Sunday, June 27, 2010

New surroundings

Got up this morning....again. Ain't it wonderful to look out the winder and see another day? Sometimes I wonder.

Son Robert showed up at "Yo Mama's RV Resort" before I had finished my first cup....and you know what that means. Only one eye open and grumpy as hell. Started do'n stuff (making ready) for the long journey to Tallapoosa, Ga. where my son lives. By the time I got everything done other then unplugging the electric core, Robert comes back down from BS'n with his mama on the back porch. We hook up "that jeep and head'em up the road for the 30 minute trip.

At "Camp Roberto" I look the park'n situation over. Boy howdy, can I get "da house" back out of there....that quite a hill to climb. Emptied my tanks in the old mobile home site, turned around and set up camp.  Hmmmm...there a big ol' tree in the back yard what sure would be nice to park under. Is I is or is I ain't??? Is that a train I hear??? My God, there a train track right over there.

Attempted to hook up to Roberts wifi, but no deal. What the hell??? After a few minutes of chang'n stuff on my computer, I hook up to some kind of fast internet. Boy Howdy, I gonna have to get me some that stuff.

Ate up a big ol' balony and cheese sandwich while sit'n on the front porch sip'n a cup. Didn't take long and here go the eye thing. Had'a take a nap. Thermostat set on 75 and snoozed away a good hour and a half.

Sure gonna miss "Yo Mama's RV Resort" for the next 3 or 2 weeks. Ya see, it's like this.....she cook up some really good lip smak'n food, vacuum my carpet, wash my dirty clothes and make sure I'm still alive every morning. Just like she did 33 years ago. Daughter in law ain't gonna treat me that good.....I can see it now, old Billy Bob gonna starve to death, get dishpan hands and have to walk to the laundromat.

That's about all for today.


  1. You sound very cheerful this morning, at least better than on yesterday's post, I am glad.

    I am a little confused. Is "Yo Mama's RV Resort" your ex-wife's place?

  2. MsB, that would be XX wife. We get along very well considering.

    LOL....I'm cheerful every morning....just most folks can't see it.

    Ben....have you ever hear me bitch about anything??? When ya visit kids and grandkids, nothing is free. It gonna cost me in the long run.