Thursday, September 4, 2014

Today is a better day

Blogger is piss me off again this morn'n. First off, today's blog post does not show up on other blogs.
Second, my "blogs I follow" list is nonexistant....gone, Pooooof, just like that.
The way I see it is this dude work'n for Google is sit'n there sip'n up a cup an' stuff'n donuts in his face....."HEY, I'm gonna fix Blogger" an' he makes some changes. Gets up to get another donut an' don't realize....."you screwed up ass wipe".  

I was sit'n here think'n....what am I gonna write about today after read'n yesterdays comments? I got to think'n bout what I been writ'n bout for the last few months. We need some humor at Billy Bob's Place. But.......

I sit there on that dad gum couch try'n to remember some good times I've had in the last few years. Funny times an' adventure. I ended up think'n bout "the farm". An' there in my thoughts, was that "GD chicken" again. What's with that GD chicken anyhows that it keeps pop'n into my mind? That chicken was my pet, my bestest buddy. Until we ate the damn thing one Sunday afternoon.

A few years ago I was visit'n my Aunt Myrt out in California. We got to talk'n bout the farm. She remembered that chicken an' how it follow me round everwhere I go. That was the only thing she remember bout the years I lived on the farm. That "GD chicken". Anyhows, if'n ya ain't hear bout that "GD chicken", just enter "pet chicken" in the little search thingy up there on the left. Or.....click here Pet chicken.

What I'm git'n at this morn'n, is that when I try to think of something funny to write about, I end up back on the farm. The farm wasn't the only place in my lifetime that I did silly stuff. I done silly stuff all my life. It's just that I don't remember them as well as I remember the farm life of my "tot" years.

Now that I'm *this* close to 73 year old, I'm los'n my freak'n mind. No, not my mind....my memory. Sheesh, I ain't crazy yet. Fortunately for me, I done wrote bout all that stuff an' all I got to do is go back an' read......memory refreshed.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......? That used to be one my favorite say'ns. I used to say that an' a hunnert things would pop into my mind....all at once. I would break out the "seasoning an' spices" an' be in another world writ'n bout all them years long past. Ya don't believe me? Go back an' read some my "old" blog posts. You'll be glad ya did. I do that myself....."yeee ha Billy Bob, you was a nut".
A Snickers without a nut is just another candy bar.....

Well shoot, I done wrote way way more than what I was gonna. I didn't answer any of yesterdays comments 'cause I was lost for words to every one of 'em. I thank each of ya for the encourag'n words.

But I do want to thank Trouble for the update on her sons "bumped up" doctor appointment. Dang I hope they fix that boys back so's he ain't in pain no more. Kind of reminds me of somebody else I know quite well.

Will see ya all again tomorrow morn'n.....or afternoon, which ever comes first.

Grrrrrrr.....to blogger...."where my post"????


  1. Your post is right where I always find it; click on billybobplace.blogspot.com and there it is. I look in the right column and there is a long list under the heading Blogs I Follow. I go to Dizzy's blog and under his Blogs I follow there is Billy Bob at the top of the list "1 hour ago".

    I don't know what your problem might be but I don't think it is Blogger or the dude working there that is drinking coffee and eating donuts. You seem to have this problem a lot, hope you can find out why and what needs to be done to fix it.

    1. I'm i agreement with you Ed. There are times, Dizzy's blog doesn't show up on my computer as a new post. Same with OFM's blog.

      I'm think'n it may have to do with my browser. Since I refuse to install "Chrome", by Google, I'm think'n they git'n even with me for using Firefox.
      The only fix I have found is to go back an' update my post, reboot Firefox and at times, restart/reboot my computer.

    2. It could be Firefox and how you have selected the Settings, but Firefox is all I use.

      I have the same opinion of Chrome, Google does everything they can to force you to use it as a browser. In their Google Drive Word & Spreadsheets you can ONLY use a right click to copy/cut/paste if you have Chrome with an Add-on. I will not use Chrome; I find Ctrl C/X/V to be a pain but I will do it before using Chrome.

  2. Your post showed up on my blog this morning just as it usually does... labeled "1 hour ago".

  3. I never have a problem with your blog showing up on my list. Like you, I can remember the funny things that happened to me in years past, especially when I was a kid. But strange and sometimes funny things still happen. Gotta keep laughin so's you don't start cryin!

  4. Oh yeah, I always enjoyed your blogs that started out with "Did I ever tell ya bout the time......?"

  5. Finding that technology isn't as satisfying (or great) as supposed (for I too wrangle constantly with it), that sitting under a shade tree, enjoying a good book and the company of my four furry kids is preferable during these last days of nice weather.

    Who have we as a society become but a group of sheople? "Lemmings rushing off the cliff" is more like it, for sitting in front of a screen is doing so much physical, psychological AND spiritual damage to each of us. We have become a world of non-interacting souls with a cell phone stuck to our ears with only a growl and a grump for our fellowman - a silent society only promoting that Almighty $ Dollar.

    Hmph, it won't surprise me that mankind will, in time, become one-armed, without the ability for two-handed dexterity. It's all an amazing conundrum! Bah to Google, Foxfire, Fox and CNN, etc - do we really need this? Life is too short to let it pass us by while we devote our time to what boils down to BS and nonsense and our inability to fix the situations; except to bow out and enjoy what moments we have left to REALLY live, not to spend it in front of an electronic screen.

    Technology surely "ain't" the answer!

  6. Putting "rest of the story" on a blog today.. and thx.