Saturday, September 6, 2014

A new appointment

I were feel'n pretty good after talk'n to that doctor yesterday. Pretty good in the brain, but not in the body. Ya see, by the time we reached Walmart to pick up my meds, my back hurted something terrible. An' that dad gum right foot was kill'n me. Couldn't hardly walk on it. I want to go home....lay back an' relax.

Robert show up this morn'n....."what ya want to do today daddy"? Then I shows him the "fix it" list. ZOOOOM....he headed out the door to go work on a "Robert" project. But that's Ok, I have the whole freak'n winter to fix that stuff.

Ya see, Dr. M's office (the surgeon) called an' have set me up a appointment on the 23 of Sept. All I wanted to do was sign some papers for the surgery.....but, it's turned into more than that. I have to have a handfull of releases for surgery from all these other doctors. Sheesh!!!!....they ain't give me no releases. This means it will be well into October before I can have surgery.....Grrrrrrrrr. And then, I still have some questions to ask bout that surgery before I say "I do".

Speak'n of winter, son in law Mike has a great big ol' propane tank. Or at least he thinks he does. Loaned it to a buddy of his, has to call to see if buddy still has it. That's exactly what I was look'n for. So I don't freeze to death ya know. More on this later.

I've put all future plans on hold until I get this back surgery behind me. I don't know what the results are gonna be, so there ain't no use mak'n plans to climb Mt. Everest or nuttin like that. Even Taco Bell in Del Rio has been put on hold.

As ya know, RV'ers make plans. They don't just take off down the road an' not have a idea where they are go'n. Ha, I did that one year an' let me tell ya, I'll never do that no more. Although, I did end up at a destination....Port Aransas, Texas. Ya see, George Bush wrote me a check for bout $600 for gas money. In a motorhome, that don't go very far. Something like bout 10,11, or 1200 miles....depend'n o gas prices. That was one the worstest trips I ever made. Mile after mile of nuttin no matter what way I turned. An' let me tell ya, I made some turns. "Ya got to have a plan Billy Bob".

Boy howdy, I sure did enjoy read'n all the comments bout "smok'n". Now I ain't say'n I can just up an' quit like so many of ya did, but I'm think'n its bout time for me to give it a try...again. If'n it don't work, I have lost nuttin. That's the way I look at it. Now if'n I was still young, I wouldn't even give it a thought...run down to the smoke sell'n place an' buy me up 10 cartons. But I ain't that young no more. My first goal is to be nicotine free for surgery an' recovery time. Now, bout that plan.........


  1. I had to waste time seeing a lot of doctors before the surgeon would operate on me, and it was a simple gall bladder removal. I don't know if they do that to everyone who is 70 give or take a few years, or if it's only smokers and former smokers they pick on. It's damn aggravating when you're in pain and need something done soon, and they give you the runaround about getting cleared from a bunch of other doctors. Just hang in there - eventually you'll mark off all their boxes and be in and out of surgery, and on the road to feeling good again. Keep your eye on the prize!

  2. Congrats to you BB. I know you can do it. About 20 years ago about 11:00 one night I grabbed my pack of Camel Lights and discovered that I only had 1 smoke left, well the delima was do I smoke that last one now or save it for tomorrow morning. I had been thinking about quitting for some time,not because the wife and kids were on me about it but because when I woke up in the morning I had as hacking cough and decided that I had rolled the dice long enough, so I smoked that last Camel and decided to see how it went day by day. I found that smoking is as much about the hand to mouth ritual as anything. I satisfied that urge with Sunflower seeds. So now its been almost 20 years and I have not had a puff since that night. I know you can do it BB.

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  4. I smoked for 17 years and tried to cut down and ended up smoking more. I really wanted to quit but couldnt face the fact I would never have another cigarette so I just made a plan to not have the next one. I had some gum left over from my dad tried to quit. I used those for three days and and my mouth was sore from chewing. I gave up the gum but didn't have the next cigarette. I carried the half empty pack for six months in my shirt pocket before I could get by without it. I still know if I have the next one I will right back to my habit. That was 29 years ago September 17, 1986 wasn't easy but it is possible.

    Good luck with your breaking the habit.

    Oh, I also found if I sucked on a straw or acted like a pencil in my hand was a cigarette helped get through urge.

  5. "George Bush wrote me a check for bout $600 for gas money"
    What's this? Please explain. I could do with a windfall IF that is what it is.

  6. "Even Taco Bell in Del Rio has been put on hold."

    Your health is first. I would much rather see you pain free than go to Taco Bell any day :)