned around and set up camp.  Hmmmm...there a big ol' tree in the back yard what sure would be nice to park under. Is I is or is I ain't??? Is that a train I hear??? My God, there a train track right over there.

Attempted to hook up to Roberts wifi, but no deal. What the hell??? After a few minutes of chang'n stuff on my computer, I hook up to some kind of fast internet. Boy Howdy, I gonna have to get me some that stuff.

Ate up a big ol' balony and cheese sandwich while sit'n on the front porch sip'n a cup. Didn't take long and here go the eye thing. Had'a take a nap. Thermostat set on 75 and snoozed away a good hour and a half.

Sure gonna miss "Yo Mama's RV Resort" for the next 3 or 2 weeks. Ya see, it's like this.....she cook up some really good lip smak'n food, vacuum my carpet, wash my dirty clothes and make sure I'm still alive every morning. Just like she did 33 years ago. Daughter in law ain't gonna treat me that good.....I can see it now, old Billy Bob gonna starve to death, get dishpan hands and have to walk to the laundromat.

That's about all for today.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My brain is broke

Have ya ever thinked so much ya couldn't think no more???

Ya see, it's like this.....this dagnabbed, cornpick'n blank blank "Sally da house" is got my brain twisted up like a chain on the neighbors pit bull. Have ya ever see a pit bull what is on a chain??? They go round and round and round. All in the same direction...clockwise. When a 50 foots chain twists up to 3 foots, ya got yourself a pissed off pit bull. Now ya might ask how comes we talk'n bout dogs when it's "da house" what's broke. That's what I'm talk'n bout.....my mind is broke.

But never fear, old Billy Bob done found some stuff he was look'n for. Wiring diagrams, photos and descriptions of operation. Ya see, it's like this....my wonderful motorhome, "Sally da house"...."da house" for short was built on a Workhorse chassis...Workhorse is the proper name for Chivvy in newer houses.  Well, Workhorse don't give out information how to fix broke stuff or even suggest how it might work...has something to do with the mighty $$$$$$. Backyard mechanics are in the unemployment lines from people like this. 

There is so much stuff up there under the dash. I mean wires and stuff. Little boxes, relays and gizmos. Stuff I ain't never see before. And I'm gonna fix it. Speak'n of fix'n stuff....have ya ever took an old timey wind up clock apart? Just to see how it works??? Well, guess what...old Billy Bob done it years ago before all households had a tv. The I put it back together and low a behold, it worked. So....do you really think Workhorse could be any more complicated than a Big Ben wind up clock??? Wish me luck....I gonna need it.

Yesterday was bass fish'n day. Son Robert says we have three choices, fish'n in Alabama,...............
Will finish this post later....back to work.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whoa is me

Boy howdy is that old Billy Bob got his self in some kind of dutch.

Ya see, it was like this, I was changing a part on "Sally da house" to fix my broke automatic parking brake. All was well till I turned it on.....it didn't come on no shape, form or fashion...kapoot don't work. The part was a little screw in pressure switch for the auto park system (emergency brake) what I ain't gonna try to explain. In the mean time I was check'n stuff look'n for why it don't come on. All kinds of stuff took apart. Now I have a whole bunch of stuff that don't come on. Today was spent locating the device (solenoid) what operates the slide outs....they had no power. Ah Ha...there it is, right behind that expensive circuit/fuse board, but it ain't working. Jump it Billy Bob, jump it....smoke and flames...jumper wires on fire.....burn fingers yank'n wires off. Holy crap!!!
Well shoot, that was the wrong relay anyhows. It's this one Billy Bob...jump it...what I did. At least now I have 12 volts back in "da house" and the a/c will run and can operate the slide outs....but it ain't fixed by a long shot.

Then, I turn on the key, and put this sucker in gear. With out push'n the brake pedal.....what ya gotta do if ya want to get out of park. And then, with the key still on, I reach over and operate the leveling jacks. With out pulling the little yellow park brake knob....what ya gotta do if'n ya wana to level the rig. I would guess I'm up to at least $1000 by now at the professional high dollar RV repair station get'n all this stuff I broke fixed. Whoa is me!!!!

While writing this I got to think'n bout old tffnguys puppy Pepper tear'n up stuff. Pepper ain't got nuttin over on old Billy Bob. Maybe I should trade Sadie Mae for Pepper and we could be a team.....of death and destruction. Well maybe not death, but the double d's sounds good.

Ok....I done poured out all my blunders on y'all today, so I'm gonna leave it at that....but there's more. Lots more.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lip flapp'n

I got up this morning....."that all I have to say bout that" (Gump).

Boy howdy, grandkids kind of grow on ya....like warts. The last few day have been no exception. Let's take yesterday for an example. Right about 8:30 am....here they come. It were daughter Doris with grandkids Mack and the twins. And you know how Billy Bob is this early in the morning. After a few minutes of growls and grumps Doris and twins left.....leaving an 8 year old lip flapp'n Mack ask'n a gazillion questions. At 8:30 in the morning, I don't have all the right answers.

Robert showed up somewheres about half my second pot...that would be bout 6 normal cups (8oz or so). After an hour of jaw'n, we all decided to take a trip to Walmart. Ya see, it's like this, we go'n bass fish'n....and them trout fish'n poles too little for 15# bass. Old Billy Bob got him a brand spank'n new bass fish'n pole what remind me of a baseball bat. If'n I ever get back to the Gulf Coast, I can do me some shark fish'n with it.

Mack's lips was flap'n from the time we go in the truck till we was headed home....drove his papaw plumb nuts. Have ya ever hear one them old Sears gasoline powered wash machines??? Putt putt putt pop pop putt putt all day long. Can I buy this, can I buy that, look here papaw you need this...and on and on and on...I mean to tell ya. That boy never shut up the whole time we was gone.

Ordered parts for "da house"...should be here this morning. Golf game canceled due to the "big" twins com'n over bout noon time. Pick pick pick...that all these boys do. I think deep down they love each other, but ya would never know by the way they carry on. My God, I gonna need a break after an afternoon with these two.

Only need 2 more parts for "that jeep" before we tear it apart. Took it for a quick run yesterday...after I recharged the dead battery....now what??? Was that flash'n blue lights I see behind me? Whewwww...it were my imagination. I were do'n bout 75 in a 55. Now, where the hell is that vibration??? Why did you folks talk me into buying this jeep???

If all goes well today, the parking brake should be fixed and put back together for the trip to Roberts house in Tallapoosa. I'll enjoy the rest, but miss all the good eats I get at "Yo Mama's RV Resort". Daughter in law can't cook water....much less something to eat.

Ok....I got to get myself ready for another day of lip flapp'n and pick pick pick. Another cup of "strong" should do the trick. I am enjoying my visit though. Ya got to love grandkids!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wait'n on da porch

Wait'n on da porch for my son to drop by and visit his daddy. I think I gonna "make" him take me to Kennasaw, Ga. to the hobby shop. It's certain he ain't gonna be in no shape to help my take the lift kit off of "that jeep" since he went fish'n on his brand spank'n new pontoon boat last night....with a case of Budweiser and some worms. Bet ya a dollar he didn't catch no fish.

I was think'n.....if all my little ailments would hit me all at one time, would I have a week of 6 good days and only one bad? But no, it's one a day. Today it's my big ol' swoled up toe. You know, right there in that joint. Author-itis or something like that. Ya see, it's like this.....years ago in the dead of winter, my door was froze shut on my truck. To break it loose, I kicked it.....really hard....big ol' dent. Thought I broke my toe....boy howdy that hurt. Ever since then, my toe has hurt....not every day, but it comes and goes. And when it comes, it feels just like the day I kicked the door.

After watch'n the news, I decided I'm gonna take up deer hunt'n. Gonna buy me a brand spank'n new AK-47 semi automatic high power deer hunt'n rifle. Years ago when I was a teenager, I went deer hunt'n and got myself real good lost. I'm talk'n lost, not just can't find my way out, but LOST. Swore I would never go deer hunt'n again. But as I get a little older, I'm think'n deer hunt'n would be a good past time....good exercise ya know....try'n to find your way out the woods and back to camp.

Ate me up a great big ol' cucumber right out of "yo mama's" garden last night. Now let me tell ya bout cucumbers. Every time old Billy Bob eats a cucumber, he get them stomach pains....gas and stuff. Re-eat that cucumber all night long. Well, it worked last night. Up half the night eat'n acid reducers and drink'n Malox...or something like that. Then when I got up this morning, my eyes refused to open. Put on a pot of what turned out to be mud, set down on the couch, turn on TV and went out like a light. Best one hour of sleep I had in a month.


Friday, June 18, 2010

80 pounds of fish

She didn't have a fish'n pole cause she didn't know how to fish.
It was back in bout 68 out of Texas City, Texas when I says..."let's go fish'n". Well, money was tight and only had enough for a gallon of gas, a 6 pak, a pack of smokes and a pound of shrimp. We drove out to the dike and launched the boat and headed for deep water....bout 4 foots or so. The shrimp was still froze so I broke me off a little chunk, put it on that hook and casted out. Weren't no time at all and old Billy Bob had him a fish in the boat. Then I catched me another....all the while my darling wife was just watch'n with sad eyes. Then I catched me another....boy howdy, fish'n is good. One beer, a couple smokes and 3 fish in the boat.
After a while darling wife got pissed or something say'n "let's go". Ha....are you kidding....look at all the fish I catch'n. So's she takes this piece of string, puts a hook on the end and baits up with a shrimp tail what was lay'n in the bottom of the boat. Weren't nuttin flat and she got a fish in the boat. Then another, and another, and another and another. All on them shrimp heads I was throw'n in the bottom of the boat.
Being a sweet and considerate husband, I says...."you take the fish pole....gimmie that string". I had to threaten to throw her out the boat for that little piece of string with a hook on the end. 
All said and done, we caught over 80 pounds of spotted sea trout on that 1 pound of frozen shrimp....heads and tails. Have ya ever cleaned 80 pounds of fish all in one setting.

My God, fish'n used to be good. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost well

Well, I got a big ol' leg cramp a minute ago and figgered I maybe aughter go see what was go'n on.

Ya see it's like this.....old Billy Bob been hav'n a rough time for the last week ten days. One of my breathing meds, Advair, seems to have put some hurts on me. I had quit taking it a while back and decided to start back again. One of the side effects is pneumonia, what it seems like I had for a few days. Won't go into details, but it weren't nice. Today is day 4 of feeling "better".

Attempted to spank my oldest son Robert and grandson Colby on the golf course today. Boy howdy if'n you could'a hear old Billy Bob, you would'a think he were pissed or something like that. Here what happen....the greens. The greens at St. Andrews are so slow ya gotta swak that ball hard....like a tee shot. I cuss them greens and says I'll never play golf in Georgia again...bout a hunert times. Then I get really pissed and swak some balls out in the woods....never to be found again. I love golf!!!!

Talk to old pesky neighbor Wayne yesterday. He doing just fine. Misses me and the kids, Lug Nut and Sadie. Says...."when ya com'n home"????

Gonna have to get away from "yo mama's" for a while. I'm tell'n ya, I don't get no rest with everyone com'n in from 9am till 10pm. I got Play Station ya know. I would love to have just one day....to lay back and "do nuttin". Son Robert has a nice camp'n site bout 60 feet from his house in Tallapoosa....and only 2 grandsons...the twins Nick and Tim. That where we gonna work on "that jeep" and "Sally da house".

Oh great....it's raining and just lost internet signal.

Can ya sue Walmart??? Ya see, it's like this. Remember them brand spank'n new hair clippers I bought for Sadie Mae??? Well, they ain't no good and I gonna take them back with a whole mouth full of stuff to say. It ain't right. And poor little Sadie Mae has half a hair cut.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Look'n up

Things are look'n up this morning.

Yesterday was not a good day for old Billy Bob. Went to the golf course for a round of swak'n balls. Well, that didn't work too well....by the 13th hole I was wore slap out and want'n to go home. Back at "da house" I had to lay my self down and send everyone home. Slept for a couple restless hours.

When I got up this morning, I noticed I had slept past 8am. Boy howdy. Also felt pretty good considering I was up for hours every night for the last 4 days caughing and wheez'n for breath. Seems as though my lungs have filled with Georgia dew or something like that. Today has been much better.

Boys are talk'n bout some night fish'n somewhere. Isn't night fish'n where ya can't see a thing and everyone gets drunk??? Don't fish sleep at night just like everybody else?

Hmmmmmm.....something is wrong. No rain for two days. But I did take Bens advice and stopped snap'n my fingers.

I was think'n. Them folks what are attempting to survive the raging winds and extreme temps of the desert. It take some kahoneys to do what some them folks are doing. Living in cardboard houses, tin cans and makeshift tents. No heat in the winter....I would freeze to death. No cooling in the summer....holy crap. Had it not been for my health, I would be sit'n out there in "Sally da house" whinn'n and bitch'n bout how hot it is. But.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

post.....I don't know

I know, but I have a good excuse. Every day is more difficult than yesterday. And on top of that, all I have to do is snap my fingers and "instant rain". Well now that I think about it, I don't have to do anything and it's "instant rain". Every single day.....rain.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday madness

If'n ya wanna have some fun.....listen here what I tell ya. Go back and read some of my posts from a year ago. Just like watch'n saturday morning cartoons. Ya gonna laugh.

Amungst all them old posts, I found one that opened a couple of my eyes.
My days have been so good to me, it makes me wanna pee. I have nothing to b**** and complain about. I'm kind of sorta happy. I have nothing better to do with my life than to get up tomorrow and see what the day has in store for an old retired, adventurous, fun loving feller like me.
Seems like lately I been do'n a lot of "whin'n" bout how bad life is treating me....you know...like black clouds, "that jeep", broke stuff, kids & grandkids, not feel'n good......etc. etc. "Think bout it Billy Bob"

Today started off just like any other day......morning. Did ya know it rained again last night/evening....what ever ya want to call it. I had planned....well not really planned, but wanted to go to the golf ball swak'n place this morning for a round of redneck golf. If'n ya don't know what redneck golf is, ya ain't never see me play golf with my boys.Turn a golf cart over.....that would be Robert and Jesse. Throw clubs down the hill......that would be all of us.

Ok....my peace and quiet has been invaded....agian. Not that I would complain, but MY GOD...."git off me".
Since Robert came by to get some free coffee, I put him to work. Removed the vent hood over the stove. Boy howdy, gonna be put me a light up there so I can see what I'm cook'n.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A day of quiet

Breathing is an issue. Thought I was gonna die last night. Maybe, just maybe, I might break out my breathing thingy and see if it will help. I guess doctors know more than I give them credit.

Got up at 7am, put on my coffee, put the dogs out and locked the door. Well locked till granddaughter brung me a breakfast sandwich. I'm get'n used to them sandwiches. Then I forgot to eat lunch.

It floats............................

Look like we gonna go on another week long camping trip. Probably back up to the mountains, but a different camp'n place where the BIG fish live. Guess I better get my emergency brake fixed before we go. This time it's just me and my boys....no grandkids scream'n and holler'n "papaw, tell us a story". I don't know no stories....sheesh!!!!

Speak'n of stories, I been tell'n the kids about all the folks I've met from my blog. They think it's amazing that people actually drive 400 miles just to meet Billy Boy.....that would be Uncle Ben. And the ones that pop up out of no where. Cool stuff folks. I likes it.

My camel with no name.....1997 or there bouts. By Barnacle Bill

Mike.....Distressing news again. That damn camel I picked up at the ranch the other day has
distemper or something. Shit all over the boat. Then he started 'whinning' or something like
that all night long. My neighbor was yelling for me to shut the camel up and his dog fell in the
water barking at the camel. Then my neighbor jumped in the water to save his dog and the camel got all excited and jumped in too. I called 911 to get help. Have you ever tryed to get a camel out of the
water??? Will let you the full outcome as soon as I go to court!!!! Barnacle Bill

I know you're getting tired of hearing about this camel again, but if you're going to sell the
damn things, you should be interested in what happens to them. Well....now the animal rights
activists are trying to take my camel away from me. They say that a boat is no place for a
camel. That's bull shit!!!! They didn't say one word about the chickens and the pelican. I feed
him and he has a place to sleep and plenty of water, but as everyone knows, camels can go
forever with out water. That's why they have humps. By the way, why did you sell me a camel
without a hump???  Barnacle Bill

Well Mike, as you are well aware, the damn camel still has no name. There are a few that have
gone to my page and voted for a name, but not as many as I anticipated. The neighbors think I
am crazy when I go up on deck and call my camel for dinner. "Hey camel come eat"!!!
Things are getting better with the camel on the boat now. He has settled down a lot and
stopped making those weird sounds in the middle of the night. At least my neighbors are much
happier!! The other morning when I was making coffee, (before I was fully awake) he stuck his
head in the hatch and gave me one of those sloppy good morning kisses. Scared the hell out of
me and I dropped my coffee pot and broke it. Stupid camel!!! I took him for a walk on the docks
the other day and you talk about people staring and getting all hyper. They acted like they never seen a camel
before. I had him on a leash, since we have a leash law in Port Aransas. But again, someone
called the police because they thought he shouldn't be walking on the docks. The police told
me to get him off the dock and when I started walking him down my dock to the boat, they attempted to
arrest me. Naturally, the camel, which I think loves me very much, pushed
the cop into the drink. Boy did I have some explaining to do at the court house. Camel and myself
are safe back on the boat. A few dollars short, but safe.

Wish I had "the rest of the story". In the end, we had a dock party with roasted camel what had drowned the day before.  

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Cows!!! Grandkids everywhere

Yep, that what I was say'n. Someone said these are the best days of my life......boy howdy my feet hurt.

Slept on the couch last night. Yeah....got me a good nights sleep. Ya see, it's like this. If I lay down on the couch, I can go to sleep on my back....just like that. But if I lay down in my bed, I have to be on my stomach in order to go to sleep. That hurts my back. That's the way it is....just like that.

Up at 7:30 this morning, coffee pot brew'n up a good'un and I hear a little knock'n on my door. Already??? It were grandson Colby with an egg sandwich. Then he wanted to talk for an hour. And you know old Billy Bob....he don't talk that early in the morning. Fore long, here come some more..."can I play golf papaw"??? All day long it were kids and grandkids......LOL....best days of my life. I did beat everyone in golf though.

Now at 9:30pm they all gone and I'm alone...and it's quiet...I'm free....yee haw. That why this post is so late.

I been think'n after I read about a "new image" on what's his names blog. What if??? Hmmmmm.....cut my hair and shave off my mush and beard??? Maybe I'll try a shower and trim the whiskers before I make any rash decisions. Do you know how much I've saved by not cutting my hair for three years???  And razor blades??? My God...I'm rich~!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catch'n up

I ain't gonna tell ya bout the fish what got away, but let me tell ya bout the one......ya see, it was like this. I found this place...a secret hole...where lived the biggest rainbow trout in north Ga. You could see him peek'n out from under that old dead tree in the water and every once in a while he would dart out and try to eat my fish lure.

OGT...if'n ya rode around Ellijay and know about the German town of Helen, then ya probably rode right by where I was fish'n. Do ya remember that little store on hwy. 60....bout 15 mile south of Blue Ridge? Cooper Creek Store....right? Well I were right around the corner at the Deep Hole campground.

Jesse come back to camp carrying his fish pole...but no stringer of fish. I looks at him and notice he ass is wider that when he left. Then I see why....fish tails is stick'n out his pockets....6 of them.

Doris brung me a sausage egg sandwich. I told ya bout them chickens...right???

Oh....did I mention that it freak'n rained??? You should see the grass. Someone needs to break out the JD and cut this crap. Dogs come back in sop'n wet just from walk'n across the lawn. LAWN.....another draw back of living east of the Mississippi. Do you know how much grass costs the average American home owner??  Think about it....it ain't worth it.

 Sorry bout the size of the pics, but my son has his cam set to the highest quality there is. Even downsized they still big.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fish'n and stuff

Cut & paste.....
Was tuesday morning and I weren't ready to go camp'n and fish'n. My son Jesse says to me...."what the hell do you have to do other then unhook the electric cord and back up"? What I did. We was on the road head'n to the north Ga. mountains. Weren't no time at all and we were pull into the Walmart in East Ellijay where I gonna get me a fish license and some eat'em ups. Holy Crap!!!
Did you see how much they charge for a fish license??? And we only go'n fish'n for 5 days.

Then it happen. Ya see, this motorhome call "Sally da house" has one them fangled automatic park'n brake thingys what is operated by a couple hi pressure switches. Well the one what was leak'n fluid locked up the park brake at the gas sell'n place. Won't move....block'n traffic....people blow'n horns....piss me off. I had to crawl under "da house" and disconect the cable what operates the emergency brake what is under a heavy load from a big ass spring. Parts was a fly'n....but now I can move. But with no park brake and no way to stop "da house" from roll'n down the hill. Ain't the first time this happen, so don't be worried...Billy Bob know what to do. Put the leveling jacks down.

Got us a couple good camp sites right next to each other at $10 a day. Back "da house" in the hole and leveled up, put the slides out and put on a pot of coffee....Billy Bob set up. Now where the hell is my fish bag??? Bet ya a dollar it in "that jeep" what is back down the road bout 125 fifty mile. Come on Jesse, ya ain't set up yet???

With in the first couple hour, old Billy Bob work his way down to the creek and hook into one then brown trout. That was it. One brown trout....what I throwed back cause it were look'n for it's mommy.

After a couple days of chas'n grandkids out my camp, los'n fish lures, untangl'n dog ropes, old Billy Bob was get'n tired.
Then the rains came....boy howdy let me tell ya bout rain. Why me????
Boy Howdy....where all my pictures??? More to come later.