Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm normal......in a way

Ha ha....when I lived on the boat....I had me a stash. This was just for entertainment purposes, so don't be get'n no ideas or expect'n no stories bout the old Billy Bob fall'n overboard.....or nuttin like that.

Now there was one occasion....I was wait'n for the ferry boat. Now where the hell is that ferry boat? I just seen it a few minutes ago. I know I seen it...it was right there pull'n into the slip. Great big ol' thing. But now it ain't. That sucker is vanished into thin air. Puff puff.....

Ok, good news. Robert just call me an' my stress test results are in. All is normal....what ever the hell that means. I question normal after all what that dad gum Dr. Fronkerstine has been tell'n me for the last 6 years. Every yearly visit to Dr. Frokk, the last 3 or 4 years, he tells me...."hope I see you again next year". Now that kind of talk stress will ya out. But anyhows, I was expect'n this doc to say I was normal. Shoot, I'm fine.  Blood pressure is good. Don't have no pains. That heart is do'n what it supposed to do. I'm good for another hunnert miles.

Now bout clean'n that ceiling. Before I started, I says....."take it slow an' easy Billy Bob". Why don't I ever listen to the old Billy Bob? Yesterday I was restricted to my easy chair. Some time was spent lay'n on the hard ass floor. I melted two ice packs an' took me up 4 500mg aspirins before 6pm. All to no avail. Shoot.....I hurted something terrible.

When I climbed out of bed this morn'n, I thought it was yesterday. I were one crookit sum a gun this morn'n. Got me some coffee down, a couple aspirins an' sit'n on a ice pack. An' it's a beautiful day outside. This is a day for "do'n stuff". Git off yer ass an' do something kind of day. But......

I spoke many times bout me an' cold. I don't get along with cold very well. In fack, I freeze to death any time it get under 50 degs. Last night I was chilly from the outside temp com'n in the open door. I breaked out one my electric heaters (3). Ahhhh, that feels soooo good. Ya see, I'm get'n ready for winter. Test all my heat'n equipment. Make sure I don't plug in a heater what don't work. It's the same as go'n on a 500 miles trip. Ya fill the gas tank before ya leave.

Well shoot, I'm out of stuff to write bout today. With "do'n nuttin" for such a long time, it's hard to write. Maybe today.......

Monday, September 29, 2014

4 oz. of medical marijuana

Well shoot, that weren't too bad. "Oh hell yes it was". Ya don't warsh the entire ceiling in one day.

Ya see, I was sit'n here after I tell everbody bout warsh'n ceilings. Mine was in dire need of a good warsh'n. You would have to be a smoker to know what I'm talk'n bout....brown white paint. Before ya question the use of paint in a RV, there ain't none....so don't even go there.

I fill up my warsh'n container with warm water. Pour in bout 2 cups of ammonia. Maybe it was a little less, but I'm need'n me some super clean'n power. I open some winders an' the door.....now I can breath. Sadie Mae says...."what's that smell" an' goes outside to talk to the cats, chickens an' the neighbors dog.

Anyhows, I'm do'n a good/wonderful/excellent job. Warsh a little an' sit down for a little. The hall is finished an' 2/3 of the liv'n room is finished. Three hours has passed.....I cain't go on any longer. Ha, but never fear, Robert shows up....finishes the liv'n room an' does the bedroom an' bath ceilings. Job is completed. I am pay'n dearly today.

Then we decided to reinstall that day/night shade. Ya gotta know something bout RVs to know what one is. The desktop was moved out the way an' me an' Robert start scratch'n our heads. How the hell do ya hook this thing in them clips? I got pissed an' give that thing a stout push....walla, it's installed.

Today will be the clean'n of the other nasty dirty blind behind the couch an' the cabinets.

Rain??? Them dad gum weather guys suck. We didn't get a drop of rain yesterday, an' the rains predicted for today...they all south of us. The rain gods are on my side. I don't like rain ya know.

Medical marijuana.....yup, I tryed that shit one time. But it weren't for medical purposes. Ya see, I had this friend. He was gonna show me how to smoke pot. I wheezed, cough an' almost puke puff'n on that stuff. I'm immune to the affects of "medical marijuana". "Margaret, bring me a beer".

Now I had me a girlfriend one time, "first mate" Vickie Lynn, what just the mention of pot, she would go all weird on me. Apparently "medical marijuana" worked just fine for her 'cause that girl was never in pain. Ok, I don't know if I can still go to jail for tell'n ya this, but I bought her 4 ounces of that stuff for our trip to Calif. back in '02. Stashed it in "Alice", my first motorhome. We was get'n close to El Paso an' I knowed there was a check point there. An' at a check point, they will yank a "fattie" right out yer hand. So I figger we would go around, to bypass El Paso....to Carlsbad Caverns, Artesia, over Cloudcroft (there was snow up there) to Alamagordo NM. an' down US highway 54, back into Texas....end'n up slap dab in downtown El Paso. What the hell, I didn't go round nuttin. But it was a fun trip. The check point is just up the road a piece between Las Cruces an' Deming NM. an' we headed that way.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Slow in Georgia

I clicked on one of the many research sites, read for a couple minutes....an' shut down the computer. This is BS. Why murder a nerve if the damn thing is gonna come back to life in 6 months to a year? Then experience returning pains, less OR increased pain, or no pain at all. You do know that shit like this causes stress....right? But, there is one good thing in this whole ordeal, I won't be hav'n no surgery.

Well???? Where's the damn rain Mr Weather Guy? They call'n for heavy rains in the the Atlanta area, something like bout two inches. *turns on weather channel* Oh, there it is, just to the south headed this way. Now, what's the chances of it miss'n Billy Bob's house? I don't like rain ya know. I ain't no dad gum farmer.

I sit around do'n a lot of think'n. I think bout what life was like just a few short years ago. I had me a pretty excit'n life back then. But I heared somewheres that the older ya get, the slower ya flow. I find some truth in that. That's why I sit so much sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n. With my present situation, my think'n is mostly on "git'n better". All the fun things are in the back of my mind.

It's not only my back issues that has me slowed down to a crawl, I got other issues what I don't mention very often. Shoot, my kids don't even know. Ten years ago, you would'a think I was 16 years old. Some of it is just "git'n older" stuff, but some is "you should'a checked that out years ago".

But....I was think'n bout when I finally make it back to Texas. I know a bunch of excellent camp'n sites what are just wait'n on me to return. I got that big ol' 14 pound bass at Falcon Lake yet to be catched. I got a date for a Mexican dinner at Taco Bell in Del Rio. Deming NM has been in my thoughts. Golf ball swak'n with the OFM Barney at who knows where.  I'm not finished yet.

Think'n bout work....I got lots of work to do. "Sally da house" could use a good "spring" clean'n from the ceiling down. Have ya ever warsh a ceil'n in a motorhome? It ain't something ya do every week.

 RVs have lots of woodwork. That needs warshed too. Then the walls, they gotta be warshed also. An' finally sweep an' mop them nasty floors. Man boy howdy, you talk'n bout some work here. Maybe I could be done in bout a month or so if' I was to jump on it. Bets are optional.

Ok, I gotta do something. Sit'n on my ass is bor'n. Now where the hell did I stow the clean'n stuff?


Saturday, September 27, 2014


Whinn'n an' cry'n removed by "Billy Bob Editing Service"..........

Now I don't know bout the rest of ya, but a years time for the old Billy Bob is somewheres between 3 to 6 months. Time flies as we get a bit older. It's like, I git up in the morn'n, do a few piddle things, watch a little TV....it's time to go to bed. As a kid I used to say, "will Christmas ever get here"? Now I says, "Christmas already, Easter was just two weeks ago". Summer? I missed summer this year. It was chilly when I got to Georgia a month ago (almost 5 months May) an' it's chilly already (fall). Ok, I'll admit, summer was a couple weeks long.   

Sure do wish I could think of something funny to write bout today, but damn....there ain't nuttin there.
Soooooo...this is it for the day.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Boy howdy, this is nice

Ok, I wasn't gonna go into the new procedure they want to do on me, but.....I did some Google research. Them nerves they gonna murder, they will come back to life...in time. Depend'n on what medical site you visit, in two years, I may be back in the pain I am today. Nerves regenerate.

Now in some cases, after the nerves regenerate, I may NOT feel pain again. Other than that, I have no ill feel'ns bout "murder".

Now let's talk bout my stress level. Boy howdy, I sure do feel good for a change. A great weight was lifted. Bout a hunnert pounds worth or something like that. I even got to think'n bout golf ball swak'n, "bubba boat" fish'n, an' even buy'n me up another "billy bike"....without a motor. Bout walk'n, I don't give that much thought. But it would be nice to be able to walk through Walmart without a bunch of "oh my god, I got to sit down".
Anyhows, with my lower stress level, my back pain level has dropped also. Is that a good sign???

Did I mention, I got them dad gum dishes all warshed up yesterday? Took me out a great big ol' bag of trash. Sweep the floors. An' brewed me up a big ol' pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup. Did you know that taters cook up in 5 minutes in a pressure cooker. Man, that's fast. The soup was/is perfect.  Ate me up two bowls last night. Yesterday was a success.

I was sit'n here last night an' I got to think'n. This ain't so bad, I could live like this...if'n I have to. I'm talk'n bout sit'n in a location an' not do'n nuttin. There's lots of things I can do to pass my time. Like make'n stuff or build'n another boat (remote control). One my favorite hobbies is put'n together models. Not the little plastic model cars....that's for kids, but big models...that take a few months or a year to build.
Ha, I still got a big ol' airplane I builded back in 2004 what still ain't been off the ground.

Ya see that high powered 100 horses power motor? Well I was think'n bout replac'n it with a electric motor. But I was think'n bout that for over a year, an' it still ain't done. Maybe some day. Or I could just toss it in the dumpster.....give away.

The weather here is still a bit chilly at night.....bout 62 last night, what ain't all that bad. Day time temps in the upper 70's. Ain't had no rain in a while....bout 2 weeks. But, look out next week. Weather guy says it's gonna be here by the bucket full. You do know I don't like rain....right?

I may try to reinstall that day/night shade I washed up the other day. To do so, I have to move my desktop an' all the junk I got piled on top of it. It looks easy, but the old Billy Bob knows how to make things complicated. "Don't break nuttin Billy Bob, you'll just have to fix it".

Ok....keep it short. See ya all tomorrow.

Did you know.....Blogger almost sucks......

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Update......Almost stress free

"Yo mama" bringed me down two homemade pancakes for my birthday yesterday morn'n. Along with one them ceramic fry'n skillets I been want'n. Cain't wait to burn a slice if cheese in it just to see if'n it slides right out like they show on TV. Any bets???

Do I feel a year older today? Well hell no....I feel a day older. 

Robert come by later in the afternoon....."Ya wanna try Walmart again daddy"? He took me down to the all ya can eat buffet place, an' boy howdy let me tell ya, I eat way too much. Then we hit the grocery store across the street.....a welcome change from Walmart grocery shop'n. But I still love Walmart. They have everthing a man could ever want.

I don't care what nobody else says, but I'm cold when the temps get into the lower 60's. I'm gonna turn my heater on. Now last night weren't so bad, 58 degs, but the two nights before.....yikes, 54 degs each night. Am I prepared for winter? Well hell no. Well, I guess I kind of am. I got my Mr Heater hooked up, an' in operation, I got 3 electric heaters in the hall closet an' Robert has two 10 gallon propane tanks on his camper.....what I'll use. I still will have to "winterize" the compartments where the water pump, water lines, fresh, gray an' black water tanks live. A couple 150 watt light bubs should do the trick. Gonna try cover'n up the water hose with a bale of hay scattered on top so's it don't freeze up. I'm think'n I'm gonna freeze my ass slap off. Damn I hate cold.

"Now wait a minute Billy Bob, think". If all goes well with the new doctor an' I get fixed, I could be back in Texas in short order with no recovery time (2 to 3 months). An' that means, I would NOT freeze my ass off. Just a thought.

Accord'n to all the nice comments yesterday, I rekon I pretty much 'splained everthing the doc tole me. I had many questions bout what would happen, but the doc tole me I would have to ask the "other" doctor. You know, questions like will I still have feelings in my legs? Will it affect my walk'n?

I started my research on block'n nerves ( I research stuff ya know), but as far as I got was the part where they stick these big ass needles in my back, inject some stuff in there on the suspected nerve an' wait to see what it does. If'n they get the right nerve, I'll feel no pain. By the way, I can be sedated if'n I want to. Any takers on a dollar bet?

It's a pretty simple procedure.....but it's the results that concern me. Pain free I'll go along with 100%. But if'n I happen to accidentally stab myself in the leg with a sabre/sword/hunt'n knife, or I get shot in the leg with a shot gun, I want to feel it. Shoot, I could bleed slap to death. What will be my walk'n ability when the nerves are killed? I rekon it don't matter what they do, surgery, steroid shots or nerve block, there's gonna be consequences. That's what I'm think'n anyhows.

Back to two days ago when the doc tole me bout kill'n them nerves. My face lighted up an' I was happy as a lark. What the hell is a "happy lark"? I was skeered to death think'n bout that surgery an' all the stuff what could go wrong. You know....like die. I was totally relieved when he said it was too risky. But I still don't understand why they waited so long to tell bout this nerve block stuff. Shoot, I could have, an' probly would have, already had it done two months ago.

Ok, we at the point of "stand in line an' wait" again. As I research, I'll tell ya what I find. You'll be the first to know when my appointment is due. You'll be first to know the answers to my questions. I greatly appreciate everbody's concern. It's helped me make it "this far". I won't mention names 'cause I could easily leave somebody out an' hurt some feel'ns.

Need'n to make a trip to the post office to mail off that auto park actuator thingy for "Sally da house". Other than that, I ain't got nuttin to do. Well I do, but I ain't gonna do it today. Dish warsh'n can wait.

Oh wait. I got a big pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup to brew up today. Yum yum boy howdy, I love that stuff. 

Ok, here is what I'm gonna have done to me. Radiofrequency ablation. Google it if'n ya want to know what it is. Simply put, they gonna "set on fire" some nerves. My appointment is for Oct. 14th (?). Not for the BBQ, but probly consoltation....new doctor, you know how that goes.

Ha....I did the freak'n dishes. Beef stew soup is in the mak'ns. Meat is be'n pressure cooked. Make it tender ya know. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back surgery cancelled

Man, what a let down. I've been abandoned....I ain't got nuttin to eat.

Howdy ya all, how ya do'n?

Ok, let's just jump into yesterdays doctor appointment an' let the chips fall. I WILL NOT be hav'n no back surgery at this point an' time. Not because of my MRI results. Not because of my tests results. Ha, the doc hasn't even received any reports from all them other doctors yet.

Bout them MRI reports, I read them an' I looked at all the pretty pics. My god, I should be in a freak'n wheelchair. There are 4 ruptured discs. There are 3 arthritis spurs. All pressing on my nerve roots....or what ever ya call that big ass nerve. Two disks are sit'n on top of each other. I'm messed up, that as clear as I can put it. And, the surgeon agrees with me. More than one surgery would be required to fix all that stuff. That what he said anyhows.

But, all that stuff is not the reason for not hav'n surgery. Ya see, me an' that nice doc sit down an' have us a man to man talk. We also have us a doctor patient talk too. My age is a risk factor. My COPD is a risk factor. My heart attacks an' bypass surgery is a risk factor. He thinks my risk factors are too high to have the surgery. But he said he would do it if'n I tole him to. I'm think'n it might be better to be in this constant pain than to be dead. He DID mention dead on more than one occasion. With just the COPD, my risk is 90/10 in start'n my lungs back up breath'n on their own. My heart is the second risk of "you could have a stroke". With my age an' not be'n a active feller....no exercise (a big factor), don't eat right, smoke, an' cuss a lot, the doc thinks my risks are too high. This is when my heart fell slap out. What do I do now?

Well let me tell ya. Yup, you guessed it, I'm gonna have some big ass needles stuck in my back. But this is only as a test to locate the correct nerves that are causing the pain. Then....they gonna go in there with a laser thingy an' murder them dad gum nerves. Once the correct ones are found. He says I will be pain free for the rest my life after they kill them suckers....or something like that. Hmmmmmmm.....Google is your best friend. Nerve block. Doc had a different name for the procedure, but I don't know what he called it. I'm hard of hear'n an' he mumbles.

Now why wasn't I offered this option to begin with? I WAS offered the shots that only last a short time, but I don't want something temporary. Traveling, it is too hard to get injections every 4 to 6 months or yearly....with no guarantee they would work on me. This is the docs own words, not mine.

Now, go'n back to 1980, my doctor at that time wanted to kill (murder) my sciatic nerve so I would no longer have sciatica. But, he tole me I would lose feeling in my right leg. I refused. I healed an' went on with my life until the next injury. Many questions need to be asked of my new back doctor when an appointment is set up.

Now here's the way I look at it. Today I am 73 year old...."Happy birthday Billy Bob". I ain't gonna live another 20 or 30 years. How much worser can my back issues get an' how much damage can it cause in the short time I have left? I'm think'n not much. It cain't slow me down any more than I am today, so what the hell??? Why not just kill the nerves an' be pain free?......the doc said that.

Holy crap, I pulled one yesterday. I says to Robert, lets go grocery shop'n. I ain't got nuttin to eat at "da house". A hour later, I got me a Walmart cart half full of yum yum's groceries. My back is kill'n me....I got to get out of Walmart, I cain't walk no further. I left that cart sit'n right there an' went out the front door. I only did that one other time in my life an' said I would never do it again. But I did. So please don't go beat'n up on me.

Then it come supper time. "What we gonna eat Billy Bob"??? Well shoot, we ain't got nuttin. I fount a old can of biscuits in the frige.....hmmmmm, biscuits an' white sausage gravy, that sounds good. In the oven they go. Yup, I burn 'em. I chop up some sausage paddies. Toss in some flour.....holy crap, I ain't got no milk. Water was used. An' you talk bout some nasty tast'n stuff, this was it. "Seasoning Billy Bob, add some seasoning.....seasoning fix anything". I got a choice, chicken or beef. Choose beef. It still tastes nasty, so I add way way toooo much course grind pepper. My god, that shit was hot. Sadie Mae like it just fine.

Damn, I need to go to Walmart. Buy me up some groceries.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Update....no surgery......

A little bit bout yesterday.....but not much to say.

Have ya ever warshed "day/night" shades for a RV? Well I did, yesterday. Only one set. An' they come out acceptable to be hanged back up.

These shades have been hang'n in "da house" for 11 years an' dur'n that 11 years, I smoke a few smokes....what means the shades is gonna have a bit of nicotine in them. Dirt an' stuff probly just fell off. So what do ya clean day/night shades with? If'n ya happen to make a trip to Walmart, go to the automotive department an' pick up a jug of Simple Green an' a tire brush. I been us'n that stuff for many years an' "it do" work for most any kind of heavy clean'n.

I was too excitis to take a pic of the before, but this is the finish. A few stains are still present, but "what the hell", ain't nobody gonna see them but me. Now how the hell do ya reinstall 'em???

Now when I do the other one, I'll try to remember "before an' after". Ok???

Boy howdy, you talk bout stress out. I am this morn'n.....big time. When I sign my name on that piece of paper, does that mean I'm destined to do what ever they tell me....like it or not? I know a couple other people go'n through the same stuff I am, but they don't talk much bout it. Both are in worster shape than I am. Then there are some followers that have severe back problems. I feel their pain too.

I hope I never call the "billy jeep" "that jeep". When I bought "billy jeep", it was to remove some of the stress of own'n a freak'n POS "that jeep". Now don't get me wrong, I liked "that jeep", but the damn thing had to be fixed way too many times. Now, "billy jeep" is piss'n me off. Where the hell is that water leak? Do ya see what I'm talk'n bout? I wanted a reliable mode of transportation, an' what did I get? "Fix me please". Another test was run again yesterday afternoon......still no sign of water (antifreeze).

Ok, I got things to do before I go see the doc. Will either update this afternoon or tomorrow morn'n. Think'n there won't be nuttin to the visit other than sign'n my rights an' possibly my life away. There IS that possibility ya know.

Well, we sit there in the waiting room for a dad gum hour. Then my name was called. Then we sit there in the little room for another 30 minutes wait'n for the doctor to show up. Here he come, here he come.....there will be NO SURGERY to my lower back. By the way, I won a quarter.
Details in the morn'n. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Doctor tomorrow I hurt today

In the past, I have attempted to write a short blog post. We gonna try again today. But, if'n I git all excitis bout something, all bets are off.

Ya see, talk'n bout git'n excitis, over there on the OFM Barney's blog, he is play'n with his beautiful grandson Gavin. Do'n one on one stuff. I see smil'n faces an' hav'n tooo much fun. That get's me to think'n bout play'n with about 20 of my grandkids. It creates a completely different picture. "Sit down an' shut up". "Don't touch that". "Who spilled Coke"? "Git off me". "Go outside". Now it ain't very often I have all my grandkids in one room, but anything over 3 or 4 at a time is plenty enough. Think I'll just leave it at that.

Ok, I climbed up under "Sally da house" yesterday to remove the broke auto park brake thingy. I shouldn't have, but I was too impatient to wait for help. "My god, who tightened these freak'n nuts an' fittings"? In an' out from under there bout 4 times, I finally have a greasy busted part in my hands. My back was killing me.
This is the device that is operated with a 1600 pounds pressure to disengage the park brake. See that white seal around that shaft. That's where it leaked all the high pressure transmission fluid out. Now I got to box it up an' send it to a "fix it" guy in Washington state. An attempt was made to locate the seals so'n Billy Bob & Company could do the repair, but guess what.....Ha, forget that.

As tomorrow nears, appointment with the surgeon, my fears intensify. The "what if's" kick in. I'm not the kind of guy that just sits back an' says "do anything ya want to me". I got to have my say. My thoughts count. When somebody says to me I'll be just fine, I got to question how they could possibly know that. The dad gum doctor don't even know that. In fack, the doctor even give me odds of 75/25. But we talked bout this before, so I'll just sit back an' say nuttin more.

Back to the "billy jeep" an' loss of water. The other day I placed a piece of plywood on the ground under the engine, radiator an' stuff. I cranked it up an' let 'er get plenty warm, bout 205 degs. The leak should show up on the plywood, right? Well there weren't nuttin. Not a drop.

This morn'n, I goes out there an' check the water levels. Well damn, they fine. No I ain't gonna take it to no auto repair place. If'n I cain't find the leak, they cain't. Anyhows, I'm think'n I may crawl under there an' replace that thermostat thingy today. But don't bet your whole paycheck on it. You know how the old Billy Bob works. He lives in a "maybe I will, maybe I won't" world.

Ok, I'm gonna leave this short....although there is much more to say.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Broke auto parking brake

Well shoot, that weren't so bad. A nice ride up the road a piece, $10 for the dump station, $75 worth of gas, an 14.6 gallons of propane. We ready to roll back to "Yo Mama's RV Resort".

I turns left on to I-20 east an' I see a flash'n red light on the dashboard. Then it turn solid bright red. Then the other bright red light come on.  "Houston, we have a problem".  The auto parking (emergency) brake has gone haywire....losing pressure from the 1500 pound pressure pump. I ain't gonna go into how the "auto" part of this system works.....it would boggle yer mind.

I'm go'n down the interstate a hunnert mile a hour. I looks in the mirrer an' "HOLY CRAP", I see smoke. The parking brake shoes are burn'n slap up. I could boggle yer mind here again, but you gonna just have to take my word for it....the brake shoes are history. "Sally da house" no longer has a parking brake. In a emergency situation, I'm up the creek (Colorado River) an' I ain't got no paddle.

Back to "Yo Mama's", "da house" is parked an' set up for camp'n. Water an' electric provided at a reasonable price. The hood was opened to check the "rotton green switch". This controls the auto park pressure pump. The pressure pump assembly is a  $1200 item. I climbs up under "da house" to look see the auto park actuator (a $1000 to $1500 item) and look see the dashboard auto park trouble light sending unit. Transmission fluid is run'n out the "weep" hole on the actuator. Tranny fluid is the operating oil used in this system. Actuator pressure seals are gone......poooof, just like that. No pressure means the parking brake is applied. At a hunnert mile a hour ya don't stop, the brake shoes just burn slap up.I did tell ya bout all the smoke for the next 5 miles....right?

The way it stands right now, if'n I was to pull up to a gas pump on a sloped surface, "Sally da house" would roll down the road a piece. Sadie Mae would have to drive so's we don't hit no parked cars. Ya see, a Allison transmission in a motorhome don't have a parking pawn to lock the wheels from turn'n. There's a reason for that, but we won't be go'n into that.

Now, bout one them compost'n toilets. NO!!! Cain't be no more simple than that. Though they may sound good, they have a constant odor. What grows worse after only a few days. You can contest my statement, but reviews say otherwise. And, you got to empty them every 2 weeks on the poo side and every few days on the pee side. On the other side the coin, my black water tank needs "dumped" every two months when I conserve the amount of water used for a flush. Mine bout a pint each flush. How much poo can ya create in 2 months? Sides that, RVers are usually parked right next to a sewer connection.

Ok, as much as I hate to think bout it, I need to crawl up under "Sally da house" an' remove that broke actuator thingy. God I hate lay'n on the ground.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dump'n tanks

Ok, I'm gonna try to start a blog post this morn'n. Ha, I bet ya a dollar this is gonna be a good'un. Ya see, again today I ain't got nuttin to write bout. Nuttin interesting that is.

First thing I gonna start with is....that dad gum black water tank. Remember a while back I was tell'n ya it had to be emptied? It's full. Arrangements were make with my wonderful grandson Nick to assist me in get'n "Sally da house" ready for the road. Son Robert will show up after he is finished with "honey do" stuff. Then we gonna all go up the road a piece to dump the tanks, fill up with gasoline an' top off the propane tank. Does Loves sell propane???

I warshed them damn dishes yesterday. Man boy howdy, there was more dirty dishes than I was think'n. They all put away now, but guess what, I already got more in the dish pan. Sheesh....a los'n battle with dishes at Billy Bob's house. I did tell ya that I throwed out my set of plates, right? I've had them suckers for close to 20 years....1996 from another live aboard sailor. I went paper plates bout 8 years ago....don't need no stink'n store bought plates. Ya gotta warsh 'em.

Went out to the "billy jeep". Just check'n to see if'n it would crank up after so long not used. Well shoot, it fire right up. Then the alarm goes off. The body computer system thingy says...."low on water". Well what the hell, where did my water go? Write it down on the "fix it" list. Now if you recall, there was a tiny leak on the thermostat housing an the thermostat was gonna be changed. Well it weren't. But that leak was like I just says....tiny. So where the hell all my water go? "Put it on the "fix it' list Billy Bob". Sheesh, I'm need some help here.

Ok, I'm gonna do a few things to get ready for the road. Loves is just up the highway bout 6 mile or so......bout 2 gallon gas round trip count'n idle time.


Friday, September 19, 2014

A Billy Bob stress test.....completed

Ok, as much as I don't want to, I'm gonna write something.

Have ya ever had a stress test? Well let me tell ya bout a stress test......they suck. In MY book, they cause unnecessary stress to the heart that is work'n just fine. But then, that ain't THEIR idea.

The day before, I was told I could have no coffee for a whole 24 hours before I show up for the tests. I was also told I could not smoke for those same hours. Is puff'n considered smok'n? I could not eat nuttin after midnight. So what I did, I got up early the morn'n before the tests (wednesday) so's I could get as much coffee in me an' as many smokes in me as I could before 12 noon......23 hours before my tests the next day. The rest of the day, night an' next morn'n was hell. Who ever hear of get'n up in the morn'n an' not sip'n up a cup an' blow'n smoke?

I was pretty stressed out bout all this stuff because of the last one I had back in 2007....by Dr. Frockerstik, over there in Deming NM. He couldn't get that big ass needle in my arm. An' I had bout a hunnert bruises to prove it. He skeered hell out me so bad I never wanted another stress test for the rest my life. An' I meaned it too. Not by him anyhows. Freak'n needle rookie.

THIS stress test was different. I was first given a ultrasound of my heart an' all them veins an' stuff. Dr. Frick didn't do that. Nice lady says come back at 1pm.

A hour later after the ultrasound stuff, we returned for the nuclear stress test. That's where they stick the needle in ya....a big ass needle. The nice lady what did that deserves a hefty raise. She was gooood. All I feeled was a tiny prick in my skin an' she says...."all done". Later they will inject some radioactive active stuff in your blood stream an' see what it does to ya. Well shoot, it stresses your heart like you was run'n a 100 mile marathon...a hunnert mile a hour. But, before they do that, they take pics of your heart with no nuclear stuff. This takes bout 30 minutes....sit'n, wait'n an' drink'n water an' tak'n "selfies". Not really, they use this big ol' machine to take pics.

Off to another room where the EKG stuff is hook up. I'm hook up to a computer. I lays down an' this other nice lady comes in with two thingys filled with the chemicals. In that needle it goes. I feel it go up my arm, headed to my heart, brain an' everwheres else. I'm gasp'n for air an' have this funny "weird" feel'n all over. It's normal she says. Twenty minutes later I'm sit'n back in that other room, sip'n water an' wait'n for more pics. So far so good.

The pics are took. It's been a couple three an' a half hours of tests. I'm free to go. "Now that weren't so bad was it Billy Bob"? Well no, but I'm starv'n to death, need some caffeine an' a couple smokes.

On the way back to "da house' we get a phone call. It's from the test I had last week, the ultrasounds look'n for blockages. The nice lady says I'm good. Now wait a minute, I know I have blockage in my neck....one not so good. But, this nice lady did relieve the stress of  hav'n surgery to remove blockage before the back surgery. But again, what did this nice lady mean by "good". Good enough for surgery or good with no blockage over 70%? That got me to think'n....does Plavix help remove blockages? I been tak'n that crap for over 6 years. Or is there the possibility Dr. Frinkfronk was look'n for some pocket change to remove blockage what ain't there? I would like to see the numbers from this test to compare to 7 years ago.

Anyhows, yesterday was a success. What the results are I won't know till I see Dr. M. next tuesday. Good I hope. Now, speak'n of good, it seems I am in perfect health.....ha ha right!!! All the docs an' tests are go'n my way up to this point. That makes me feel soooo much better. Damn I hate tests.

MsB, I have been tak'n Plavix for 6 1/2 years. Only recently, the last two years, have I been taking much aspirin....anywheres from 500 to 2000mg a day. Here in Georgia, the cardiologist took me off Plavix. Said I don't need it. Ha ha....he said to take aspirin (81mg a day). But, since I've been off Plavix, my blood pressure has increased. Took it just now.....148/78. An' I'm sit'n on my ass "do'n nuttin" I normally run 125 or 30 over 70 to 75.

This is all I'm gonna write bout today. I NEED to do something......damn, I hate warsh'n dishes.        

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blood pressure on the rise

I won't be writ'n no dad gum stories today.

I need this for a record......
Oh boy, last night was a "skeer hell out me" night. I ate me up some supper (salmon patties an' fried taters), took my pills, drinked some milk....damn, I don't feel so good. I straps on my blood pressure checker thingy an' "Oh shit, 169/89". I wait a bit....151/85. A bit later....165/92. Then I got to think'n bout what Dr. Frokerinsteen told me...."I hope to see you again next year". What's the number for 911???

I went an' lay down in the bed. Damn, I don't feel worth a poop. 170/83 at 2am. I ain't dizzy or nuttin like that, but I got this funny feel'n all over my body....tingly feel'n. I got to think'n back to how I feeled when I had my heart attacks. This is something like that.....but with no pains. I sit on the couch till 5:30am....this ain't right. I takes me a Alka Seltzer.....100mg aspirin in it.  Maybe I need a nap. Three hours later I gets up....caffeine is needed.  It's now 11am with a slight little change.....145/79. Heart rate, 80-85, was my normal on all readings. I normally run 130/70-75/80....or there bouts.

Now I got to think'n bout the time Dr. Fronk put me on a pill. My blood pressure went to something like 200/100....damn I cain't remember. Took the whole weekend for it to come back down. Could this be from the Lipitor I was just prescribed? Could it be from the salmon an' milk? Could it be from the anticipation of tomorrows stress test? Anyhows, I feel Ok right now.
Record complete.....

Been rather nice here in Georgia. Lows in the mid to low 60's at night an' perfect low to mid 80's day time. Bout a 10 deg change in day temps from a couple weeks ago. I could live with this kind of weather the whole upcom'n winter. God I hate winter. Be cool though if'n I had me a snowman. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oppps....in the water

Before I sit down to write every morn'n, I read all the blogs I missed the night before. I read the news. I read the "drama" on Facebook. By that time, I am all pissed off with the world affairs, everyday drama an' local events (shoot'ns, steal'n, drug deals an' gang activities). No freak'n wonder I'm in a foul mood every morn'n.

Did ya watch "cops reloaded" last night? Boy howdy was I ever pissed at that "thug" cop. You don't grab a sweet little girl by her hair an' slam her face down into the pavement. Not onest, but twicest. All the poor little girl was do'n was sit'n in a car mak'n a drug deal to a undercover cop. Sheesh.....just "ask" her nice like to get out the car. Like she's some kind of dangerous an' gonna shoot three cops. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout.

I don't usually post stuff like that on my blog, by this is 2014 an' there are WAY too many thug cops out there beat'n up on people for the simple reason of "I can". Pepper spray. Stun guns....for a simple traffic violation. These few thug cops give the "good" cops a bad name. Did I say few??? Let me take that back. The numbers are much higher than "few". Try call'n a cop a ass hole. See how fast he turns into a "thug".....throw yer ass on the ground. Grrrrrrrrr.....let's move on to something else.

Ok, dishes are still in the sink soak'n. Takes time ya know, to loosen that dried out stuff. God I hate dishes.

So what do ya get when ya cook up a meal without any season'n? You know, spices an' herbs. All ya gonna be eat'n tonight is a pot of plain, watery, tasteless soup. You ain't gonna remember it for any reason. Yesterdays blog post contained seasoning. If'n I had left out the flavors, the entire thing could have been just a couple lines.....plain, watery an' tasteless. Like the first episode, I could have said..."The switchboard catched on fire so I jumped in the water". The second...."We was string'n lights I fell in the water". See what I'm talk'n bout....ya cook with spices an' herbs.

I got many many stories bout the days I was serv'n our country in the Navy. But too many of them involve "wimmins". We ain't go'n there. But........

We was in Italy sit'n in a roadside drink 'em up place. Talk'n to a couple really nice look'n Italian wimmins. On the other side the road is a bumper car set up with a bunch of people go'n round an' round, be'n careful not to have any wrecks. Ha, these people ain't never seen no US Naval guys ride no bumper cars. The four of us head across the street. Give the guy some change an' jump in them bumper cars. The bumpers on these cars are there for only one reason an' one reason alone......so's in a head on collision go'n a hunnert mile a hour, there is no body damage to the car. Nuttin else.

The poor guy what was run'n the place is go'n out his mind scream'n "go the other way", "don't crash my cars", "look out"...."Oh my god".....in Italian. Within 30 minutes, all the available cars are filled with more Navy guys an' a few daring Italians. People are cheering an' clap'n at every wreck. Kids are scream'n "I wanna ride". The bumper car guy is grin'n from ear to ear with fists full of dollars an' pockets full of loose change. Now let's git back to the rest of the story bout them two really nice look'n wimmins.......

Speak'n of wimmins....she fell in the drink. Ya see, me an' my "at the time" girlfriend was stand'n on the dock talk'n to some other "live aboards". It was dark out, cain't see very far in the dark. I don't hear girlfriend talk'n no more.....I hear a kersplash....she's in the water. Ok, no problem, just reach down an' retrieve her. Oh Oh, where is girlfriend. She's wear'n a dark green coat. The water is dark green. She had a seizure an' she ain't got the slightest idea where she at.

A 14 year old boy spots a movement in the water an' in he go....drag'n her limp torso to where we can reach her. My god....."is she dead"???

Another time, another girlfriend ride her damn bicycle off in the water. She was drunk as a skunk when she make it to the boat. Wakes me up an' says her bicycle is in the water an' I need to get up an' fetch her bicycle 'cause she needs to ride it to work in the morn'n. 

A little 5 year old fell in the drink, climb'n aboard my neighbors boat. I'm sit'n in the cockpit of my sail'n boat, sip'n up on a "Coyote cooler", enjoy'n some loud ass music. I looks over at my neighbors boat. I don't see the little girl no more. But I can hear some splish splash'n in the water. Lickity split I runs over there an' see nuttin but blond hair float'n in the water. I reaches down an' grab hold to that hair an' brings up this beautiful little 5 year old girl on the other end that hair. I were a hero for the next two days. After that it was back to...."Who's that guy?" "Oh that's just Barnacle Bill, an' ornery old cuss".

She opens up a eye (girlfriend we talk'n bout), spit's out a mouth full of nasty salt water an' says...."What happened, I'm soaked".  See what I'm do'n here....chang'n stuff around to create a little suspense. I  'splained to her that a gust of wind had picked her up from the dock, an' had gently deposited her in the water.....an' we didn't know it for a bit. Hav'n a siezure, she has no way to doubt my story. A couple hugs an' she was tole to change out them wet clothes so's we don't miss our reservation at the seafood restaurant.

Ok, I got a few things I "might" attend to today. God I hate warsh'n dirty dishes".


Monday, September 15, 2014

Tread'n water

I'll feebably try my darndest to write something of interest this morn'n.....but I ain't mak'n no guarantees. In other words, don't bet no more than a quarter.

I rekon I got to do something interest'n before I can write bout it. Well shoot, I ain't did nuttin. But dad gum it, I want to write. In the last 4, 5, or 6 years, I done told all there is bout my life all the ways from 5 years old liv'n on the farm all the ways up to right now. So what do I write bout today.

Ah ha, did I ever tell ya bout the time....we tied up in some foreign country, think'n it was Spain. I was on the forward generator do'n my thing to make sure we had plenty of electric power throughout the ship. I was relieved by a rookie electrician so's I could go change into my "whites" an' hit the beach for a day of fun. Sailors do that ya know.

A alarm goes off. Through the loud speakers comes a scream'n message...."FIRE, FIRE....Fire in #2 switchboard". #2 generator had already been shut down an' both switchboards were operating off #1 generator. Down the ladder I go.....into a darkened engine room filled with steam, smoke an' heat. No lights, I can hardly see (emergency lighting was on). I hit that switchboard in a flash, isolating the section what was on fire from the main circuit boards.

There was no ventilation in the engine room. Temps were right on the edge of bout 130 degs. Sweat was roll'n off my skinny body. The fire is out.

I climbs back up the ladder to fresh "cool" air. I staggers to the fantail (back of ships) wipe'n sweat out my eyes. I see water. The beautiful blue cooling Mediterranean Sea. What the hell....over the side I goes. *now where the hell is that picture* I'm gonna look for it.

It was quite a drop off from ship to water, but I made it like a pro...feet first. When I comes up to the top, I still got my Navy cap on. I'm slap'n at the water.....holy crap, I don't know how to swim. Alls well that ends well.....I didn't drown.

Back on deck, with the assistance of a 4 man rescue team, I'm confronted by some rookie officer. He chew me up one side an' down the other for "jump'n ship".  Before I was wrote up by this officer an' restricted to the ship for the duration of our stay in port, here come the engineering officer an' the ships captain. They light into the "rookie" officer. Chew him up one side an' down the other. I was wrote up in my records a commendation for my bravery to tackle a switchboard fire...an' skeer off any attacks from rambunctious man eat'n sharks in the waters.

I guess while we're talk'n bout jump'n ship, I could mention another adventurous episode in the life of Billy Bob. I was no longer stationed on that little Naval destroyer, I was on a freak'n WWII heavy cruiser. The USS Canberra. *now where's that picture* The Canberra was a "flag" ship.  We carried high ranking officers...admirals an' shit like that. When we tied up in a foreign port, lights were strung from bow to stern....up over the masts, around the smoke stacks, all hand rails. There was a gazillion lights.

We was stand'n on top of a 5 inch gun pull'n ropes an' electric wires....boxes of light bubs.

My partner says to me...."I dare ya to jump in the water" That is me dressed in red..... That's all it took.....kersplash, I was tread'n water. There's no ladder to "git out of the water". There's no ropes to climb up. "Man overboard" was signaled over the loud speakers. Oh man, I'm in a heap of trouble now. See that boat on the side of the ship? That was my rescue boat. Now you talk bout get'n a ass chew'n.....man boy howdy. The "I slipped an' fell overboard" is still questioned to this day.

And you ask why I was still a E-4 when I finished my tour of duty? Three times, three freak'n times I was demoted from a E-5. But I was a fun guy to hang out with.  A E-4 with one hashmark. A hashmark is for over 4 years of dedicated no nonsense service. Hee hee hee.....right.

Ok, back to today. Got up feel'n sorta on the good side this morn'n. But sleep??? Oh hell no, "Billy Bob, I'm gonna keep ya up all night long". Mind related git's ya every time.

Yo Mama brings me her vacuum cleaner. "Here, fix this". Now I are a vacuum cleaner fix it person....but I had no doubts. Anybody can fix a vacuum cleaner.....sheesh!!!

Made me up some sopapillas last night. I was crav'n 'em. But...the tortillas was over 2 months old an' I didn't use enough cinnamon. I ate 'em anyhows.
The floor are sweeped. Trash is took out. Dishes are soak'n. It's been a good day....so far.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not a good day at Billy Bob's house

Really ain't no use try'n to write something today. I hurt like hell an' I'm pissed. Best I just keep my mouth shut until this pain passes.

Ok, took me a aspirin....I feel a little bit on the better side.

This trip to Georgia has put a hurt'n on me in more ways than just my back. My mind is sooo screwed up I don't even want to get up in the morn'n. I want to take me loooong naps. I don't even want to think. Today is one of them days. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

It's rather hard to think on the positive side when nuttin is go'n to plan. Yeah I know, all this is necessary to make sure I'm fit enough an' all that, but....this ain't what I was expect'n. I'm think'n I have every right in the world to bitch an' moan....maybe even whine a little bit. So this is what ya get today.....bitch'n, moan'n an' a little whin'n.

On a positive side.......Thursday is my "stress test" day. This should make Dr. Fronkerstine over there in Deming happy. He's been after me for the last 4 years to have a stress test. I'm think'n I'll pass with fly'n colors. That will be one more scratched off'n the long list of tests an' appointments.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Computer bug....a live one

This will definitely be a slow day. Shoot, I didn't git up till almost 10:30 this morn'n. That was a total of 5 1/2 hours of toss an' turn sleep.

Ya see, yesterday I took me a couple naps. Long naps. At bed time, 1am, I weren't at all sleepy. All the ways up to 4:30 oclock I weren't sleepy. I fills the coffee maker, but I don't push the button. I lays down.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kick in. Not the best Zzzzzzz's, but they was Zzzzzz's.

Ok, I got a bug in my computer. Before somebody says "debug it" let me tell ya what I'm talk'n bout. I was sit'n here "surf'n". An' I see this little bug crawl'n across my screen. Bout 1/8th inches x 1/32nd inches. It's crawl'n all over the place. But, it's not on the outside the screen, it's INSIDE. At first I was think'n the web page I was look'n at had installed this little bug to blow peoples minds. I change web pages. That damn bug is still there. I turns off my browser. That bug is still there. I reboots my computer. Bug is still there. Now how the hell do ya get a bug off'n your screen. Ya Google, that's what ya do.

Let me start this part all over. Ok....it's over. I done deleted all that stuff.

Now, what were we talk'n bout? Oh yeah, golf ball swak'n, ride'n in the "bubba boat", catch'n big ol' fish....go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour on the "billy bike". Bo howdy them were some good times.
Speak'n of good times, do any of ya remember this.....

Ok, I don't know what happen that this runs automatic. How do ya fix that????
This was way back in 2011 at S.F. Austin State Park just left of Houston, Texas. Daughter Angela an' grandkids come to see me as I was "just pass'n through". Played me some golf ball swak'n there too.

It's hard to go back an' remember the good times when ya cain't do much no more. Maybe next year I will be back in tip top shape. Do stuff again. I like that idea. Are ya listen'n doctor????

Ok....this is enough for today. It's not too good a day, so I'll just shut up.....sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yesterday sucked...news not so good

I've put this off as long as I could.....yesterday sucked.

Let me start from the begin'n so's everbody can see MY side of the story......*breaks out a few spices an' herbs*.

It was 6:00 in the am, my 'larm clock scream'n at me...."git out of bed Billy Bob, we gotta go". I swak that clock a few times an' 15 minutes later I'm stand'n at the coffee pot brew'n me up some coffee strong enough to open both eyes of a fire breath'n dinosaur. Leg cramps from the night before, them back pains....an' bulldozer tracks all over the bed, I got up all crookit like. An' I got to be able to walk in less than 2 hours if'n I'm gonna have a good day. Coffee an' 2 aspirin helped in that situation.

Nurse Robert will not show up to do his duty of driv'n his daddy all over town. My wonderful daughter Doris Lynn took that responsibility. Son Billy show up to just ride along. Doris did a great job. Well kind of a great job. Text'n an' read'n "love stories" on her cell device while the doctor is try'n to talk to me. An' talk he did. "Doris Lynn, what did the doc say"??? She says, "Oh, I'm sorry, what did you say"?

Half ways through our little talk, my heart fall slap to the seat I as sit'n on....."Houston, we have a problem". He listen to my heart an' lungs with that listen'n device. Just looks me in the eye an' he say nuttin. Then he listen to my belly an' neck. Something not right. I could have a stroke for blockages of them two arteries. He orders blood work an' a ultrasound. Then he wishes me a "happy birthday".  He's gone.....pooof, just like that. Huh? It ain't my birthday yet.

Ok, I go to the lab an' let the nice little lady stick one them dad gum needles in my hand to draw out bout half a gallon of blood (4 tube thingys). Now if'n it was me, I would give that girl a raise in pay.....her was gooood. Then I go lay on this very uncomfortable table while another nice lady fires up that ultrasound machine an' gives me the work over from head to toe. Stomach, neck, thighs, legs, ankles an' my freak'n feet.

When it was all over, I ask that nice lady...."well, how bad is it"? Ya see, I already knowed I had some blockage in my neck arteries from Dr. Fronkersteen, back in 2007. She says it's not bad, but then I'll bet ya a dollar she's paid to say that. Blood results in a week. Ultrasound results will be sent to my surgery doctor. I'm in limbo an' from all what the nice doctor tole me, I'm skeered the blockages will have to be removed before back surgery. I researched the procedures after return'n home. Damn, they gonna cut my throat.  An' there are risks.

Well wait, I'm git'n ahead of myself. I don't even know the numbers of the blockages. I may need nuttin. But I wouldn't make no bets on it.

We went to I-Hop for dinner (lunch) an' eat up a whole bunch of gooood stuff. Had me a double BLT, big pile of french fries, a pan cake an' some hashbrowns.....an' 4 cups of "girlie" coffee.  Man I stuffed myself. Be 4pm, I'm sit'n at "da house" with sciatica in both legs. It was a long day an' I'm hurt'n like hell. I'm downhearted....I was sit'n on it, remember? It was NOT a good day.

Now this morn'n, I ain't feel'n so bad. I ain't straight, but I'm close to it. Not think'n too much bout yesterdays bad news. I rekon I'll do what ever needs to be done to get rid of these back pains.

Let me see.....I got me a appointment on the 18th for the stress test. A appointment on the 23rd for a CT cancer screen'n. Don't know what day I'll see the surgeon again, but it's not too far off. The end of September ain't too far off neither. When I think bout what the end result will be, I'm think'n the possibility my back don't hurt no more. Maybe I will be "golf ball swak'n" ready. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Holy crap, I have a appointment this morn'n. An' I got to go in bout 15 or 30 minutes. I ain't got no time to be sit'n here writ'n no blog stuff.  
But.....there's a possibility I may return later in the day with something excit'n to write about. Ha ha...slim chance of that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old???...or not

So, with all that said.....what is "old"? In a sense, it really ain't got much to do with all the years "old" you are, it has to do with what you are still able to do at a "old" age.

"Old is when you can’t do what you want to do when you want to do it".
That's pretty plain to me.

In the words of one commenter, you never grow old. Well what the hell do ya call it then....."a young chicken"???  Old people ain't young, they are "old". Plain an' simple. Let take for instance, that "old" pick'em up sit'n out there in the yard. It runs good. The tires are all aired up. All the lights work. But....that ain't no brand spank'n new pick'em up truck.....it's "old". 

Ok, that will give ya something to think bout this morn'n. Have a blast. But please....don't beat me up.

Now that I finally got them paperback western books stowed.....I got to think'n. "When was the last time ya crack one them suckers open an' read"? Most of ya know I done read all them books one time, an' some of 'em, a second time. This collection started when I was boondocking at the "slabs" in southern Ca. In the winter time, it gets dark, an' chilly, at bout 4:30 or 5pm. Ya got to go in the house. You ain't got nuttin to do for the next 4 1/2 hours before bedtime. So ya read. Most winters, I boondock, so I got to have me something to read. But.....will I ever boondock again? There are hunnerts of RV parks out there that supply electric, water, sewage an' cable TV. Who needs books? In case ya didn't know, boondock'n don't have none that "good" stuff.

When I get up hurt'n in the morn'ns, I no longer says....What the hell???, why am I hurt'n". I have a copy of my MRI ya know, an' I can see why I hurt every morn'n. As long as that crap is push'n against my nerves, I'm gonna hurt. But I'm still skeered like hell to have this surgery. With no guarantee of the results....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout. An' there's still the possibility I may be too "old" for the surgery. Old as in "you are wore slap out" (lungs an' heart condition). I'll be soooo freak'n glad to get this behind me so's I can talk bout something else. I heard the neighbor fire up the bulldozer this morn'n.

Oh, speak'n of feel'n better, these Spiriva thingys seem to be help'n my breathing. Much better than the Advair did. All my life I wanted nuttin to do with tak'n medications an' stuff like that. Doctors an' hospitals only in a emergency. Now that I'm "old", those ideas are a thing of the past. "Now where the hell did I put my blood pressure pills"??? "Where's my phone in case I need to call a amblance (read that as spelled)"? This shit sucks.

I like spend'n time writ'n on my blog ever day. It takes my mind off'n these damn aches an' pains, "fix it" lists, warsh'n dishes, sweep'n floors....stuff like that. I know I don't have nuttin excit'n to write about, but it sure do help me to feel better. In fack, it make me feel like a hunnert dollar bill.
Oh, I done warshed up all them dishes yesterday. 

Damn, I almost forgit. That pressure cooker I was gonna throw in the dumpster. I'm gonna keep that sucker. I don't even care if'n I never use it again or not.....it's go'n in that drawer under the fridge. In olden days, we called it a Kelvinator.

Ok, that's bout it for today. Wished I had some adventure to tell ya bout, but that's "down the road a piece". See ya tomorrow morn'n....or afternoon.   

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Update.....Stow'n books

Maybe I shouldn't be sit'n here writ'n this morn'n. Ya see, last night I had me a couple them backards leg cramps an' I hurt this morn'n. Hurt'n makes me all grouchy an' I write stupit stuff. Yeah I know, nobody wants to hear bout hurt'n, but when that's all ya got, that's what ya write bout. 

Finding something interesting to write about when ya cain't do nuttin is a freak'n chore. Let's take for instant yesterday....it was a total flop. Only one chore was attempted....stow'n my books.

Ya see, I was gonna put all them western books in the new drawer under the refrig. I got bout 80 of 'em in there an' says...."they ain't gonna fit". In the bedroom I have a "BIG" drawer what is full of kitchen stuff what will never in a hunnert years be used again. I boxed 'em all up for the dumpster. Repairs were made to the "BIG" drawer to hold the extra weight. I start fill'n that sucker up with them western books....."they ain't gonna fit". Sheesh, I got way too many books. Kindle an' dumpster comes to mind.

Above that "BIG" drawer, is another "BIG" drawer. Full of Wrangler jeans. I yanks them jeans out an' stack 'em in the closet....right above the two "BIG" drawers. Ok, we are bout 4 hours down the road on this project, I got to get it done.....check this western book stowage project off'n the list. No, it ain't done as of this morn'n. 

So there you have it, another excit'n Billy Bob day. An' them damn dishes are still sit'n in the sink. I see ants. Hunnerts of 'em.

An' attempt was made last night bout go'n "down the road a piece". That too was a complete failure. Ever time I would think bout golf courses, lakes, mountains, desert, an' TEXAS, my mind would go off on hospitals, doctors, wheelchairs, walkers an' "old folks homes".

The big '73' is com'n up this month. I ain't no young puppy no more. In fack, I don't feel like no dad gum young puppy neither. But I read somewheres, maybe it was Google, that even "old dogs" have fun too. "Fetch this ball Billy Bob". "Good boy"!!!

Well I want you lookie here....I got them books stowed (bout 200 or so). Well most of 'em anyhows.

This is what was left....yet to be stowed somewhere. (bout 40 or 50) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Check it off the list

Before I 'splain yesterday an' all that stuff, here is the deal.....

For a $32 piece of junk, fake oak, Walmart special cabinet, I'm think'n it looks pretty dad gum good. 
But......there are some "rookie cabinet maker" flaws in it. You cain't see them, but I can. An' I wear glasses too. Ya see, when I open that can of polyurethane, it had a dried surface what had to be removed to get to the liquid part. When I got there, the liquid part was like 3 year old varnish.....way too thick. Two heavy coats of that thick stuff was applied. I have a rough surface that could use a sand'n an' recoated with brand spank'n new polyurethane. But for "Sally da house", this will have to do. Check it off the list. I'm happy!!!

It weren't two dad gum hours after tell'n ya how good I felt yesterday, that all hell broke loose. *I had moved that heavy ass cabinet back in "da house* That easy 4 I was tell'n ya bout yesterday morn'n, turn into a hard 7 or 8. That's right on the edge of "bulldozer" pains. That's when my poor old brain kicked into them "bad" thoughts again. How far is it to Texas???

I was hungry, so I ate me up a couple month old "fresh from the hen house" eggs. They looked Ok in the fry pan, but it weren't long, I was sick like a old dog. Aspirin an' Alka Seltzer helped me get through the rest of the day.

I fired up that Weber grill out there so's I could cook me up some chicken. Ok, that sounds simple enough. A little season'n on the chicken, pre heat the grill....an' then burn hell out my supper. Ya see, when ya cook chicken on a grill, ya gotta turn the temp thingy down to low. I see smoke com'n out my Weber, lot's of smoke. What the hell??? I go out there an' turn the temp thingy down. Chicken is flat done on that side.

Did I mention it rained? I ain't talk'n just a little bit of rain.....IT RAINED. Bucket fulls.....2 inches rain water in my yard. But like always, it quit. More expected this afternoon.

Today I won't be do'n much of anything. Although, there is a lot of housework what needs done. Stuff lay'n everwheres again. It don't matter how often I clean up this place, in two days it's all cluttered again. Dang!!! An' there's dishes in the sink what need some attention.
Maybe I'll turn on some "loud" surround sound cajun music. That always puts me in a better mood. 

I'm out of here....see ya laters.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A modified Walmart special cabinet

This is Sunday....again. Seems like just 7 days ago it was Sunday.....dang!!!

Well, I decided yesterday would be a day of pleasure, if'n it were at all possible. I went into the garage an' start sweep'n. My god, I got a pile of saw dust almost up to my knees. Well, maybe not quite that much, but enough to fill two 5 gallon buckets. An' chunks of wood....dang, a whole trash can full. I could have me a bon-fire with all that scrap wood.

I decided to work on a project. Take that old, bout 8 years, Walmart special cabinet an' do a number on it. Add honest to goodness oak trim on it to kind of sorta look like the new cabinet I builded.
Here's what it used to look like. See, that's it sit'n there on the left before I installed the new tabletop an' the new cabinet.

Now if'n ya take a close look at this pic, you may notice a bit of a change. I'm think'n to the better.

Some sand'n yet required an' then slap me 3 coats of polyurethane on that sucker. Reinstall an' I be done with another of many little projects.

Ya see, it was like this, I was tired of sit'n on my ass all day long do'n nuttin. I needed some move around, exercise, git my blood to flow.....stuff like that. Although at one point, I had to hang up the wood work'n tools an' call it a day....go inside an' sit down.....an' do nuttin. I was hurt'n.

But this morn'n, after a possible good sleep....I don't know if'n I did or not, I got up in much less pain for a change (bout a easy 3 1/2 or 4). I can handle that. Ya throw a 8 or a 9 on me, I'm gonna be one grouchy old bastard nobody wants to talk to. That's just the way it is, ain't no other way to say it.

Ok, I got to go look for where I put all my "cheap" paint brushes. I got work to do. Photos when completed.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

A new appointment

I were feel'n pretty good after talk'n to that doctor yesterday. Pretty good in the brain, but not in the body. Ya see, by the time we reached Walmart to pick up my meds, my back hurted something terrible. An' that dad gum right foot was kill'n me. Couldn't hardly walk on it. I want to go home....lay back an' relax.

Robert show up this morn'n....."what ya want to do today daddy"? Then I shows him the "fix it" list. ZOOOOM....he headed out the door to go work on a "Robert" project. But that's Ok, I have the whole freak'n winter to fix that stuff.

Ya see, Dr. M's office (the surgeon) called an' have set me up a appointment on the 23 of Sept. All I wanted to do was sign some papers for the surgery.....but, it's turned into more than that. I have to have a handfull of releases for surgery from all these other doctors. Sheesh!!!!....they ain't give me no releases. This means it will be well into October before I can have surgery.....Grrrrrrrrr. And then, I still have some questions to ask bout that surgery before I say "I do".

Speak'n of winter, son in law Mike has a great big ol' propane tank. Or at least he thinks he does. Loaned it to a buddy of his, has to call to see if buddy still has it. That's exactly what I was look'n for. So I don't freeze to death ya know. More on this later.

I've put all future plans on hold until I get this back surgery behind me. I don't know what the results are gonna be, so there ain't no use mak'n plans to climb Mt. Everest or nuttin like that. Even Taco Bell in Del Rio has been put on hold.

As ya know, RV'ers make plans. They don't just take off down the road an' not have a idea where they are go'n. Ha, I did that one year an' let me tell ya, I'll never do that no more. Although, I did end up at a destination....Port Aransas, Texas. Ya see, George Bush wrote me a check for bout $600 for gas money. In a motorhome, that don't go very far. Something like bout 10,11, or 1200 miles....depend'n o gas prices. That was one the worstest trips I ever made. Mile after mile of nuttin no matter what way I turned. An' let me tell ya, I made some turns. "Ya got to have a plan Billy Bob".

Boy howdy, I sure did enjoy read'n all the comments bout "smok'n". Now I ain't say'n I can just up an' quit like so many of ya did, but I'm think'n its bout time for me to give it a try...again. If'n it don't work, I have lost nuttin. That's the way I look at it. Now if'n I was still young, I wouldn't even give it a thought...run down to the smoke sell'n place an' buy me up 10 cartons. But I ain't that young no more. My first goal is to be nicotine free for surgery an' recovery time. Now, bout that plan.........

Friday, September 5, 2014

Appointment #3 finished

Holy cows, nobody gits up at 5am. But today I did. Ya see, I got that appointment at 8am an' it takes me a good 2 hours to open that other eye an' loosen up so's I can walk a straight line. Drink me up a cup or two an' fire up a few smokes. The fire'n up smokes are part of a ancient ritual handed down by my esteemed "ancient" relations from Prussia. 

Well shoot, that weren't all that bad. "Blow in this thingy....blow, blow,blow.....don't stop....take a deep breath....blow, blow, blow". This went on for way longer than what I was expected. Three blow'n tests what all wored me slap out. Results were not all that good, what I'll 'splain later.

Chest x-rays was took from two directions.

Then in comes the "breath'n" doctor. "Your lungs look pretty good.....ya got a case of COPD". Well I pretty much knowed that. "How long you been smok'n"? Here we go again with the smok'n lecture. Oppps, this doctor took a different approach, what I ain't even gonna try to go into. All I can say is it weren't a lecture to embarrass me into throw'n my smokes in the dumpster. Although, I would like to.

He looks at the test results....."Hmmmm, this ain't good". My lungs are operating at 50% capacity....what he says is a risk for my surgery. Ya see, they gonna put me on a machine dur'n surgery, what will do my breath'n for me. My lungs is gonna take a break, shut down an' do nuttin. But, when the machine is removed, my lungs gotta start back up. An' at 50% capacity, that may be a chore. So says the nice doctor. Hmmmmm, he didn't give me no numbers.

Then he shows me another number....54 something or another. "If this gets below 50 he says, you will go on oxygen". He inserts a little smok'n advice here. If'n I was to quit puff'n these little cigars, that number would increase a bit an' there would be no need for the oxygen. Sounds simple huh? Well it ain't that simple. I been smok'n all my life (bout 60 years) an' ya don't just quit over night. An' that what I tole the nice doctor....."I've tried to quit many times....gimme a light". The doc grins. An' then he says...."ya gotta make yourself a plan Billy Bob. Cut your smok'n in half in the next 3 months an' continue your plan". That sounds pretty easy. Ha ha, I know somebody gonna make a bet.

A CT scan was ordered. Of my chest. Look'n for the possibility of the dreaded word...cancer. But he said this test/scan was only part of "his" plan, for me to have a good life. Fix stuff before it's too late. Like I did with my back think'n it would eventually get better.
I was prescribed a year supply of Spiriva inhalant thingys to help me breath easier. 

That was bout it at the doctors office. I liked the way he treated me an' the way he talked to me. Honest an' to the point. I'll give him a 4.5 out of a 5.

Me an' Robert was hungry as sum-a-guns. We went to I-Hop. Yum yum eat 'em up a great big breakfast. Made a quick trip through Lowes look'n for some round magnets for the cabinet doors. Nope. Picked up my new meds at Walmart. Drove down the road a piece an' pick up some smokes....plan not initiated as of yet.

How do I feel today? Well, ride'n round town with my son, makes me feel sooo much better than sit'n on my ass think'n of the worster things in life. He is a inspiration to me......as are all of you.
My back hurts, but I have a clear mind.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Today is a better day

Blogger is piss me off again this morn'n. First off, today's blog post does not show up on other blogs.
Second, my "blogs I follow" list is nonexistant....gone, Pooooof, just like that.
The way I see it is this dude work'n for Google is sit'n there sip'n up a cup an' stuff'n donuts in his face....."HEY, I'm gonna fix Blogger" an' he makes some changes. Gets up to get another donut an' don't realize....."you screwed up ass wipe".  

I was sit'n here think'n....what am I gonna write about today after read'n yesterdays comments? I got to think'n bout what I been writ'n bout for the last few months. We need some humor at Billy Bob's Place. But.......

I sit there on that dad gum couch try'n to remember some good times I've had in the last few years. Funny times an' adventure. I ended up think'n bout "the farm". An' there in my thoughts, was that "GD chicken" again. What's with that GD chicken anyhows that it keeps pop'n into my mind? That chicken was my pet, my bestest buddy. Until we ate the damn thing one Sunday afternoon.

A few years ago I was visit'n my Aunt Myrt out in California. We got to talk'n bout the farm. She remembered that chicken an' how it follow me round everwhere I go. That was the only thing she remember bout the years I lived on the farm. That "GD chicken". Anyhows, if'n ya ain't hear bout that "GD chicken", just enter "pet chicken" in the little search thingy up there on the left. Or.....click here Pet chicken.

What I'm git'n at this morn'n, is that when I try to think of something funny to write about, I end up back on the farm. The farm wasn't the only place in my lifetime that I did silly stuff. I done silly stuff all my life. It's just that I don't remember them as well as I remember the farm life of my "tot" years.

Now that I'm *this* close to 73 year old, I'm los'n my freak'n mind. No, not my mind....my memory. Sheesh, I ain't crazy yet. Fortunately for me, I done wrote bout all that stuff an' all I got to do is go back an' read......memory refreshed.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......? That used to be one my favorite say'ns. I used to say that an' a hunnert things would pop into my mind....all at once. I would break out the "seasoning an' spices" an' be in another world writ'n bout all them years long past. Ya don't believe me? Go back an' read some my "old" blog posts. You'll be glad ya did. I do that myself....."yeee ha Billy Bob, you was a nut".
A Snickers without a nut is just another candy bar.....

Well shoot, I done wrote way way more than what I was gonna. I didn't answer any of yesterdays comments 'cause I was lost for words to every one of 'em. I thank each of ya for the encourag'n words.

But I do want to thank Trouble for the update on her sons "bumped up" doctor appointment. Dang I hope they fix that boys back so's he ain't in pain no more. Kind of reminds me of somebody else I know quite well.

Will see ya all again tomorrow morn'n.....or afternoon, which ever comes first.

Grrrrrrr.....to blogger...."where my post"????

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where is Billy Bob?

I don't know if that old rascal Billy Bob will ever return or not. I know I sure do miss talk'n excit'n funny stuff to him every day. This last year has took so much out of him, I'm think'n he, as we all knowed him, may never return.

I got to be totally serious with all of ya this morn'n....."this shit sucks". I don't know any other way to put it. I'm at a point where I don't want to write anything no more. I don't want to do nuttin. I just don't give a fly'n flip. The "aches an' pains" writ'n is no longer a good subject. Who wants to hear that kind of stuff every day? There's absolutely nuttin excit'n happen'n in my life. I've put all the Billy Bob projects on hold, so there ain't nuttin to write about there. I can't go to the golf course for a good round of golf ball swak'n....an' then write bout it. All these dad gum doctor appointments has got me all depressed an' pissed off. Winter is right around the corner....an' I'm "stuck in Georgia". That means I'm gonna freeze my ass off. My freak'n brain is all tied up in knots that even a seasoned sailor would never figger out. Grrrrrrrrrr is all I can say.

I've tried soooo hard in the past to make Billy Bob's Place a interesting, funny an' adventurous blog. But it seems those days are behind me at the present time. Today, those times seem very slim that they will return. Yeah, I'm down in the dumps, I need therapy....somebody call an' make me another freak'n appointment. Medicare should cover it.

I do hope that those that been follow'n my blog all these years will continue to hang in there with me. For all the new comers, check back with me from time to time. Ya never know what you might find.

So, in the mean time, I will try my derndest to post something every day. Who knows? Maybe Billy Bob will make another grand entrance. Knock yer socks off with some off the wall silly stuff.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A night of no sleep

Robert's brisket cook'n come out *this* close to perfect. His tater salad was well worth wait'n for. The mixed green beans was delish (by "yo mama"). But I was unable to make the climb up the stairs to eat with everbody else.

We sit inside, outside an' all over the place. Talk'n, laugh'n, tell'n stories, an' hav'n a good ol' time. It was a wonderful day of relaxation an' family git together.....kind'a  sorta. Much family was miss'n.

Will attempt to return tomorrow........ God I miss the old Billy Bob.     

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy merry Labor day...

Brisket has been in the smoker since 7:30 this morn'n. Robert is such a good boy.

Robert is experimenting today with "Texas recipe" brisket. Not a recipe from all of Texas mind you, 'cause up north, they do it different than they do in south Texas. But we won't get into that.

Everbody grills differently. Take for instance now, I grill my pork ribs on a open pit wood fired grill. I install a good dose of brushed on "modified" bbq sauce throughout the entire cook'n process (cooked in flavor). Fires are promptly extinguished with a water hose. Now that I have the propane fired Weber grill, I no longer "open pit" cook. An' the fun of put'n out fires is gone. The taste is bout the same, but the process is much different. And twice as fast. In beer time, it would be 4 beers versus bout 8 or 10.

I ain't got nuttin to do this morn'n....bored, so's I measured my coffee grinds into a measur'n cup. One level scoop an' one overflow'n scoop. Then I measure from a tablespoon. Two heap'n spoons per scoop. Now we come to the question, is one table spoon a level spoon full or a heap'n spoon full? Ok, ya don't want to talk bout coffee? What else can we talk bout this morn'n?

The batteries in "Sally da house" was thirsty. I give 'em a drink. My god, right at a gallon an' a half. That's 4 deep cycle golf'n cart batteries....16 cells to fill up.

Then I worked on a little yard clean up. My god, where all this stuff come from? Ya see, I had this big trash bag out there filled up with a bunch of trash stuff. A huge wind come by an' blow that stuff all over the place.....or the neighbor dogs got in it. Did a little glue job on the "spud gun from hell" so's that sucker don't blow apart when we fire a tater with it. Removed, fixed an' cleaned a bedside light. Boy howdy, that thing was full of dead bugs. Looks like a brand spank'n new one now. Two items were checked off'n the "fix it" list. Ha, that leaves only 14 to go.

Was bad when I got up this morn'n. Barely make it to the coffee pot. I cain't stand up. I swear, this old back is get'n worster every day. Then I got to think'n bout the appointment for 8am. How the hell am I gonna handle that if'n I cain't walk that early? But then I got to think'n bout a couple "good" days I had. I rekon for the condition of my back, all this is normal.

Did you know, that when I removed the furnace from "da house" I also removed the only heat source to my water tanks an' water lines? Them suckers could freeze when the temps get into the teens. I'm gonna be in Georgia in cold weather. I'm think'n a couple 150 watt light bubs. One for the fresh water tank compartment an' one for the water pump. Home Depot, here come the Billy Bob. The water hose lay'n on the ground will surely freeze up. Dang I hate snow.

Speak'n of water hose an' stuff like that...I think I have contamination. When I last had my water tank filled, the hose was not properly stowed (it's hooked up full time now). Not completely emptied an' open to air. Do ya know how to sanitize water hoses? Ya throws them in your neighbors swim pool over night. The house water lines have not been sanitized in bout 2 or 3 years. My coffee sucks. Something needs to be done. But not today.