Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost well

Well, I got a big ol' leg cramp a minute ago and figgered I maybe aughter go see what was go'n on.

Ya see it's like this.....old Billy Bob been hav'n a rough time for the last week ten days. One of my breathing meds, Advair, seems to have put some hurts on me. I had quit taking it a while back and decided to start back again. One of the side effects is pneumonia, what it seems like I had for a few days. Won't go into details, but it weren't nice. Today is day 4 of feeling "better".

Attempted to spank my oldest son Robert and grandson Colby on the golf course today. Boy howdy if'n you could'a hear old Billy Bob, you would'a think he were pissed or something like that. Here what happen....the greens. The greens at St. Andrews are so slow ya gotta swak that ball hard....like a tee shot. I cuss them greens and says I'll never play golf in Georgia again...bout a hunert times. Then I get really pissed and swak some balls out in the woods....never to be found again. I love golf!!!!

Talk to old pesky neighbor Wayne yesterday. He doing just fine. Misses me and the kids, Lug Nut and Sadie. Says...."when ya com'n home"????

Gonna have to get away from "yo mama's" for a while. I'm tell'n ya, I don't get no rest with everyone com'n in from 9am till 10pm. I got Play Station ya know. I would love to have just one day....to lay back and "do nuttin". Son Robert has a nice camp'n site bout 60 feet from his house in Tallapoosa....and only 2 grandsons...the twins Nick and Tim. That where we gonna work on "that jeep" and "Sally da house".

Oh great....it's raining and just lost internet signal.

Can ya sue Walmart??? Ya see, it's like this. Remember them brand spank'n new hair clippers I bought for Sadie Mae??? Well, they ain't no good and I gonna take them back with a whole mouth full of stuff to say. It ain't right. And poor little Sadie Mae has half a hair cut.


  1. LIB,,I was gonna call your cell phone in the morning if you hadn't checked in. Think you had a reaction to those meds? At least you got out and whacked some golf's balls.
    Man don't ever be away from the blog that long without telling someone.
    Welcome back !!! OH did you cally your doc and have him write you a prescription for one of those oxygen concentrators machines?

  2. Sorry to hear you all have been having some health troubles. Glad you are doing better. Sometimes I think that prescription medications can do more harm than good.

    Hope you get back to your old self, or should I say your younger self. . .

  3. Only the good die young , so youll be fine for long time. lol

    glad yer feeling better

  4. OK, Billy, Thursday afternoon and I know you are still kicking cause we chatted this morning.. Why you not updating your post lately? Just lost interested? or too much trouble? You could always just post a message on mine ( or someones) to let the people know you are still kicking.