Saturday, June 5, 2010

A day of quiet

Breathing is an issue. Thought I was gonna die last night. Maybe, just maybe, I might break out my breathing thingy and see if it will help. I guess doctors know more than I give them credit.

Got up at 7am, put on my coffee, put the dogs out and locked the door. Well locked till granddaughter brung me a breakfast sandwich. I'm get'n used to them sandwiches. Then I forgot to eat lunch.

It floats............................

Look like we gonna go on another week long camping trip. Probably back up to the mountains, but a different camp'n place where the BIG fish live. Guess I better get my emergency brake fixed before we go. This time it's just me and my boys....no grandkids scream'n and holler'n "papaw, tell us a story". I don't know no stories....sheesh!!!!

Speak'n of stories, I been tell'n the kids about all the folks I've met from my blog. They think it's amazing that people actually drive 400 miles just to meet Billy Boy.....that would be Uncle Ben. And the ones that pop up out of no where. Cool stuff folks. I likes it.

My camel with no name.....1997 or there bouts. By Barnacle Bill

Mike.....Distressing news again. That damn camel I picked up at the ranch the other day has
distemper or something. Shit all over the boat. Then he started 'whinning' or something like
that all night long. My neighbor was yelling for me to shut the camel up and his dog fell in the
water barking at the camel. Then my neighbor jumped in the water to save his dog and the camel got all excited and jumped in too. I called 911 to get help. Have you ever tryed to get a camel out of the
water??? Will let you the full outcome as soon as I go to court!!!! Barnacle Bill

I know you're getting tired of hearing about this camel again, but if you're going to sell the
damn things, you should be interested in what happens to them. Well....now the animal rights
activists are trying to take my camel away from me. They say that a boat is no place for a
camel. That's bull shit!!!! They didn't say one word about the chickens and the pelican. I feed
him and he has a place to sleep and plenty of water, but as everyone knows, camels can go
forever with out water. That's why they have humps. By the way, why did you sell me a camel
without a hump???  Barnacle Bill

Well Mike, as you are well aware, the damn camel still has no name. There are a few that have
gone to my page and voted for a name, but not as many as I anticipated. The neighbors think I
am crazy when I go up on deck and call my camel for dinner. "Hey camel come eat"!!!
Things are getting better with the camel on the boat now. He has settled down a lot and
stopped making those weird sounds in the middle of the night. At least my neighbors are much
happier!! The other morning when I was making coffee, (before I was fully awake) he stuck his
head in the hatch and gave me one of those sloppy good morning kisses. Scared the hell out of
me and I dropped my coffee pot and broke it. Stupid camel!!! I took him for a walk on the docks
the other day and you talk about people staring and getting all hyper. They acted like they never seen a camel
before. I had him on a leash, since we have a leash law in Port Aransas. But again, someone
called the police because they thought he shouldn't be walking on the docks. The police told
me to get him off the dock and when I started walking him down my dock to the boat, they attempted to
arrest me. Naturally, the camel, which I think loves me very much, pushed
the cop into the drink. Boy did I have some explaining to do at the court house. Camel and myself
are safe back on the boat. A few dollars short, but safe.

Wish I had "the rest of the story". In the end, we had a dock party with roasted camel what had drowned the day before.  


  1. It's Alive!!! AND it Floats ( unless that water is real shallow) Looks just like a real live River Boat Billy!!

    Billy!! What you talking bout Camels For?

  2. I just finish reading how the poor camel drown and got eaten, then I come here and read Ben's "It's Alive!!!". LOL

  3. boats floating pretty nicely, yeah and what the heck are you talking about camels? you better hook up yer oxygen, your halucinating.

  4. Well, ya see, it's like this...dogs weren't allowed in the marina due to the barking.....so I bought a camel.

  5. Sounds like a busy trip. Glad everyone is taking good care of you there. Love you dad.

  6. Oh Billy Bob, I have been laughing like crazy after reading your "camel story" :-D you have a great sense of humor.