Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Update....no surgery......

A little bit bout yesterday.....but not much to say.

Have ya ever warshed "day/night" shades for a RV? Well I did, yesterday. Only one set. An' they come out acceptable to be hanged back up.

These shades have been hang'n in "da house" for 11 years an' dur'n that 11 years, I smoke a few smokes....what means the shades is gonna have a bit of nicotine in them. Dirt an' stuff probly just fell off. So what do ya clean day/night shades with? If'n ya happen to make a trip to Walmart, go to the automotive department an' pick up a jug of Simple Green an' a tire brush. I been us'n that stuff for many years an' "it do" work for most any kind of heavy clean'n.

I was too excitis to take a pic of the before, but this is the finish. A few stains are still present, but "what the hell", ain't nobody gonna see them but me. Now how the hell do ya reinstall 'em???

Now when I do the other one, I'll try to remember "before an' after". Ok???

Boy howdy, you talk bout stress out. I am this morn'n.....big time. When I sign my name on that piece of paper, does that mean I'm destined to do what ever they tell me....like it or not? I know a couple other people go'n through the same stuff I am, but they don't talk much bout it. Both are in worster shape than I am. Then there are some followers that have severe back problems. I feel their pain too.

I hope I never call the "billy jeep" "that jeep". When I bought "billy jeep", it was to remove some of the stress of own'n a freak'n POS "that jeep". Now don't get me wrong, I liked "that jeep", but the damn thing had to be fixed way too many times. Now, "billy jeep" is piss'n me off. Where the hell is that water leak? Do ya see what I'm talk'n bout? I wanted a reliable mode of transportation, an' what did I get? "Fix me please". Another test was run again yesterday afternoon......still no sign of water (antifreeze).

Ok, I got things to do before I go see the doc. Will either update this afternoon or tomorrow morn'n. Think'n there won't be nuttin to the visit other than sign'n my rights an' possibly my life away. There IS that possibility ya know.

Well, we sit there in the waiting room for a dad gum hour. Then my name was called. Then we sit there in the little room for another 30 minutes wait'n for the doctor to show up. Here he come, here he come.....there will be NO SURGERY to my lower back. By the way, I won a quarter.
Details in the morn'n. 


  1. Here's hoping that all turns out to be OK. Waiting for the update!

  2. Good luck, Billy Bob. Stay positive. Keep your eyes on the end game, to be able to do things you want to do pain free (or at least pain free-er).

  3. Ya Good to Go!

    The back surgeon say there will be NO SURGERY to your lower back then that must mean that you don't have the problem that the MRI showed. That is great news. I bet you feel a whole LOT better with not nearly the pain that you been complaining off.

    OH, wait a minute. You say "Details in the morn'n." That must mean you will tell the rest of the story with some herbs and spices tomorrow. Then it will probably not be the great news that I thought it was from the posting of today with just part of the story and no herbs and spices.