Thursday, September 25, 2014

Update......Almost stress free

"Yo mama" bringed me down two homemade pancakes for my birthday yesterday morn'n. Along with one them ceramic fry'n skillets I been want'n. Cain't wait to burn a slice if cheese in it just to see if'n it slides right out like they show on TV. Any bets???

Do I feel a year older today? Well hell no....I feel a day older. 

Robert come by later in the afternoon....."Ya wanna try Walmart again daddy"? He took me down to the all ya can eat buffet place, an' boy howdy let me tell ya, I eat way too much. Then we hit the grocery store across the street.....a welcome change from Walmart grocery shop'n. But I still love Walmart. They have everthing a man could ever want.

I don't care what nobody else says, but I'm cold when the temps get into the lower 60's. I'm gonna turn my heater on. Now last night weren't so bad, 58 degs, but the two nights before.....yikes, 54 degs each night. Am I prepared for winter? Well hell no. Well, I guess I kind of am. I got my Mr Heater hooked up, an' in operation, I got 3 electric heaters in the hall closet an' Robert has two 10 gallon propane tanks on his camper.....what I'll use. I still will have to "winterize" the compartments where the water pump, water lines, fresh, gray an' black water tanks live. A couple 150 watt light bubs should do the trick. Gonna try cover'n up the water hose with a bale of hay scattered on top so's it don't freeze up. I'm think'n I'm gonna freeze my ass slap off. Damn I hate cold.

"Now wait a minute Billy Bob, think". If all goes well with the new doctor an' I get fixed, I could be back in Texas in short order with no recovery time (2 to 3 months). An' that means, I would NOT freeze my ass off. Just a thought.

Accord'n to all the nice comments yesterday, I rekon I pretty much 'splained everthing the doc tole me. I had many questions bout what would happen, but the doc tole me I would have to ask the "other" doctor. You know, questions like will I still have feelings in my legs? Will it affect my walk'n?

I started my research on block'n nerves ( I research stuff ya know), but as far as I got was the part where they stick these big ass needles in my back, inject some stuff in there on the suspected nerve an' wait to see what it does. If'n they get the right nerve, I'll feel no pain. By the way, I can be sedated if'n I want to. Any takers on a dollar bet?

It's a pretty simple procedure.....but it's the results that concern me. Pain free I'll go along with 100%. But if'n I happen to accidentally stab myself in the leg with a sabre/sword/hunt'n knife, or I get shot in the leg with a shot gun, I want to feel it. Shoot, I could bleed slap to death. What will be my walk'n ability when the nerves are killed? I rekon it don't matter what they do, surgery, steroid shots or nerve block, there's gonna be consequences. That's what I'm think'n anyhows.

Back to two days ago when the doc tole me bout kill'n them nerves. My face lighted up an' I was happy as a lark. What the hell is a "happy lark"? I was skeered to death think'n bout that surgery an' all the stuff what could go wrong. You know....like die. I was totally relieved when he said it was too risky. But I still don't understand why they waited so long to tell bout this nerve block stuff. Shoot, I could have, an' probly would have, already had it done two months ago.

Ok, we at the point of "stand in line an' wait" again. As I research, I'll tell ya what I find. You'll be the first to know when my appointment is due. You'll be first to know the answers to my questions. I greatly appreciate everbody's concern. It's helped me make it "this far". I won't mention names 'cause I could easily leave somebody out an' hurt some feel'ns.

Need'n to make a trip to the post office to mail off that auto park actuator thingy for "Sally da house". Other than that, I ain't got nuttin to do. Well I do, but I ain't gonna do it today. Dish warsh'n can wait.

Oh wait. I got a big pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup to brew up today. Yum yum boy howdy, I love that stuff. 

Ok, here is what I'm gonna have done to me. Radiofrequency ablation. Google it if'n ya want to know what it is. Simply put, they gonna "set on fire" some nerves. My appointment is for Oct. 14th (?). Not for the BBQ, but probly consoltation....new doctor, you know how that goes.

Ha....I did the freak'n dishes. Beef stew soup is in the mak'ns. Meat is be'n pressure cooked. Make it tender ya know. 


  1. Sure do hope they can stop your pain. I have heard some old people say the only way they know they are still alive is feeling the pain. I don't buy into that theory. I believe everyone should be as pain free as possible, even if it takes big ole needles stuck in your back. Hope you feel better fast, maybe after some of the Billy Bob Beef Stew.

  2. Many kids are born everyday that can't feel pain. It is very hard for the parents to teach the kids that fire is hot and so on. At your age, I don't think you will have a problem. A belated happy birthday. My dad turned 101 on the 8th, now there is no getting around to the fact that he is old! Still blames Hoover for the crash in '29.

  3. I love to hear you sounding so much more positive than you were a week ago. But I can see how you would want a few more questions answered. I think it's all going to work out best for you!

  4. I agree with Gypsy (again) - sounds more like the old you talking about WalMart, beef stew, and dish washin'. Good attitude can help a lot, and stress relief can really help with that attitude. Good days ahead!

  5. I read about that RFA stuff and like everything there are the +s and the -s.

    "RFA is a minimally invasive procedure which can usually be done in day-surgery clinics, going home shortly after completion of the procedure. The patient is awake during the procedure, so risks associated with general anesthesia are avoided. An intravenous line may be inserted so that mild sedatives can be administered. The major drawback for this procedure is that nerves regenerate over time, so the pain relief achieved lasts for only a short duration (6–24 months) in most patients."

    Done in one day and your home, now that is a +. No anesthesia, that is also a + and the mild sedative could be a bonus high. The anesthesia is why the surgeon didn't want you on his table - he didn't think you would wake up.
    Nerves regenerate over time, so the pain relief achieved lasts for only a short duration (6–24 months). Now that is a -. However, 6-24 months of pain relief is a lot better than what you got going for you now.
    I would say on balance it is a +.