Monday, June 28, 2010

Full house

Boy howdy, let me see....a son, 4 grandkids and 4 dogs....I'm go'n in the house and watch tv.

With the help of my wonderful son and a bunch of people on the internet, the Auto Park (emergency brake) is fixed and all put back together. No, I did not resort to calling the Workhorse Service people for help. Old Billy Bob would rather be lost than to ask for directions.

Ok....two sons and 4 dogs in "da house". Will be back laters....

Fell UP the porch earlier today. Now I'm in dire need of some crutches. Ripped off a toe nail and a big scrape on my chin...it could have been broke from the way I was carry'n on. "The steps Billy Bob, use the steps".

Well I want you look here, I just got up from a nice nap a while ago and here come my son....and two big old dogs. He left and where do you suppose the dogs are? Yep...lay'n in the middle of the floor sleep'n....along side my two dogs. There ain't no way I could ever....ever...travel with 4 dogs....sheesh!!!

Ok...porch is filled with grandkids waiting on their papaw. More good news tomorrow.


  1. Hey!!! As long as the parking brake thing works,,who cares what it took..
    So, Now whatcha got to bitch about now? :-)

  2. Sorry to hear you beat up your leg.

    I know what you mean about four dogs, we travel with four dogs and at times it can get to being a handfull. At least I get a lot of needed exercise walking them, one at a time.

    I am still waiting for a picture of that 12 pound bass. . .

  3. Dizzy....did I say 12 bass??? When ya got a dozen grandkids hang'n on ya, ya don't get to do what YOU want to do. Bass trip was postponed because of the repairs (a freak'n fuse). Now that that is done, maybe I can run up to the lake and get you a pic of that fish.
    All in all, I'm having a good time...stress included.

  4. I was hoping to see a banjo on the porch at least. Guess that house aint that high enough in the mountains.