Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday madness

If'n ya wanna have some fun.....listen here what I tell ya. Go back and read some of my posts from a year ago. Just like watch'n saturday morning cartoons. Ya gonna laugh.

Amungst all them old posts, I found one that opened a couple of my eyes.
My days have been so good to me, it makes me wanna pee. I have nothing to b**** and complain about. I'm kind of sorta happy. I have nothing better to do with my life than to get up tomorrow and see what the day has in store for an old retired, adventurous, fun loving feller like me.
Seems like lately I been do'n a lot of "whin'n" bout how bad life is treating me....you know...like black clouds, "that jeep", broke stuff, kids & grandkids, not feel'n good......etc. etc. "Think bout it Billy Bob"

Today started off just like any other day......morning. Did ya know it rained again last night/evening....what ever ya want to call it. I had planned....well not really planned, but wanted to go to the golf ball swak'n place this morning for a round of redneck golf. If'n ya don't know what redneck golf is, ya ain't never see me play golf with my boys.Turn a golf cart over.....that would be Robert and Jesse. Throw clubs down the hill......that would be all of us.

Ok....my peace and quiet has been invaded....agian. Not that I would complain, but MY GOD...."git off me".
Since Robert came by to get some free coffee, I put him to work. Removed the vent hood over the stove. Boy howdy, gonna be put me a light up there so I can see what I'm cook'n.


  1. Well BB, it seems that we all complain about the bad things and take the good things for granted, It is just basic human nature. But it has been obvious to those of us that follow you regularly that for the past few weeks your good things out number the bad ones about 100 to 1.
    if'n it wasn't for a few black clouds occasionally life would be kinda boring, don't ya think?

  2. I think all of us of a "certain age" have those thoughts Billy. I know I do at times, my trick is when one of those "whoa is me" or "remember when" or " what if's" come along I just shake my head and tell myself to get off that and get onto something else.

    All my life I have tired to "think positive" , it works for me anyway.

  3. Looks like your on the right track

  4. I remember when I found your blog one sleepless night and started reading from the beginning. Boy I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and my belly ached!!

    I must be hooked because I am still reading you :-D

  5. OK Billy Bob , we all know you having too much fun playing with the grand kids,,but.. When you gonna update your blog?

    Just put Lugnut or Sadie on front door guard duty and DO IT!!!