Saturday, September 13, 2014

Computer bug....a live one

This will definitely be a slow day. Shoot, I didn't git up till almost 10:30 this morn'n. That was a total of 5 1/2 hours of toss an' turn sleep.

Ya see, yesterday I took me a couple naps. Long naps. At bed time, 1am, I weren't at all sleepy. All the ways up to 4:30 oclock I weren't sleepy. I fills the coffee maker, but I don't push the button. I lays down.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kick in. Not the best Zzzzzzz's, but they was Zzzzzz's.

Ok, I got a bug in my computer. Before somebody says "debug it" let me tell ya what I'm talk'n bout. I was sit'n here "surf'n". An' I see this little bug crawl'n across my screen. Bout 1/8th inches x 1/32nd inches. It's crawl'n all over the place. But, it's not on the outside the screen, it's INSIDE. At first I was think'n the web page I was look'n at had installed this little bug to blow peoples minds. I change web pages. That damn bug is still there. I turns off my browser. That bug is still there. I reboots my computer. Bug is still there. Now how the hell do ya get a bug off'n your screen. Ya Google, that's what ya do.

Let me start this part all over. Ok....it's over. I done deleted all that stuff.

Now, what were we talk'n bout? Oh yeah, golf ball swak'n, ride'n in the "bubba boat", catch'n big ol' fish....go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour on the "billy bike". Bo howdy them were some good times.
Speak'n of good times, do any of ya remember this.....

Ok, I don't know what happen that this runs automatic. How do ya fix that????
This was way back in 2011 at S.F. Austin State Park just left of Houston, Texas. Daughter Angela an' grandkids come to see me as I was "just pass'n through". Played me some golf ball swak'n there too.

It's hard to go back an' remember the good times when ya cain't do much no more. Maybe next year I will be back in tip top shape. Do stuff again. I like that idea. Are ya listen'n doctor????

Ok....this is enough for today. It's not too good a day, so I'll just shut up.....sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.


  1. I like the video of you riding the scooter with your beard a blow'n in the wind. Yep, we got to remember the good times, for sure. I have been lucky enough to have had a lot of good times tempered by some bad times.

  2. I don't know about the deal with a bug IN your computer BUT a solar flare was due to hit earth in some places/parts either Thursday or later...It HIT here right in the middle of my computer. Two days, nothing but crazy acting and even today still messed up. Crawling or freezing and I had a newscast, voices and music coming through and was not even connected to the internet!


    Internet is just a sore sight anymore, BS, Hollywood, bare it all and such nonsense, so I've slacked off a lot; Spending my days now out battling the snakes.

    Liked that scooter ride! Zing, Zing went the Billy Bob. Ha Ha Ha.

  3. Looks like you were having some fun! That's what it's all about, right?

  4. How to Make a MOV File Not Play Automatically on a Website

    1 Open the HTML file of the Web page containing the MOV file in your preferred HTML or plain text editor.
    2 Find where the MOV file is embedded inside the embed and /embed tags. Inside these embed tags, find the parameter: autoplay="true".
    Change this to: autoplay="false".
    3 Find the MOV file. It is embedded between the object and /object tags. Find the param tag: param name="autoplay" value="true".
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    4 Save the HTML file of the webpage. Open your FTP client, and upload the Web page to your live website server.
    5 Open your browser and load the page. Check that the MOV file is no longer playing automatically.

    I don't know if this will fix your problem or not. I know nothing about Blogger nor .MOV files nor how you got the .MOV file into Blogger or where it came from.

    1. BB, this is from the Blogger Help Forum: You need to find out from the site where you copied the videos from how to turn off the autoplay. It's not a setting you make in Blogger. It's a setting of the video you embedded.

      What I said above may help you IF you know what site the .MOV file came from. It is a distraction. Watching it once or twice is good but there can be too much of a good thing.

  5. You were havin fun then and will be doing it again soon.