Friday, June 18, 2010

80 pounds of fish

She didn't have a fish'n pole cause she didn't know how to fish.
It was back in bout 68 out of Texas City, Texas when I says..."let's go fish'n". Well, money was tight and only had enough for a gallon of gas, a 6 pak, a pack of smokes and a pound of shrimp. We drove out to the dike and launched the boat and headed for deep water....bout 4 foots or so. The shrimp was still froze so I broke me off a little chunk, put it on that hook and casted out. Weren't no time at all and old Billy Bob had him a fish in the boat. Then I catched me another....all the while my darling wife was just watch'n with sad eyes. Then I catched me another....boy howdy, fish'n is good. One beer, a couple smokes and 3 fish in the boat.
After a while darling wife got pissed or something say'n "let's go". Ha....are you kidding....look at all the fish I catch'n. So's she takes this piece of string, puts a hook on the end and baits up with a shrimp tail what was lay'n in the bottom of the boat. Weren't nuttin flat and she got a fish in the boat. Then another, and another, and another and another. All on them shrimp heads I was throw'n in the bottom of the boat.
Being a sweet and considerate husband, I says...."you take the fish pole....gimmie that string". I had to threaten to throw her out the boat for that little piece of string with a hook on the end. 
All said and done, we caught over 80 pounds of spotted sea trout on that 1 pound of frozen shrimp....heads and tails. Have ya ever cleaned 80 pounds of fish all in one setting.

My God, fish'n used to be good. 


  1. Glad to see you posting again Billy Bob, I read your posts on RV Singles too but its just not the same. I'm 67 years old and never have fished. I guess I take after my brother who on his first fishing trip with our Dad caught his first fish and started crying for Dad to take the hook out and put it back in the water. And he ended up being a police chief. And a fisher and hunter, now retired in Key West.

  2. Wish I'd been on that fishing trip with ya!! I experience a similar thing once out in Galveston Bay , but it was with my Bud and we just hit a hole that was packed with hungry Specks.. Fun times and good eating wasn't it?