Friday, September 26, 2014

Boy howdy, this is nice

Ok, I wasn't gonna go into the new procedure they want to do on me, but.....I did some Google research. Them nerves they gonna murder, they will come back to life...in time. Depend'n on what medical site you visit, in two years, I may be back in the pain I am today. Nerves regenerate.

Now in some cases, after the nerves regenerate, I may NOT feel pain again. Other than that, I have no ill feel'ns bout "murder".

Now let's talk bout my stress level. Boy howdy, I sure do feel good for a change. A great weight was lifted. Bout a hunnert pounds worth or something like that. I even got to think'n bout golf ball swak'n, "bubba boat" fish'n, an' even buy'n me up another "billy bike"....without a motor. Bout walk'n, I don't give that much thought. But it would be nice to be able to walk through Walmart without a bunch of "oh my god, I got to sit down".
Anyhows, with my lower stress level, my back pain level has dropped also. Is that a good sign???

Did I mention, I got them dad gum dishes all warshed up yesterday? Took me out a great big ol' bag of trash. Sweep the floors. An' brewed me up a big ol' pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup. Did you know that taters cook up in 5 minutes in a pressure cooker. Man, that's fast. The soup was/is perfect.  Ate me up two bowls last night. Yesterday was a success.

I was sit'n here last night an' I got to think'n. This ain't so bad, I could live like this...if'n I have to. I'm talk'n bout sit'n in a location an' not do'n nuttin. There's lots of things I can do to pass my time. Like make'n stuff or build'n another boat (remote control). One my favorite hobbies is put'n together models. Not the little plastic model cars....that's for kids, but big models...that take a few months or a year to build.
Ha, I still got a big ol' airplane I builded back in 2004 what still ain't been off the ground.

Ya see that high powered 100 horses power motor? Well I was think'n bout replac'n it with a electric motor. But I was think'n bout that for over a year, an' it still ain't done. Maybe some day. Or I could just toss it in the dumpster.....give away.

The weather here is still a bit chilly at night.....bout 62 last night, what ain't all that bad. Day time temps in the upper 70's. Ain't had no rain in a while....bout 2 weeks. But, look out next week. Weather guy says it's gonna be here by the bucket full. You do know I don't like rain....right?

I may try to reinstall that day/night shade I washed up the other day. To do so, I have to move my desktop an' all the junk I got piled on top of it. It looks easy, but the old Billy Bob knows how to make things complicated. "Don't break nuttin Billy Bob, you'll just have to fix it".

Ok....keep it short. See ya all tomorrow.

Did you know.....Blogger almost sucks......


  1. You were really more stressed about the possibility of back surgery than you let on, and you sure "let on" a whole bunch that the idea stressed you out. I'm glad to hear you so positive, and I always did think attitude has a big effect on health.

  2. "I'm talk'n bout sit'n in a location an' not do'n nuttin."

    Does this mean you are considering setting up a home base location?

  3. When I carved my finger instead of the turkey it took some years for that nerve to grow back and it was just a bitty thing with a simple slice across the side of my knuckle. They didn't even stitch it--just a butterfly and a splint to keep it straight until the cut healed. So you could get many years of relief from this process you're contemplating. Maybe the rest of your life. How cool would that be?

  4. After you kill those nerves get to the fishin' hole and catch those rainbow trout before the ice storm season..Vada in Tx..

  5. Like Vadam suggested; Go fishing Billy Bob, go fishing.

  6. Hello,
    I posted to you several weeks ago about having the same surgery that you were looking at before all of this changed. I'm glad you have some options available to you...you get to decide if the cure is worse than the poison. Pain is a funny thing, it messes with your mind. I think the medical community has figured out that dolling out heavy pain medicine doesn't work for chronic back pain and the surgical fixes don't work all that great either. But pain for me almost became an obsession. It was all I thought about and it stressed me out......I couldn't get away from it. I was afraid to do anything that would hurt me but I didn't want to just lay around either. What to do? I did have surgery and was very happy with the results, not pain free but not afraid to get on with my life either. I revel in the good days and I just look at the bad days as a short setback now. Very frustrating for you I'm sure. For me personally, I've just made some adjustments and know that there are certain things I can't do anymore so I find new things I like.
    I have really enjoyed your blog and look forward to see what you get mixed up in next.
    I found Aqua-Net hairspray works great with those potato guns!

  7. That nerve shattering fix sure sound like a lot better idea than the operation.