Monday, September 29, 2014

4 oz. of medical marijuana

Well shoot, that weren't too bad. "Oh hell yes it was". Ya don't warsh the entire ceiling in one day.

Ya see, I was sit'n here after I tell everbody bout warsh'n ceilings. Mine was in dire need of a good warsh'n. You would have to be a smoker to know what I'm talk'n bout....brown white paint. Before ya question the use of paint in a RV, there ain't none....so don't even go there.

I fill up my warsh'n container with warm water. Pour in bout 2 cups of ammonia. Maybe it was a little less, but I'm need'n me some super clean'n power. I open some winders an' the door.....now I can breath. Sadie Mae says...."what's that smell" an' goes outside to talk to the cats, chickens an' the neighbors dog.

Anyhows, I'm do'n a good/wonderful/excellent job. Warsh a little an' sit down for a little. The hall is finished an' 2/3 of the liv'n room is finished. Three hours has passed.....I cain't go on any longer. Ha, but never fear, Robert shows up....finishes the liv'n room an' does the bedroom an' bath ceilings. Job is completed. I am pay'n dearly today.

Then we decided to reinstall that day/night shade. Ya gotta know something bout RVs to know what one is. The desktop was moved out the way an' me an' Robert start scratch'n our heads. How the hell do ya hook this thing in them clips? I got pissed an' give that thing a stout push....walla, it's installed.

Today will be the clean'n of the other nasty dirty blind behind the couch an' the cabinets.

Rain??? Them dad gum weather guys suck. We didn't get a drop of rain yesterday, an' the rains predicted for today...they all south of us. The rain gods are on my side. I don't like rain ya know.

Medical marijuana.....yup, I tryed that shit one time. But it weren't for medical purposes. Ya see, I had this friend. He was gonna show me how to smoke pot. I wheezed, cough an' almost puke puff'n on that stuff. I'm immune to the affects of "medical marijuana". "Margaret, bring me a beer".

Now I had me a girlfriend one time, "first mate" Vickie Lynn, what just the mention of pot, she would go all weird on me. Apparently "medical marijuana" worked just fine for her 'cause that girl was never in pain. Ok, I don't know if I can still go to jail for tell'n ya this, but I bought her 4 ounces of that stuff for our trip to Calif. back in '02. Stashed it in "Alice", my first motorhome. We was get'n close to El Paso an' I knowed there was a check point there. An' at a check point, they will yank a "fattie" right out yer hand. So I figger we would go around, to bypass El Paso....to Carlsbad Caverns, Artesia, over Cloudcroft (there was snow up there) to Alamagordo NM. an' down US highway 54, back into Texas....end'n up slap dab in downtown El Paso. What the hell, I didn't go round nuttin. But it was a fun trip. The check point is just up the road a piece between Las Cruces an' Deming NM. an' we headed that way.



  1. You are going to have Sally da House all shined up like new. Get all those health problems fixed so you can head on down the road.

  2. No one qualifies to judge IF it is tried only ONCE...Hahaha, not even dear Clinton! Course you would cough first try. Wish I had some, not that 'medical stuff' but what gives a high; brings the aching stiff body up to working, happy working, condition. It will NEVER be approved here; that #%&*!# Lt. Governor got his fingers in pharmacy products/meds; it would take away some of his sales. Damn rich politicians. btw there is absolutely NO comparison between IT and any type of alcohol effects. Yet that is an argument used with those who know nothing about IT; they only go by hearsay or the so-called "research". I'm hear to tell you! I know for a fact after 43 years regular use.

    No judgment do I need thus I will remain

  3. I hate the taste and smell of marijuana, but if I was in enough pain I might try putting it in brownies!

  4. My ceiling is textured and desperate for a cleaning. Can't quite figure out a process....without getting soaked. Got any ideas I can use?

    Your life is one big adventure, whether being stationary or otherwise. I hope you'll be hopping soon, after you get those shots but .... Egads, NEEDLES!

    I would be tempted to try the 'high' road if it promises relief. Pain sucks, doesn't it? Just sucks the heart out of one's life.

    Sounds like that Vickie Lynn was what they call a "Party Girl".

  5. "Apparently "medical marijuana" worked just fine for her 'cause that girl was never in pain."

    jajajajajajaja....Billy Bob, I laughed so hard reading your post tonight...thank you! :D

  6. BTW that El Paso check point is where old Willie Nelson got busted.

  7. Course we tried it too, but like you said gimme a beer, I can drink enough to feel no pain.

  8. BB, you don't know if medical marijuana will or won't work for you, if all you are basing it upon is one experience smoking some grass, the strength and provenance of which you knew nothing about. Depending on what the dispensing physician prescribes and the method of delivery, your behavior regarding frequency and regularity in taking you meds, you might feel nothing. Then again, you may well experience what you seek, the interruption of pain from your back. Even though the thought of smoking it leaves you cold, I'd use your famous research skills to check out the other methods of ingestion possibilities. You can add it to your coffee like chicory. Bake it into food. Take a tincture as a syrup or inhaler. Apply it topically as a soothing salve. I don't know, I am not a doctor -- I just play one on TV. But don't close yourself off to what may be the intermediate solution to your pain management, particularly if you are one of those supermen who regenerate their nerves quickly. Me -- I'm not so lucky. Regeneration of the nerves cut in my leg when they harvested veins for open heart surgery has been spotty and incomplete. I still feel like I'm being shocked whenever I am touched on the scar. The nerves to the diaphragm that were pinched off and crushed when they spread my rib cage 10 years ago have never regenerated - I still have one lung along for the ride not doing much besides stinking up my breath. So you could be as unlucky as me and never regenerate. As they say in the old country ... your mileage may vary.