Monday, March 31, 2014

A day of golf in high winds.....that gonna be fun

This morn'n I'm think'n I'll just keep my mouth shut an' let all of you sort it out.

Have ya ever go to bed an' wake up sometime dur'n the night an' not know if you was asleep? I done that last night. Ya see, I was hav'n a hard time get'n comfortable....an' couldn't go to sleep. It was 1am. Then sometime later, I waked up an' didn't really know if I had been asleep or not. That was weird.

Dad gun alarm went off an' I reach over an' hit the snooze button....bout 6 times. Dang I don't want to get up yet. But....I got things to do ya know. First thing is to get rid of this damn back pain......cain't stand up straight again this morn'n. Now if'n ya ever hit a golf'n ball, ya gotta stand up straight. Otherwise, there ain't no tell'n where that ball gonna go. Hit trees, in the water, in deep grass, there ain't no tell'n where ya gonna find that ball. When the old Billy Bob plays golf, he got to know exactly where his ball is at all times. Today is a golf ball swak'n day for the old Billy Bob an' the OFM Barney.

Along with all the recent back pains I been hav'n, my mind is wored to a frazzle. Dad gum thing don't work right. Ya see, I ain't exactly happy in my present situation. I'm at a point where I Grrrrrrrrr at everthing. Even myself. I'm freak'n depressed with my situation. Now I ain't like that every day, but this morn'n I even Grrrrrrr'ed that damn goat out there....for no reason. I'm think'n it comes from be'n stuck somewheres where ya don't want to be.

Ok, go head an' say it....I ain't stuck. Well actually I am. Ya see, I still got a few little repairs/projects to make on "Sally da house". I ain't able to make them right now. Nephew Joseph has got hisself all worked up over some silly crap, so I don't get much help from him. He's been Grrrrrrr'n all over the place too. The normal research I usually do before hook'n up an' go'n down the road a piece, I ain't even started yet. Dang....I need to get busy.

I mentioned over a week ago, I would go to Port Aransas an' Walmart last week (was gonna go last week). Tomorrow I'll jump in the "billy jeep" an' head that way. That takes a day. Then I got me a big ol' pile of clothes to be warshed. That will take another day. See what I'm talk'n bout? I'm stuck.

Ok, aspirin has kicked in.....where the hell is my golf'n shoes?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What to do with back pain????

Yee gads, is today Sunday? Ok, somebody 'splain to me where Saturday went. Yesterday I got up an' I knowed that Friday sucked to a certain degree. There ain't no way two days in a row can suck. Try to figger that one out.

Ok, so yesterday was a flop at Billy Bob's house.....so what? I had me all kinds of things planned to do yesterday, "what the hell is go'n on"? Get'n out of bed ever morn'n all bended over for the next two hours is get'n to be a "morn'n riticual". I don't like this kind of stuff.

So.....let's talk a bit bout back problems this morn'n. Ain't much else to talk bout so it may as well be my back. I heared plenty of people talk bout back problems as just a way of life....git used to it....you'll be fine tomorrow. Well, I had used that concept for right bout 10 long aching years an' I was get'n along with it somewhat. Do'n what I could an' tak'n a break when I needed it. Weren't in too bad a shape consider'n. It ain't like that no more. Things have took a rapid decline to the worse. I have to "sit" longer hours. I don't sleep well. My outlook on future life has changed. I git all grouchy for no reason.

Ok, let's change the subject an' take us a trip to Georgia. I don't have to be there at no given time, so I can take it easy along the way. I'm talk'n bout road time ya know....stop here an' there, smell some daisies, look at stuff....you know what I'm talk'n bout, lay back an' enjoy life. I usually jump on the interstate (I-20) at Shreveport, La. an' head east. Get to destination Douglasville, Ga. in bout 3 days or four (thousand mile trip). But what would happen if'n I took me some extra time to get there? It ain't like I'm gonna go find some doctor to visit the first day I get there.

Everbody that reads me knows I'm go'n to Georgia in hopes of get'n my back fixed. Well, I done talk to lots of people an' done me a ton of research on "fix'n backs" an' I come to the conclusion that my chances are right at bout 40/60 of being a young wippersnapper again. It just ain't gonna happen. I spoke earlier bout surgery, but lately, surgery is out of the question. Even most back doctors agree to that.

No I ain't talk'n bout chiropractor doctors. Grrrrrrr....to chiropractors. They got only one thing in their mind....your bank account. How do I know? Well, let me tell ya. My first meet up with a chiropractor I was 19 year old. I hurt my back push'n that damn 1946 Ford try'n to start it an' then sneek'n it back in the yard at midnight. The only relief I got from that chiropractor was the relief of bout a couple hunnert dollars out my wallet. This happen on many occasions up till bout 1989 when I hurt my back at the University of Texas. The chiropractor I got this time put me on some kind of physical therapy....like a gym. I feeled like a hunnert dollar bill when I walk out of there. My back was strong an' I could run a mile...if'n I wanted to. What I didn't want to. In my book, an' from my experiences with bout 15 or 'em, chiropractors suck.

I been do'n some arm exercises....what don't help my back....but they help my backswing an' ball swak'n. I'm gonna have me some arm muscles what gonna skeer hell out of Gypsy. Ain't no way she gonna beat me in a arm rassle match. Today she probly could. So....part of my Georgia trip will be to find a gym that has the kind of equipment to "fix" my back. That's my plan anyhows.

Of course, I have other plans too. Have ya ever been to the north Georgia mountains? Most every trip, me an' the sons, with a herd of wives, grandkids an' dogs, go to the mountains. Camp'n an' stream fish'n for rainbow trout. This has always been my highlight of every trip. Damn, I can hardly wait. Did I mention the bass lakes not too far from Atlanta? An' then there's Decator Alabama I want to visit.....only 200 miles away.

Ok, this is Sunday, so I gonna cut it short. Maybe get off my ass an' do something. Laters.....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I like Mexican food......golf sucked

Well, here we are again with nuttin to say. By now, I rekon everbody is get'n pretty tired of my short posts an' look'n for something excit'n to happen. But it ain't gonna happen again today. Shoot....this stuff sucks.

Was my golf ball swak'n day yesterday excit'n? Well hell no it weren't. Actually it sucked. I weren't hit'n them golf'n balls worth a crap. I was hit'n trees, go'n off in the woods, short of the green by a hunnert yards, miss'n 3 foot putts....I weren't do'n nuttin right, golf sucks. But, the highlight of the game was to spend a hour or so with a RV'n an' golf'n buddy at the Mexican restaurant eat'n up some the bestest food ya ever eat. I could'n hold no more.....I was full to the brim.

Me an' the OFM Barney go sit outside....they got a little table thingy out there with a couple seats, an' me an' Barney sit there talk'n bout what we gonna do for the rest our lives. Ha....nuttin special there. We both feel'n the aches an' pains of "get'n older" an' "cain't do that no more". I been think'n for quite some time now that I need to make some changes in my life. Well, that ain't so....changes ain't gonna help. All I got to do is accept the fact that my excit'n days are gone....poooof, just like that.

Remember that last dream I had an' said I was gonna forget it....due to my age an' my ability to build it? That would be my "Sally da house" shelter an' patio. Well, that shelter (dream) is back in my mind again. My idea was to build it all by myself with no outside help....a Billy Bob only project. What a silly idea to come up with for somebody that cain't even pick up a dad burned concrete block no more. Or dig a little hole in the ground. Well......I'm look'n for help!!!! To my specifications of course......me "da boss".
So stay tuned as I sit out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n.This idea is subject to change at any moment.

My summer trip to Georgia is in a questioning stage right now. "What to expect when I get there?"....is the opening question.
Think'n maybe I better leave it at that for the present time....more later.

Ok....remember them cats, mice or rats I was talk'n bout? Well, it are cat puppies up under "da house", not rats or mices. We can hear them talk'n (cry'n), but we cain't see 'em....they hid pretty darn good. But, them cat puppies got to find themselfs a new home before I pull out of Sinton....still undecided on a date. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Oh no, not golf again.....yup

This morn'n I have very little to say. This will be a short post.....that is unless I get in a whirlwind....or maybe I could cut an' post something to keep ya informed bout world events.

And speak'n of world events, did you know.........ha ha, you thought I was gonna get political here didn't ya?

The weather? Take a look at this, today's high is supposed to reach 87, 88, or 89 degs.....depend'n on who ya want to believe. Now what better weather than that could ya ask for? That's pretty darn close to perfect golf'n weather if'n ya ask me.....within a couple degs. With the OFM Barney in tow, I'm think'n we'll hit the golf course right at 10:30......swak 'em good. Eat up a big plate full of Mexican food, return to our respective camp'n sites an' take a nap. Or something like that.

You guessed it, the old Billy Bob failed to make his much needed trip to Port Aransas this week. What ya mean ya don't know nuttin bout Port Aransas? Port Aransas is a dad gum tourist trap....that what it is. Give it a Google search an' you learn all ya want to know.

 I lived there for 18 years, retired from the University of Texas there, an' it's still my "home port" while RV'n round the country. Now that don't mean I stay there when I'm in the area, I just use my old address, post office an' bank. What was once a nice little fishing village has turned into a wanna-be rich mans "utopia" City. Condos everwhere ya look. High dollar restaurants on every corner. Rules an' regulations like ya ain't never see in yer life. Speak'n bout rules an' regulations, did I ever tell ya bout the time.....the beaches at Port Aransas are considered roadways. It's legal to drive an' to park on the beach. The cops never bother ya back in the good ol' days. Ha....I pull "Alice" up on the beach for a good nights sleep. Listen to the music of the waves break'n on the shore. Right bout 2:30am I hears somebody knock'n....no, they was pound'n on my door. It was a fat local police officer....all puffed up like he was some kind of a god or something like that. "You can't park a Winnebago on the beach". Alice was NOT a Winnebego. It was a high dollar Tiffin Open Road. The City had passed a ordinance that RV's can no longer use the beach areas for camping. Claim'n that RV'ers are not welcome in Port Aransas 'cause they are dirty....an' dump their black water tanks all over town. This was back in 2003. I don't know if'n that ordinance is still in effect.

I been do'n a lot of research on the net. Look'n at places I ain't never been before. My god, I ain't gonna live long enough to go all them places. That trip I was talk'n bout last year, a cajun music trip to Louisiana, is still in the back my mind. Shoot, I could crank up my 500 watt surround sound system an' everbody can listen to cajun music. Sit'n here cross'n my fingers, arms an' legs hope'n I get to make that trip one these days. Dad gum back....an' get'n a little older. 

Ok, that's it for the day. I got shoes to put on, find some golf'n balls an' tees an' put the damn dog Sadie Mae in "da house". I'm anticipat'n a wonderful day of golf ball swak'n.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do'n wheelies....thirty plus years ago.

Ok, so nobody wants to talk bout no stink'n antique cameras. What ya want to talk bout then???

Weather? Well, I got something to say bout the weather, but it ain't good. I mean.....like what the hell???

Ya wanna talk bout swak'n some golf balls? Now that's a subject I like to talk about. Where ya want me to start?

Speak'n of swak'n golf balls, that's all I been think'n bout for a dad gum week. There ain't nuttin like go'n outside, sit'n a golf ball up on a little stick an' then knock'n the hell out that ball with a big ol' golf'n club. BaaaBaaaaammm!!! Make ya forget all your worrys. Makes ya feel like a "man". Kind of like walk'n up to a tree after a fight with your other half an' beat'n the liv'n hell out that tree with a baseball bat. Don't ya feel better now? An' ya didn't hurt nobody.  Although you looked pretty silly beat'n hell out a tree to all your neighbors. "I want to go golf'n".

I got me a pretty good size shop'n list, Walmart an' such. Ain't got much groceries on the list....only stuff I probly gonna throw in a dumpster before the year is gone. Ya see, when I get a idea in my head that I want something, I write it down. Not much thought goes into if'n I really need it or nuttin like that....I just want it. Then after I "own" it....well that's another story.

As an example.....it was back bout 30 years ago, I wanted a American Motors AMX. If'n ya don't know what a AMX is, it's a off the showroom floor 'wheelie' producing hot sum-a-gun automobile.
Mine was exactly like this one....same color an' all.....'cept'n for that side exhaust pipe.

Now I ain't too sure this one come right off the showroom floor, but you get what I'm talk'n bout....that's a wheelie. 
I fount me a 1970, in pretty good shape, AMX just up the road a piece. Had a dent in the side an' a bent axle....what I fixed both in no time flat. I was all jump'n up an' down excitis. I put me 8" cheater slicks on that sucker for drag rac'n. Now if'n ya don't know what cheater slicks are, listen up. In able for a tire to be legal on the highways, a tire must have at least two grooves in it. So the manufacturers took a regular soft rubber drag rac'n tire an' put two grooves in it. Street legal. Then I parked that 1970 AMX in my yard. It sit there for almost two years. All interest was gone.....poooof, just like that. My mind was on how to make a 1974 Javelin go a hunnert mile a hour in second gear. Sold the AMX for less than I paid. I do stuff like that from time to time.

Dang, that was fun don't ya think? Sometimes I get to writ'n stuff an' poooof, just like that, I go back in time. I don't rekon many people had the kind of life like I did....so I sit here an' tell ya what it was like. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I growed bout 6 rows of okra? I was never so sick of okra in my entire life. An' them damn shoots growed into trees. Had to cut 'em down with a chain saw.

Ok....am I on the right track today? I got a few things I need to do....laters.

Here it is 3 hours later. My blog post did not update on other blogs. That makes me Grrrrrrrrrr.......

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sometimes I ask myself "why". But I never get a intelligent answer.

Don't be 'spect'n nuttin excit'n in todays post. All I did yesterday was a little cabinet clean'n, clean the computer table an' sort'n an' toss'n stuff. Throwed out bout a hunnert dollar worth of stuff I ain't used in a few years. *sit'n here look'n at a $300 camera....do I toss it or not?*
"Take the batteries an' card out it first Billy Bob".

Speak'n of cameras.....I was bout 13 at the time an' I wanted me a camera. Take pictures of all kinds of stuff. I were all excitis. I walked into the photo-graffy shop in Twenty Nine Palms, Ca. an' sit'n on the counter was this neat look'n brand spank'n new camera.
Look something like this one......almost exactly.

On the price tag was a "special" price of.....think'n here, $12.95. I didn't have that much money back in them days. $2 was bout my limit on pocket change. I give the man that $2 an' promise him I will sweep yer floors, warsh yer winders an' take yer trash out.....anything, until the camera is paid off in full. Work'n saturday afternoons, I paid that sucker off in less than two months. Now where the hell I gonna get me some film? A couple more saturdays an' I had me some film. Then of course, the film had to be developed. Back to saturdays again. Sure do wish I had those photos today. Would be some great memories.
I've had cameras in my life ever since. Of every description, size an' color.

My first....top of the line, digital camera was a $379 1.2 megapixel something or another. Boy howdy did I ever think I was uptown. Truth be knowed, it was a POS junk camera compared to what ya can buy now days for less than a hunnert dollar. My present camera is a pocket model. Canon A1300 5X optical zoom, 16 megapixel root'n toot'n shoot 'em up gobberdoo.

I just got to remember to take it with me when I go somewheres. Shoot, I got pockets, what's the problem? Ha ha....throws me off balance when I walk.

Last night....do I dare talk bout it? I went to bed right bout my usual time, bout 12:30. Then I lay there, mind go'n a hunnert mile a hour, caffeine keep'n my eyes wide open.....my back hurt like hell. The last time I look at the clock, it was 4am. Sheesh!!! I ain't gonna get much sleep tonight. By the time I waked up, it was 9am....an' I had to pee like a race horse....or something like that. My feet was all tangle up in the covers an' I hit the floor with a bang....a pile of covers an' my poor old body. It was not a good night. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rats, mice or cat puppies?

Wow, this ain't a good morn'n. I didn't sleep too well last night an' that takes a toll on my excit'n life.....what little excitement there is. And then, I ain't got nuttin to talk about today.

Ok, let me see what I did yesterday. Whoa, I didn't do a thing. Nuttin that would matter anyhows. I got all tangled up in read'n the news an' search'n for stuff what I'll never encounter in the rest of my life time. But it was fun read'n bout that kind of "youngster gonna hurt yerself" stuff.

Oh, Sadie Mae has been go'n crazy over some noise up under "da house". In an' out the door she goes sniff'n the compartments underneath.....bout a hunnert times. Is it mouses or rats she hears? Or could it be a pregnant mama cat hav'n cat puppies up under there?

On one occasion when I arrived at El Rancho Abraham bout 8 years ago, I fount a great big ol' rats nest back there where the batteries are. That was bout the same time my water tanks monitoring system ceased to work correctly. Ain't worked right since. Hope that ain't the situation this time. I like critters, but I don't like mouses an' rats....only cause they eat electrical wiring. So....today's quest will be to investigate the sounds Sadie Mae listens to. 

I didn't tell ya bout the time.....I lived on my boat an' there was big ol' wharf rats all over the marina. They would come an' go at their pleasure on all the boats tied to the docks. Build rat nests an' have little rat puppies run'n round the boats. Inside. My first encounter, I went to the store an' bought some mouse traps. Fill 'em up with peanut butter an' set 'em on the counter. Next morn'n....I ain't got no mouse traps. They gone....poooof, just like that. I buy me up some "RAT" traps. Let me see them suckers haul one these heavy things into the bilges. I catched me up 4 or 6 HUGE rats the first night.
But that ain't where I was go'n with this story. My daughter Angela was sleep'n on one of the settees in the lounge an' her visiting girlfriend was sleep'n on the other. It was bout midnight I hear my daughter let out a little SCREAM....skeer hell out me. Two or more mice had run across her on their way to the left over supper sit'n on the counter. If'n I recall, it was pizza.

Ok, while we on the subject of rats.....it was back in bout 1973...or there bouts. We lived right behind a Burger King an' the dumpster was located right at my fence line. Rat haven. Behind the kitchen stove I had a electric cord plugged in. The stove was gas. A freak'n rat decided he was gonna eat that electric cord. When it shock the liv'n hell out him, the cord swing over an' burn a hole in the flexible gas line. Ignition...I had a fire. No real damage was done, I turn the gas off at the meter....but it skeer hell out me I can bet ya a dollar.

There will be no talk bout "think'n" today. Last nights think'n session only last bout 5 minutes.......nuttin there. Well.....I did do a little think'n bout swak'n golf balls, but laid that aside due to the weather forecasts. Mama Nature is piss'n me plumb off.

Yes I'm come'n back to Texas from my Georgia trip. I love Texas. But a thought did cross my mind. What's it like in Florida in the winter? 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Floor is clean

Usually when I sit down to write something, I have no idea where I'm go'n. That's true again this morn'n.

I hate to go into details on clean'n my floor, but that sucker is done. But it like to kill me do'n it. Ya see, I had to get down on hands an' knees to warsh it with a rag. PS....I got a mop, but that POS Walmart special is so cheap it's totally useless. Dumpster time for that sucker.
Get up an' down bout a hunnert times to rinse the rag. The old Billy Bob ain't worth a crap get'n up an' down. I got to have something to hang on to while I attempt to get to the raised position. Get'n down ain't no problem. But anyhows.......I got me a clean floor. "Sadie Mae, wipe yer damn feet".

Now let me tell ya bout what warsh'n a big ol' floor can do to a bad back. It make it much much worse. I lay in my bed last night hurt'n like a sum-a gun. Pump my bed up an' down try'n for a comfortable position.....there weren't none. This morn'n I'm all bended over an' say'n every few minutes...."damn that hurts".Aspirin, double down, take two.

Ok, it's freak'n cold outside (54 degs @12:00 noon). How comes? I was think'n this front was gonna last only one day. Yesterday. Not that I had anything I wanted to tackle outside, but damn, this is spring time. Sit outside time, in the sunshine sip'n up a cup an' think'n. Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

Some time this week I got to make a trip to the big city of Port Aransas. Mail to pick up an' buy me up some more of them "little cigar" smokes. At $13 a carton, smok'n is cheap. Sure do wish I could put the damn things in a dumpster an' not smoke no more. The electronic cigarettes ain't been help'n much lately. Got one lay'n right next to my pak of smokes. I was tole one time that if'n I was to quit smok'n, I would breath better. Boy howdy, I sure could use some better breath'n.....that's for sure.

Now what were we talk'n bout the other day? Oh yeah, a trip to Georgia. I ain't really too excitis bout it, but that's only 'cause of the doctors an' stuff. I just flat out don't like doctors. But.....I'm in a have to position....gotta do something with this back problem. The other stuff I think I can live with. That is if'n I change my ways. Ha.....Billy Bob change his ways??? Now that's funny.....ain't never gonna happen. What's the old say'n? "I am what I am an' I do what I do".

I don't know if'n I mentioned it or not, but when  I am in Douglasville, Ga., I will be only bout 200 miles from where the OFM Barney gonna spend the summer. If'n ya don't know yet, me an' Barney play golf together when ever we can. There's golf ball swak'n places at both locations.....an' only 200 miles apart. Light out in the morn'n an' be there that afternoon.....in either direction. Boy howdy, I can hardly wait.

Son Robert says he will be home most the summer....work'n close to home. He mentioned camp'n an' fish'n up in the mountains. It's been a while since I hook into a big ol' rainbow trout. An' them suckers are some good eat'n if'n ya fix 'em right. Cast iron skillet, open fire, some salt an' pepper an' a slab of butter. Yum boy howdy. I can taste 'em now. Then he mentioned a "daddy an' son" golf'n tournament. I'm think'n, when my son turns 50, I'll grant him a win for his birthday. Until then, he's out of luck. But I will give him some pointers on this trip. Hee hee....cain't wait to see his comment.

Ok, my mind has turned blank. Ain't got nuttin more to talk bout today.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Work??? Me work????....hahahaha....lololol

Ok, since we are on the subject of house clean'n, let me tell ya.....I didn't do crap yesterday. Ya see, I got up late, spend my two hours....maybe a little more, on read'n blogs, the news an' check'n out Facebook. Before I knowed it, it was time to eat a cold hot dog for lunch. Then, before I knowed it, golf came on the TV. Along with a good Mexican 'futbol" game I just had to watch. During commercials, I disconnected my Mr Heater, washed it up an' stowed it till next winter. Picked up an' put in their proper places a bunch of tools what been lay'n on the floor for bout a month. Moved Sadie Mae's water an' feed dish thingys, throwed out a 25 pound bag of bird seed an' took me up a aspirin.....bout the same time I lay back for a afternoon nap. So....I did not sweep the rest of the floor. Nor did I warsh it. It's the same....just like last week. Less the items described.

My late evening think'n time was cut short last night. Stuff I wanted to think bout, a trip to Georgia, just wasn't there. All I come up with was feel'n sorry for myself...ya cain't do this, ya cain't do that.....you are stuck in Sinton Texas.

Now.....I got it made here in Sinton Texas at El Rancho Abraham when ya consider how much it costs me a month. The biggest expense I got is up there at the dad burn golf course. Right at $300 to $400 a month if'n I get to play squirrel an' feral hog hunt as much as I want to. I pay for my electric, a little more than I use. I pay a little for groceries that come out the house at supper time. I hand nephew Joseph a few dollars for his help on "fix'n stuff". It all works out to less than $400 a month....plus the $400 for golf ball swak'n. But.....I ain't get'n no help to my health issues. What is #1 priority right now.

Dang....just talk to my son (Robert) in San Juan Puerto Rico. They pay that boy too much. He's all excitis bout me go'n to Georgia for the summer. Think's he gonna beat his daddy at golf. Ha....he better do some practice before I get there.
Ha....did I ever tell ya bout the time I was in San Juan Puerto Rico??? Maybe we better not go there. But it was fun.

Oh yeah, I almost forget. I trimmed my beard yesterday. Not exactly like I wanted it to come out, but it's trimmed. Short like a sissy. "Damn Billy Bob, you get'n old".

No, I didn't get no haircut. My hair was still damp from the shower an' had it all pull back in a pony tail.
See the difference???

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A new crisp hunnert dollar bill....energy

Wow boy howdy, I feeled like a hunnert dollar bill yesterday. Well, for part of the day I did. The rest I feeled like a old tarnished quarter....worth bout 18 cents.

I think I mentioned housework yesterday. Well I got started on that little project an' spend the entire afternoon. Well now wait a minute. By entire afternoon I'm mean'n bout 3 or 4 hours....along with a few breaks. So, in that few hours, I may have worked a full 2 hours.

Ya see, the real reason I didn't work all day long an' get everthing done, was that I spent too much time on the internet. I was research'n an' research is a good thing. I didn''t start work till bout 1 or 1:30. I vacuum up a hunnert pounds of dirt, dust, sand, grass clip'ns an' miss'n food stuff. But that was only a small part of what still has to receive the same treatment. The small area I did was up under the dash an' around the foreward seats....right bout 8 feet of floor an' a little carpet (covering the dog house (engine cover)). I got on my hands an' knees an' warsh the flooring. Then I put some wax on part of it. I done figger out "hands an' knees" is a thing of the past.

I sure do miss Sissy an' a couple others that always showed up for morn'n coffee. I'm harmless, some the things I say don't come out right.

Got us another little front headed this way. Be here tomorrow some time. A slight drop in temps is predicted. Now ya know what that means right? The Monday hunt'n trip will have to be put off for a few days. Dang, I don't know why I go hunt'n in the first place. I cain't run fast enough to grab holt to a dad burn skeered squirrel, so squirrel hunt'n is put on hold. Have ya ever been feral hog hunt'n? Lots of 'em up there in the wooded area close to the golf'n place. I hope none ya think I would kill a critter after I catch 'em.

Speak'n of critters, I love all of 'em ya know. I leave my door wide open most the time. Critters come an' go....fly'n critters that is, mosquitoes, flies an' weird look'n insects. I was camped up there at S.F. Austin State Park, I'm think'n that's where it was. I lay down over there on the couch an' take me a nap. I wakes up to some strange noise on the steps....it were a freak'n raccoon....look'n in "da house" from two steps up. I got 5 steps. Now I ain't a bit skeered of raccoons or nuttin like that, but I don't want them suckers in the house. Had a javelina do that one time, but he didn't climb no steps....just look'n inside.
Speak'n of critters.....I know I done tole this story a couple times before, but...why not? It was 1958. Me an' a buddy went on a hitchhik'n tour from southern California to almost Canada.....bout 30 miles to the north. We hitched across Washington state bout 4 or 5 times. In Libby Montana we was sleep'n on the front porch.  We was waked up by bark'n dogs an' some strange sounds com'n from the garden. There was two big ol' bears in there eat'n up stuff. An' the garden wasn't really that far from the front porch. Buddies aunt come out on the porch with a shot gun. Shoot two time in the air. Skeer hell out them bears an' they was gone.....pooof, just like that. We sleeped in the house the next night.

Ok....I suppose that bout enough for today. I got things to do ya know....finish the floor. Come on hunnert dollar bill, I need help.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Too much think'n....an' no results

Well shoot, another week comes to an end. Well, all that depends on if'n you are retired or not. But....I have found that even though I am retired, week ends take a toll on my day. As I've said many times before, when you're retired, every day of the week is Saturday. But....Saturdays ain't always the best day of the week. There are limitations to what you can do. *Think'n bout all the businesses that close on Saturdays an' Sundays* Also think'n bout all the people out shop'n what couldn't shop dur'n the week. All the people take'n their families out for a joy ride. Wait'n in line at the gas stations. Over packed eat'um up places....stuff like that.

Ok, yesterday I mentioned golf. I seen the result. But.....I gonna tell ya right now, yesterdays golf game was a "good 'un". For my age an' my recent golf ball swak'n ability, it was a excellent golf game. Even Tiger Woods would have been proud. So there, I mentioned golf....again.

Boy howdy, I sit over there on the couch last night for at least two hour, an' I got to think'n bout, yep, you guessed it, "the rest of my life". It ain't look'n too good from my standpoint. When people get up to my age, what older folk consider "still young", you become a burden to the younger generation (40's, 50's an' early 60's). You know what I'm talk'n bout, ya cain't keep up with 'em. Ya got aches an' pains an' that's what ya talk bout. Ain't nobody want to hear that stuff.

While I was sit'n there think'n, I done figger out I ain't got many options left. It ain't like I can just crank up an' head off into the sunset an' have "tooo much fun". You know, like bungee jump'n, climb'n to the top a mountain, run'n in a marathon, ride'n the "billy bike" on a hunnert mile excursion.....stuff like that. I got other things I got to think about. Mainly a few health issues. But everbody that been follow'n me know how I handle that kind of stuff.

Go'n to Georgia this summer, I've considered that to be a good thing. I got a place to stay an' I got some kids to help me get to doctors an' stuff like that. Bring me food when I need it, so's I don't have to slave myself stand'n in front a Webber grill cook'n up some hot dogs or a slab of balony.

Go'n to Georgia this summer also has it's drawbacks. Much of my time will be just like it is here in Sinton.....sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin. The kids have their things to do....families an' all, an' I'll just be a burden on their daily lives. Man....get'n old really sucks. Well, it don't suck always. There are still a few things I can do. But not many. With my oldest son work'n out of town....he's in Puerto Rico as I type, I'll have no one to take me to the golf course for a "father son" round of golf. I'll only have visitors on weekends.

Ok, that kind of talk is depress'n. Let's talk bout something else. Did I ever tell ya bout the time I was a captain of a shrimp'n boat (40 footer)? I shrimped at night, out there with the big shrimp boats (90 footers). Out in the gulf of Mexico bout five to ten miles off the coast. Some times closer in. Like the time I beached the shrimp boat on St Joe Island. Had to be pulled off. Then there was the time out in the shipping lanes. It was total dark. I hear this "swoosh swoosh" sound (wheel wash). I look out the cabin winder an' all I see is the side a humungous cargo ship. Holy crap, that skeer the hell out me. Another time I was headed back to dock. I had to clear the Port Aransas jetties on the way in to dock. I knowed I was at the jetties 'cause I could see city lights off in the distance. I pointed at the lights. Holy crap, I had entered the jetties at a 45* angle an' was headed straight into the humungous rock boulders. That skeer hell out me too. Another time, we headed out to sea right bout dark time. A hour later we was in 10 foot swells, winds blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. Just turn'n around in them kind of seas was a chore in it's self. I thought I was gonna drown. Skeer the hell out me too. How much did I make as a shrimp boat captain? Oh, I rekon bout $3 or $4 dollar.

Plan for the day is to do a little housework. Not that it needs it or anything like that, but if'n I don't get it done, I won't be able to walk in here. I got crap lay'n all over the place. Welcome to Billy Bob's house.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Squirrel hunt'n shut down

Upon arriving to the wooded area just up the road a piece for a rigorous day of squirrel hunt'n, it was noticed that the golf course parking lot was full. Them crazy old folks are meet'n up for a round of cow pasture golf. Now don't get me wrong, I like to play golf too. But it was squirrel hunt'n we had planned.

As we began our trek into the woods we were promptly stopped by the golf course management team. We had to rent a golf cart an' pay an outrageous entry fee to proceed further. Well shoot, if'n we have to rent a golf cart, we may as well carry some golf clubs. Of course, when you carry golf clubs on a golf cart, you gotta hit some golf balls. An' when ya hit golf balls, ya ain't got no time for squirrel hunt'n.

Yesterdays golf game was not anything to talk about, but it was learned that hit'n balls into the trees, the squirrels will leave the trees an' run into the fairways. With that known, maybe today would be a good day to hit balls into the trees again an' catch them squirrels as they run across the open areas. Actually, squirrel hun't sucks.

My new pair Magellan sandals don't fit just right. A little tight on the toes. But they purdy. Today I will wear the Docker sandals. They somewhat purdy too. Maybe help my golf swing.....????

Ok, let me tell ya. I been talk'n bout enchilada sauce an' yesterday I put some on my taco. Boy howdy you talk bout some good eat'n. Today I may order a taco dinner an' put enchilada sauce on all of 'em. Along with a good squirt of homemade "git yer attention" salsa.

Ok.....I got things to do. Laters...............

Dad nab it....Google.....Grrrrrrrrr



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Squirrel hunt'n....with a gulf club

And the world goes on....even through the most recent storm....

I seen this old guy walk'n down the road. We talked. My first observation was to see what fault I could find behind his humor. My first observation was wrong. I listened to him talk. He spoke a funny tune. Different from mine. His words were mumbled. His humor hard to see. I think I'll talk to him again.

This morn'n I got the great idea to go hunt'n. Squirrel hunt'n. At "el Rancho Abraham" there are no squirrels....only a couple burros an' that damn goat. Not far up the road is a wooded area where lots of squirrels hang out due to the abundance of oak trees. It's also an area where old men congregate most every morn'n for the ago old ritual of swak'n golf balls. I hope them old folks don't get in my way of squirrel hunt'n. Think'n if there's old folks involved, I'll take me a couple golf clubs along just in case.

Everything is damp outside this morn'n. It didn't rain. The sky is clouded over....not a breeze an' a balmy 64 degs.

Speak'n of Yahoo mail....I got a pop up thingy from 'em this morn'n that my account was hacked...or something like that..."Change Your Password". I did that, but it was rejected. They required me to use one Cap an' one number. Now how in hell am I gonna remember that? My mail popped up but I don't see no improvement over yesterday......write one email an' send 5 or 6 copys. I need my email an' I need it to work right. That's where all my important stuff shows up ya know.

I don't feel so good this morn'n. I got a pain in the back what is tak'n it's time to relieve it's self. "Take a freak'n aspirin Billy Bob". My mind is go'n in a hunnert directions. An' I don't know what direction to follow. I do this quite often an' later figger out I went the wrong way....after I'm up to my knees in a mud hole an' the road is a dead end.

I talked to a son an' a daughter. I have a place to stay an' someone to watch over me as I attempt to get my back repaired or in better operation than what it is now. More research on back injuries an' surgery tells me I don't want surgery. Even the doctors that make a kill'n "$$$$$" off'n surgery say get it only as a last resort. I been through physical therapy one time, an' it worked. Is there a possibility it may work again???

Well, here we go with Google again....not updat'n on blogs.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A hard days work.....an' sit'n down

I rekon I been sit'n here think'n long enough. I got to write something.

Sometimes I will sit down over there on the couch at night an' think of things that might interest my readers. I sit there for hours. Hunnerts of things cross my mind what would make my readers be fall'n out their chairs, jump'n up an' down on the way to the bathroom to pee.....stuff like that. Then I get sit'n here every morn'n....an' I ain't got a thing. Now somebody figger that one out.

I got all interested on some program on TV last night an' stay up till a little bit after 1am. Well, that's Ok 'cause I only need bout 6 hours of sleep. HA....I waked up at 2:30am hack'n an' cough'n up a storm. For a freak'n hour or more I couldn't go back to sleep after that fit.....an' I was plan'n on get'n up before noon time. Sleep'n till 9:30am really sucks ya know.

I have Yahoo mail. Lately it sucks. I click on a email an' it take almost a full minute....or two before I see it. I answered a email this morn'n. It took no less than two minutes to show it "could not be sent". I reseted the page. The email had gone through FIVE (5) times. Somebody on the other end gonna be confused. Sorry Barney....it weren't my fault.

I goes outside yesterday an' move the "billy jeep" closer to "Sally da house". I did that so I don''t have far to walk while I'm work'n on it. I open the box with the new cargo mat in it. The damn thing don't fit. Well it does, but it just don't cover the entire backend. I do some modifications on it to make it fit perfectly (scissors). Then I step back an' admire my work. Cargo mat is installed.

I got a water leak on the "billy jeep". Too little to see or show up when I look at everthing. I have a suspicion, but it didn't show up while I was under there look'n at the stuff I suspect....thermostat housing thingy and lower radiator hose connection. I spended a whole hour an' I still got a leak.

I didn't mention this next item yet....or maybe I did. When ya turn the "billy jeep", there is a noise. Like a tire rub'n against plastic or something like that. The last time me an' nephew Joseph hear it, it sound like it came from the back end. There ain't no plastic back there. I did a lay on the ground investigation back there an' I didn't find nuttin. But...there are signs that both front tires do rub on the plastic fender thingys underneath on the front when ya make a tight turn. What else it can be I don't know. *more on this as the day progresses*

We was sit'n there...me an' Frank talk'n. The damn goat is in the fenced in house yard. He ain't supposed to be there. We walk the fence line an' come to the gate he tore all to hell to get in. I say to Frank..."go get me a wrench an' a hammer. I change out the gate with one what ain't tore all to hell. That took another hour of so.

Smak' a few golf balls....I need more practice.

 So, in other words, I had me a bunch of outside time yesterday. I did a lot of move'n round in the yard. I feel pretty darn good this morn'n. Don't feel near as hurt'n as I usually do. But I did have to take me a aspirin not long ago.

Oh yeah, I almost forget....I wear a pair of them new sandals yesterday. These new sandals will greatly improve my golf ball swak'n. I guarantee they will. If'n there ain't no wind forecast for tomorrow, I'll find out at my usual golf'n time....10:30am. Yes I can handle 15 mile a hour winds.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Big city shop'n

Well shoot, I got up late this morn'n an' as far as I'm concerned...I don't give a flip. I mean, what difference doe it make what time ya get up? If'n ya ain't gonna do nuttin, it don't make no matter. The only time ya gonna catch me get'n up early, still dark outside, would be if'n I had a tee time at the golf course at 7am. What's your reason for get'n up before the sun come up????

Dang, I sure do wished I didn't post them pics yesterday. I weren't plan'n on look'n all sexy an' hot an' good look'n like some of ya think. When I look in the mirror every morn'n, all I see is a nightmare....horror, scare hell out me. An' that is the reason I plan to "trim" my hair an' beard. Now if'n I could find somebody to do it FOR me, I would be sooooo grateful.

Ya see, I got to get them clippers back there where I cain't see. Any trim'n I do will be "dumb luck" as far as accuracy an' appearance. Only thing I got to do is get them thin hairs cut off'n my neck below the hair line. Bugs the crap out me. The beard will only be shortened. As is, I feel like I look like a old gold prospector or a town drunk.

The trip to Corpus Christi was close to a success yesterday. A couple items on my list were not found or purchased due to cost. Two 12 volt light bubs for $4.99? I think not.

First stop was all the way on the southeast side of town, next to where Walmart used to be in Flour Bluff. T-Mobile was the destination. I tole the nice guy I wanted a cheap phone, not a freak'n hand held computer what would do any an' every thing. An' that's exactly what I got.

 Not that I really needed it or nuttin like that, but the nice guy talk me right into it. This one, just like my old one, should last right bout 8 years or so.

From there we went to Pep Boys....gonna look see what they have in lines of cargo mats. Well I want you lookie here, I fount a flat mat what will work just fine. All I got to do is ....modify it (trim to fit). Think'n I may have the skills to do a decent job at that.
The 12 volt light bubs listed above (1003's), I passed on. They sell for a dollar apiece less at Walmart. These are the light bulbs I use for lighting in "da house". They only draw bout 9 to 11 watts depending on applied voltage. They are almost as bright as a regular ol' RV bulb (1141 an' 1156?) what draws right at 20 to 27 watts.

Then we cruised over to Academy for some new sandals. They got millions of tennis shoes an' stuff like that, but I cain't wear regular shoes. Only sandals.....what they have a very limited supply on display. I don't buy me no sandals at this Academy. So we head to Portland to check out the new Academy there. I'm hurt'n by this time of day. Too much walk'n an' look'n at stuff.

We head for the sandal section. Oh, this one looks nice....so I try it on. That one looks nice too....so I try it on. Decisions decisions......I buy 'em both. "Git me out of here, I got to go lay down".

Back at "da house"....my god, 4 1/2 hours of continuous shop'n is done. It was a long an' tiresome day for the old Billy Bob an' he feels it today.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do I or don't I?????

Ok....where the hell was everbody when I pull out the gate for a excit'n trip to Corpus Christi???

So....the question is...drum roll....do I make a post this evening bout my day, or do I wait till tomorrow morn'n? Either way, it ain't all that excit'n.

Just in case you thought I was jok'n bout get'n a hair trim an' a beard trim....I took a couple before pics. Selfies. Ya didn't think I knew how to do that did ya?

The day....week, or month that I finally get to the trim'n stuff, I'll post the befores again an' a after.

"Man boy howdy Billy Bob.....you one ugly critter".

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday gloom....ain't no sunshine

Although I love talk'n bout an' explan'n golf ball swak'n to ya all, today there will be no mention of it.

When we arrived at the Mexican restaurant for our usual afternoon dinner snak, I decided I would take a few minutes to read the menu and choose something different. Something other than the #3 I always end up with. I chose a taco dinner over a delicious enchilada smothered in the best enchilada sauce ya ever eat, a great tast'n taco, a tostada covered with refried beans an' lettuce an maters, a big pile of frejoles and some rice. Whoa, I was look'n for a small meal, these tacos are too much....ended up eat'n a few bites of the third taco an' quit'n.

With a second day of outside exercise....I'll not mention what kind of exercise, I'm think'n my back feels a little better. Well, I was think'n it did. This morn'n I waked up all crooked an' bended over. There's a possibility that guy brung that dad burn bulldozer over to my house again. This shit sucks.

I got three reasons to make a trip to Corpus Christi. The first be'n a new pair of sandals 'cause the ones I wear are broke. I buy my sandals at Academy. They last two years....what amounts to right bout $20 a year for good fit'n footwear. Dang I wished I could wear regular shoes.

Then I need to go to T-Mobile an' get me a new phone. But I'm think'n hard bout that. The old Nokia what I been use'n for bout 9 years, is on it's last leg. The Samsung flip phone....I rekon I could get used to it with time, but that sucker don't got a "ring ring ring" tone. All it got is music. Alexander Graham Bell did not put music of telephones.
I was finally able to copy all my contacts from phone memory (Nokia) to the sim card what is now in the Samsung.

The last item I need is a cargo mat for the back of the "billy jeep". Had planned to go to Pep Boys in Corpus. Look 'em up on Google....they don't got cargo mats...accord'n to their web site. I found one on Amazon, on sale, but I don't care for the design. It has a 2 inch wall all the ways around it.....kind of like a shallow swim pool. That ain't what I want. Although, if'n I was to spill a couple gallons of gasoline back there, it wouldn't go into the carpet. Decisions decisions.

Now I got to sit here for a bit an' figger out what I'm gonna do for the day. Inside "da house" is still a disaster. I got stuff lay'n all over the place. A sink full of nasty dirty dishes. Dog hair, grass clip'ns, dirt an' sand all over the floors. Coffee stains where I spill my coffee. Clean'n supplies an' paper towels where Frank left them. Tools here an' there. I'm think'n bout 3 days of endless clean'n here. Just so's nobody gets it in their head that Billy Bob is a total slob, I added much spice to what I just said. It ain't near as bad as described.

Ok....I was look'n in the mirror yesterday. I need a freak'n haircut an' beard trim. When I decided to not get another haircut bout 3 or 4 year ago, I didn't consider all my hair stick'n out on the side an' out from under my hat. An' my beard, the last time I decided to grow one, I said I was gonna let it grow all the ways to my belly button. I look like a freak'n homeless guy what sleeps under a bridge....in a cardboard box. That's gonna change. Now where the hell did Sadie Mae hide her clippers? More on this as the idea progresses. Speak'n of Sadie Mae, she need a trim too.

Adios amigos an' chick-a babies.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Golf ball swak'n is sooooo much fun

Although yesterdays morn'n temp was rather cold, yesterday was a wonderful an' beautiful day.
Hot damn, it were cold yesterday morn'n......but I gonna told ya right now, me an' old Barney had us a good time. Take yer choice, they both mean the same.

I could sit here an' write a big ol' long story bout yesterdays golf'n game with the OFM Barney, but I know better. I'm think'n that out of bout a hunnert people, me an' Barney are the only ones what give a care bout golf. But wait, I got to tell ya bout just one hole. I steps up to the tee on hole number 1. Sits my ball on that tee an' I rares back an' swak that ball right down the middle the fareway. For my next shot, I'm in a position I can knock that sucker up on the green with one perfectly hit shot. That's what they do on TV ya know. I pull out my trusty 5 wood.....what always goes the correct distance and straightness. BABAAAMM!!!!....I clobber that little ball with all my mite. It goes off to the left, way left, an' lands on a tee box for another hole. What the hell"??? Story short....I mark down a 7 for a par 4 hole. All in all, me an' Barney had us such a wonderful game, we gonna play again today.You gonna hear bout it tomorrow.

After we ate us up a great afternoon meal at the Mexican eat'em up, I headed home so's I could lay down for a bit. Took me up a big ol' aspirin an' relax....didn't do nuttin. Had me a couple visitors....one ask me bout my golf'n game.....I was in hog heaven. The other, he don't give a flip one way or the other bout no golf'n game.

I had done forgot all bout it, but spring break in Port Aransas is in full swing. I need to go to Port Aransas. Ha....I won't be go'n this week that for sure.
I used to live over there ya know, an' I know all bout them spring breaks. 'member I tole ya bout the year Joan Jett showed up to do a concert? There was estimated over 200,000 kids scream'n an' a holler'n.....drink'n beer. I was stuck in the bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper traffic. Fights broke out an' Joan was removed from the scene by helicopter.

Ok, my mind has gone blank again. Maybe something excit'n will happen today....like get me a good score on the golf'n course. Barney fall in the water. Something like that.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Golf ball swak'n with frozen balls (golf balls)

I don't know. It's freak'n cold out there again this morn'n. I ain't talk'n no below zero cold, but it's cold enough to crank up my Mr Heater for a bit....38 degs accord'n to my Walmart special temp thingy. Mama Nature piss me off some times.

Ya see, yesterday, me an' my golf'n buddy the OFM Barney was talk'n bout a round of golf ball swak'n this morn'n. An' we pretty much decided we would meet up this morn'n for a excit'n round. Now if'n ya know anything bout how the weather works in south Texas, ya can plan on the temp be'n right bout 58 degs at tee time. Give or take ya know. Damn, I hope I don't freeze to death. Look'n out the winders, I see plenty of sunshine an' hardly any wind. I can do that.

Yesterday I went outside an' did some "stuff". Didn't amount to a whole lot, but I did get me a little exercise....much needed exercise. Grabed holt to a golf'n club an' swak some golf balls....again. Just like I did a couple days ago. An' had to sit down....again, just like I did a couple days ago. Went out to crank up the POS "that jeep". Freak'n battery was deader 'an a doornail. Strung out a hunnert feet of cord an' hook up a battery charger.....today it should crank. Oh yeah, I put a new set of floor mats in the "billy jeep". Look pretty darn good too. Even fit. I know some stuff bout buy'n floor mats. Or maybe it could be the floor mat people know how to design floor mats. Either way, I'm happy.

That was when a stranger sneeked up on me an' scare hell out me. I don't usually let that happen, but I was so wrapped up in look'n for something I didn't notice....had my back turned. It were the OFM Barney. We sat outside an' talk for what seem like a couple hours or more. Was a wonderful visit. Of course, that damn goat had to introduce his self to Barney. Sneeked up behind him an' nosed Barney's hat. Of course Barney come out his chair. Hee hee....it was funny.

It's not often I run slap out of words an' something to talk bout, but damn....I'm at a total loss.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A bulldozer in my bed

Remember that diesel powered back hoe I was tell'n ya bout yesterday? Well guess what....the guy buyed up a D-8 bulldozer yesterday. Drove that sucker through my yard an' park that sucker in my bed. Have ya ever sleep with a dad gum bulldozer? Ya wake of rather stiff ya know.....hurt a little.

Got me a little golf'n exercise yesterday. Went outside, grab me up a 60 deg wedge an' hit some golf balls straight up in the air. That didn't last long. Had to go sit down for a few. Then me an' Sadie Mae walk round the yard a bit. Dad gum damn goat follow us everwhere we go. "Ya got anything to eat in that coffee cup"???

Ok, before we get along too far this morn'n, let me tell ya how to fix a steak. Ya see, nephew bringed me a fresh grilled steak last night. I bite into it an' it don't taste like "meat". It tasted like the stuff he marinated it in. With no salt an' pepper. When God invented cows, he made them to taste just like Texas beef. An' that's what a fresh grilled steak is supposed to taste like.....meat. With a little salt an' pepper added of course. If'n ya want your steak to taste like marinade, sprinkles of spices or steak sauce......just put that stuff on a slice of bread an' dig in.

See, I tole you. That damn weather guy don't know nuttin. He said today would have a chance of rain showers, high winds in the 30 mile a hour range an' a bit chilly. Ha.....the sun is shin'n, there ain't but a slight 10 mile a hour breeze.....an' it's nice an' warm out there. I could'a went to the golf course. Oh wait....a gust of wind just blowed my door closed.

I suppose I broke nephew Frank's heart when I fired him. I didn't really fire him for the quality of work he was do'n, but mostly so I wouldn't have me a heart attack try'n to explain how to do the job. We talked it over this morn'n an' all is good. Now I got to figger out how I'm gonna clean all them damn winders.

Speak'n of golf ball swak'n. Have ya ever had something ya really like to do? Mine is golf ball swak'n. Ya get all excitis think'n bout it? But the weather stops ya from do'n it. Well, that's what happen to the old Billy Bob. Ever time I get all excitis an' make plans bout go'n to the golf course, "mama nature" puts in her two cents....runes (ruins) my plans. Wimmins like to go outside, get on their hands an' knees an' dig weeds out their flower gardens. Men like to go climb aboard their John Deere lawn tractor an' cut grass. All that kind of stuff is fun, but look out....here come mama nature. Well now, some that stuff is actually work.

I was sit'n over there on the couch last night for my 30 minutes of "think time". I do that most every night before I head off to bed. You know, think bout what ya gonna do with the rest of your life.....or tomorrow. Well last night, I thought up bout a hunnert things I could write bout on my blog today. That's NOT what my think'n time is all about. My blog shouldn't take up so much of my thoughts an' time. My god, I'm addicted. I like my blog an' enjoy writ'n on it......but.....it's taking over my life. Damn, I need a project of some kind.

I'll leave ya all now. Get me some shoes on an' get off'n this office chair an' go do something....for a change. Laters!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Warsh'n winders

My rant today.......
One email tells me how I should write my blog.
Do not write as a redneck....use spell checker.
Do not mention your aches and pains.
Do not write about more than one subject.
Shorten writings to no more than 100 words.

The other.....
You are a idiot. No one wants to read what you say.
*I suspect this was from a troll*

I was hurt when I read these emails....not on the same day. They came from two different people on different days. I don't know either of them.

My rant is over......

I don't know what happen last night, but I slept till 11am this morn'n. My back feeled like I was run over with a great big ol' diesel powered backhoe dig'n ditches. "What the hell did you do yesterday Billy Bob"? Well, I didn't do a hell of a lot, but I did get quite upset. Ya see, I tole my nephew Frank I had some work for him to do. Clean'n inside "da house". Dashboard an' front winders an' work his way back. Make his self some ready pocket change.

Frank sit there for the next 10 minutes tell'n me bout his excellent work ethics....how good he was at detail'n an' stuff like that. Then I had to show him how to turn on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dash. Then I give him a sprayer full of my "special" cleaner....of which he said "I know of a better cleaner". Then, for the next 5 minutes I had to listen to how much better "his" cleaner was than mine. Then he go for a handfull of old dirty rags.....to clean my dash. "No Frank, the rags are dirty, the paper towels are clean".

Dash is now clean, my heart rate hover'n right bout 150 from explain'n the simplicity of clean'n a dirty dashboard. It's now time to apply a good coat of ArmorAll, a excellent dashboard protector against the extreme radiation from the sun in south Texas (a little spice added for flavor). For the next 20 minutes I argued with Frank that one squirt is not near enough for a dash of this size. Blood pressure hover'n around the 160 or so mark now.

Next on my list is the great big ol' front winders. Frank grabs holt to a dirty rag. "No Frank, I done tole you....paper towels". One little squirt of ammonia/water mix an' Frank go to town, work'n from the bottom up. For the next 5 minutes I explain to Frank how to wash winders. Half way done with the first, now streaked winder....I fire Frank. Blood pressure hover'n up there close to 180....or so.

I spent some time pick'n up stuff an' put'n it it's proper places. I'm down to where I can see the floor now. "My god, where did all this stuff come from"?  I clean off an' wash my dirty couch. Well most of it. I bag up trash.....I sweep some goat poop out the door. I'm get'n me some exercise I'm think'n. I take me up two 500mg aspirins. Eat a big ol' bowl of soup. Ahhhh, I'm gonna live.

As recommended by email.....hahahahaha.....LOLOLOLOL, I'll stop now. But....I could go on for another hour or so with a bunch of nonsense an' stories. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Harley chopper of yesteryear

There comes a time in every mans life that he has to take a close look. Not only at his self, but those that surround him. Ponder on that for a few minutes.....!!!!

There was a time in my life when I hung out with a crowd. I was that little guy over there all by his self sit'n in the seat of a home built Harley chopper. The crowd was the Texas Bandidos Motorcycle Club out of the Galveston Texas chapter. When I found out this group was into violence on some occasions, beat'n people up an' stuff like that, I promptly disengaged my self from the group an' went my merry way. 

Ya see, I was only 26 year old (1967) an' I wanted me a fine motorcycle. I looked at a Harley Sportster what was for sale, but my biker buddy, a big ol' boy, tole me that was a "girlie" bike. I didn't have $400 to pay for it anyhows. But I did have enough to buy a 1949 Harley frame an' set of forks off'n a 1946. In a guys garage, I found a 1952 Harley motor an' transmission for $50. Tore apart in a couple boxes. I began building. A year later, after investing tons of $$$$, I had me a work'n Harly chopper. All painted up in "cherry red". Chrome all over the place. A custom BSA gas tank. A custom seat off'n some English bike. A tiny seat on the back fender for the "chick a babies". An' a fancy homemade chromed sissy bar. I was uptown.....go a hunnert mile a hour. Sure do wish I had me some photos of that motorcycle.

Due to the results of my recent posts, today's post will end right here. I'm think'n I need to find something excit'n to do. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updated....soups on...A rambl'n mind in all directions

Today is Sunday....right? The further I go down the road, the less I know what day it is. Twicest this week I done that. Then I got to think'n bout that.....what difference does it make? Makes no difference at all if'n you happen to be retired.

Yesterdays trip to Walmart was a total success. Well, almost. Ya see, Walmart don't carry lumber an' stuff like that. I needed a short 2x6....an' they didn't have it. I filled my list all but a couple three items. Went up to the checkout lines....an" I want you lookie here, I'm next in line. My God, they had 8 lanes open on a Saturday afternoon.

All was well push'n that cart up an' down all them aisles, until a little over bout a hour an' a half passes by. That when I start feel'n weak all over an' look'n to find a place to sit down for a bit. I still got to go all the ways to the other side the store. Pick up my meds ya know. I'll just go unload all the stuff I bought an' come back in. "Ok, where the hell did ya park the damn car"? Ten minutes sit time in the "billy jeep", I go back in....then head home. I miss a turn.

I suppose I'm bout the only one what don't pay no attention to time changes. Had it not been for my computer show'n the wrong time, I would think it was a hour earlier....accord'n to my clock hang'n on the wall. Well actually, it's the other way around......I just didn't know. But know'n the exact hour of the day is just like know'n what day of the week it is. It just don't make no matter one way or a nuther. The way I look at it, the sun come up in the morn'n an' the sun set in the even'n. Anything in between is day light.

A coupl'a years ago I was think'n I wouldn't live long enough to be affected by what's go'n on in the world. But now, I'm hav'n me some different thoughts on that. Things are happen'n way too fast an' I would probly have to die tomorrow to miss what's planned/pushed/forced for our future. Politics suck. Please don't comment left or right on this.

The cold front hit last night. Not with the vengence I was expect'n. Very little rain an' moderate winds an' a low temp of 45. Now that ain't so bad when ya consider the rest of the country further north....but I still don't like it a bit. This winter has put a hurt'n on the old Billy Bob. I like to go outside an' do stuff. Sit out there sip'n up a cup...swak'n up some golf'n balls....stuff like that. With the warm sunshine bear'n down on me. Hmmmmm, how ya spell that....bear'n or bare'n? Anyhows, sit'n in "da house" all winter sucks big time.

Due to the fact that I was so weak at Walmart yesterday, today I will eat. Don't eat every day ya know. Gonna brew me up a big pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup. Found me some froze assorted vegetables what gonna really taste good in it. Got a big ol' chunk of beef (2 1/2 #'s) with lot's a marbles an' fat on it.

Speak'n of marbles.....there was a time in my life I had me over a thousand marbles. I was a gambler with marbles, play all kinds of marble games. That's what ya did in the early 50's....ya played marbles. The 6 foot circle game was my fav, but I weren't the best shot. Shooters was a special marble....ya protect 'em with your life....or a simple fist fight. Got me a few black eyes an' bruises over a shooter. Ya ever hear of "hit one ya git 'em all"? That's where my collection growed.

Ya see how my mind works. I mention one thing an' before I know it I'm think'n bout something else completely unrelated to what I was talk'n bout. Damn, I hope I never lose that.

Somebody ask me if'n I want to play a round of golf. Well yeah, I want to "try". My back issue would be the only reason I don't show up, but I bet ya a dollar I'll be there.....think'n the exercise will help my back.

Speak'n of golf......follower Joey said he bought some golf'n clubs. Dang I cain't wait to hear bout his first outing on the golf course. Come on Joey, click on Billy Bob's Place....let us know.

Ok....think'n I may have wasted a bunch of time....I'm out of here.

See what I was tole you.....soups on.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cold front....again????

Oh boy, an' here I thought I was do'n so good. Ya see, I ain't been sit'n on that couch over there. Got to get that sucker fixed.

For the last three nights, I been stay'n bout 8 feet from that couch. An' in the morn'ns, my back has felt much better. Until THIS morn'n. Grrrrrrrrr to bad backs.

An' Grrrrrrr to these dad gum cold fronts that keep blow'n in my yard. Just got rid of one the other day an' I got all excitis. Another one is to arrive this afternoon some time with day time temps dip'n into the upper 50's an' lower 60's for the next few days. I don't believe everthing the weather guys say, so I'm gonna be expect'n something like 60's an' 70's. But this front is only gonna last a few days. Hope this one is the last one.

Boy howdy I had me some good memories look'n through them photos yesterday. Sure do wish they had digital cameras when I was grow'n up. An' be as cheap as they are today. The first digital camera I bought was back in bout '99. The pictures it took was of poor quality an' that sucker costed me close to $400. Used it for bout 3 years an' it give up the ghost. Now ya can get one of excellent photo quality for less than a hunnert dollar.....an' it fit in your pocket.

Blowed a 12 volt fuse yesterday. Goes to the antenna amplifier an' the propane monitor. It were a 1 amp fuse, so I stuck a 5 amp in it. Don't think that fuse gonna blow no more. In the ten years I own "Sally da house", this is the first 12 volt fuse I burn up. Oh wait, there was another one a couple three year ago. Went to the auto emergency brake system. It also serves as a parking brake. Transmission had no parking pawn. Park position is the same as neutral. Ya gotta have a automatic park'n brake....an in a emergency situation, ya pull the little yeller knob out. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

A couple old pics......

Ok, today we gonna try something new. A one item post.

Yesterday I spent a good two hours writing my blog bout all kind of stuff...editing time included. And at the end, I mentioned a phone. The phone wasn't anything of any interest....to me that is. That's where most the comments were directed.

One subject? Forget that....how bout a few old pics?

 Check out that form.....you da man Billy Bob. I hit that golf'n ball a country mile, right over there in them trees.
Yeah I can camp in a place like this. In fact, I'm think'n I did. Just wished I could remember where it was at.

Yeah boy howdy, I sure knowed how to dress back in them days. Think'n that was 1953, but what the hell do I know? We rolled our cuffs back then....style!!!!

Yup, this was me. Can ya believe I was 18 years old??? Why the hell they try'n to shoot me?

This was my boat. A 41 foot Formosa ketch. Live on that sucker for 7 years.

Me an' my pop eat'n up at IHOP. Shortly after, he passed on at 85 year old.

Do I have a beautiful daughter? You can bet yer bippy I do. Angela Marie. An' she a redneck just like her daddy.

Cleanliness an' order was my motto. UTMSI in Port Aransas, Texas. Billy Bob's workbench.

Retire??? You betcha....in bout 5 years. UTMSI Port Aransas.

Shoot....that was fun. I may do this again some day.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A typical day at Billy Bob's house

Ok, I got that other eye finally opened. "Shit, I cain't see a thing".

That's how bad a night I had last night. Yeah I had me one them backwards leg cramps. That costed me bout a hour of sleep. Then I had to get up somewheres bout 4am an' go puke my guts clean out. Then Sadie Mae start danc'n round on the bed to wake me up. She had to go outside. Then at 6am, I'm bout to pee the bed. I sleeped till almost 10am.

Boy howdy, when I was talk'n bout los'n my mind, I weren't lie'n. Ya see, yesterday I was talk'n bout my dog Boudreaux....an' that damn rich guy. I mentioned Boudreaux bout three or four times. Then I posted a picture of Lug Nut. Lug Nut is not Boudreaux. Simple as that.

This is Boudreaux.......an' he weren't no mongrel.

Me an' Boudreaux used to go gold prospect'n together. On one occasion I was dig'n dirt in the side a little hill. Boudreaux was scop'n out the surroundings. Out from under a bush runs this little rabbit. I'm talk'n little...it was a toddler. Not even in the first grade yet. Boudreaux lit out lickity split after that rabbit. Gonna probly eat him up. Round an' round they go....I'm holler'n for Boudreaux to stop. In the process, I'm climb'n off that hill to go rescue that little rabbit puppy. I sprain my freak'n ankle. Sprains it pretty darn good too. I did finally rescue the rabbit an' scolded Boudreaux with some choice "sailor" words......while I was on the ground hold'n an' rub'n my ankle with tears in my eyes.

Another time we was "digg'n dirt" in Gohler Canyun. I weren't find'n nuttin, not even the first little piece of gold. In the mean time, Boudreaux is dig'n under a bush in a attempt to catch a lizard....or something like that. Who knows why dogs dig under bushes? There's a big ol' pile of fresh dug dirt behind Boudreaux. I says "what the hell" an' load some up into my my trusty gold prospect'n pan. I pan it out an' I want you lookie here.....gold. Now there's a standing law....you can not dig under or move a growing plant in an attempt to get rich. We left the area with bout $.35 (cents) worth of gold.

Ok, so I didn't make no comments on the comments yesterday. Ya see, I was rather busy an' didn't turn the computer on. An attempt was made to wash some winders. I started with the front winders....an' everbody knows how hard it is to wash motorhome front winders. Them suckers are BIG....huge pieces of glass an' are hard to get at. Climb'n up over the steer'n wheel an' across the dashboard, I was in a poor position. My back says...."git the hell down NOW". So's I go eat me up a cold hot dog an' sit down with a fresh cup on sip'n coffee an' the flip-it. Television sucks ya know.  Naps are good.

MsB mentioned I need to go get my back checked out. I think I had mentioned that in the post that I'm not impressed with Corpus Christi back doctors. I had called a few in the area and they all wanted me to fill out a hunnert forms, pay an' enormous "doctor visit" fee an' take x-rays before I could ask a doctor the first question. In other words, no free consultation. Granted I have adequate insurance to cover repairs, but I'm more concerned if'n I get me a "quack" doctor or not.  Be kind of like take'n your car to a backyard mechanic to get a tire fixed....an' he pulls the engine.

I could make this paragraph long, but I'll just say that yesterday I got my auto insurance took care of an' I got my debit/credit card activated. But it wasn't all that easy.

I don't remember if'n I mentioned my phone or not. It's bout 8 years old an' been giv'n me problems. Sometimes it rings an' sometimes it don't. Sometimes the simm card don't work. When I push buttons, it will put 4 or five of that number on the screen. In otherwords, it's a wored out POS. I put the simm card in my other phone....what I don't like, an' that sucker works. But....only half my contacts list is on it. And the damn thing ain't got no "ring ring" ring tone. Now I need to take both of 'em to T-mobile and have all my contacts put on the simm card....not in phone memory. Think'n T-mobile will con me into buy'n a new phone with all them fangled new stuff on it. All I want is a work'n phone....nuttin else.

Think'n today is a good day for a trip to Walmart. There is some stuff I absolutely need.....soup make'ns. Maybe get my drug prescriptions refilled????

By the way, it's 71 degs outside. The door is wide open. Goat come to visit a couple times. This is a good day.

Dang, 10 minutes of editing. I'm leav'n it as is.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The rich an' the homeless

I read many blogs. I'm amazed that there are so many different mind sets out there. I rekon it's safe to say that Billy Bob's mind....kind'a of fits into a category of it's own. I'm just a little different from most other folks. An' most other folks don't like it.

When I mentioned mind sets, we all got one. Some of 'em was programed at a earlier age. Other folks, they just got super rich an' programed them selfs to look down on us homeless an' penny pinch'n folk. This trait also shows up in some the blogs I read.

So what am I talk'n bout here? Well, here's a example. I pulls in a RV park. The sign said it was a resort. Ha, resort hell....it was a RV park. They assign me to a pull in site, right next door to a huge 40 foots diesel pusher....with it's slides out. One hang'n in my site. Winders are all covered up with blinds an' the sweet sounds of classical music fills the air. I whips my 30 foots old motorhome "Alice" into my assigned site an' come to a screech'n halt. "Alice" was NOT a quiet motorhome. Big ol' 454 engine an' two properly broke in mufflers. Boudreaux is put on a 25 foot rope an' out the door he go.....sniff'n an' pee'n on stuff. This was my first encounter with my new neighbors. I see them peek'n out through the closed blinds....look'n "Alice" over, point'n fingers an' say'n stuff to each other.

After I gets all set up, I heads out to the picnic table with a fresh cup of coffee, and cajun music play'n in the background. Boudreaux check'n out stuff at the end of his long rope. Here come my neighbor. Don't introduce his self or nuttin....he just says "you need to put your dog in the motorhome". He had barked at another dog. I simply told him "I got a cat too". Then he proceeded to tell my I need to turn my music off that he could hear it in his motorhome. An' he detested cajun music. Whoa boy howdy, I got me a goodern neighbor here.

The day progressed, no more than a hour, an' here come the manager with a sour look on his face. He had received numerous complaints from other campers that I was a bad influence with my old motorhome an' a dog what had barked at other barking dogs. By the way, this RV park is a pet friendly park an' the nasty neighbor had two perfectly trimmed "pedigree" poodles. I'm think'n there was only one complaint. I abided by the rules. Shortened Boudreaux's 25 foot rope, turn my cajun music down a notch an' proceeded to build a campfire in my  BBQ grill. That sucker sure do smoke when ya fire it up on high an' throws a old 2x4 in there. After the way this "rich" guy treated me, I can burn all the 2x4's I want to. By the way, he also complained to me, while he is wash'n his big ol' tire, that my "mongrel" dog peed on the tire.
Does Lug Nut look like a mongrel dog???

 I check the length of Boudreaux's rope. Nope, it don't reach the tire.

To make this story short, my "rich" neighbor moved his shiny new 40 foot rig to a new site. Right over there next to that big ol' expensive Prevost. All was good for the next two weeks with no visits from management.

Actually, "Alice" was a fine look'n motorhome. She was a classic "Open Road" by Tiffin. Had just pass the ten year old mark when I bought her. So she weren't really "that" old. Late 2002, I pulls into a fairly nice RV park in Van Horn Texas. They had changed the name from park to resort since my last stay. An' they also changed the rules. No motorhomes older than ten years. I had just washed "Alice not 4 months earlier an' I says "what the hell"??? The manager/owner knowed motorhomes like the back his hand. He ask me...."Is that a Open Road by Tiffin"? We sit down an' talk for bout a hour bout Tiffin an' their motorhome construction. I got me a excellent site, 10% discount an' all, right next to the fenced in pet area, pool tables not a hunnert feet away an' they had the bestest homemade lemon cake ya ever eat in your life. I think I eat a whole dad burned cake in my 2 days there.

Well shoot....why not? Let's get back to talk'n bout what ails me. When I write bout my aches an' pains an' stuff like that, I hold a lot back.....not want'n to disclose all my ailments. Some the things I mention is only skin deep an' some people think there ain't nuttin of it. "Oh, you'll be Ok in no time at all....all ya gotta do is some exercise". Well, that's not entirely true. Ya see, when some folks have back injuries, they get scoliosis. That's the crooked "S" shaped backbone. An' I got that. Had it for years. I'm think'n it's caused by more muscle activity on one side than the other to protect the back injury. I don't go shirtless so's nobody can see it. Through research, I have found that scoliosis can cause internal damage to your body. Heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder...stuff like that. Some of the symptoms I've read about, I have. But maybe not life threatening.
I checked a few places in Corpus Christi to give my back a "look see". I wasn't too impressed with the results. Think'n maybe I'll just get me some more dental work done here. Couple fill'ns or what ever the dentist was talk'n bout. The back will have to wait till I'm comfortable with a doctor. I do want to get back "on the road again".

"On the road again"....Ha, forget that. I ain't even gonna talk bout it. With the weather we have this winter, get'n out there in it, is out of the question.

Speak'n of weather, today is much warmer than yesterday (58 degs). Yesterday sucked. It was cold (44 degs) with some wind an' wet as hell. Humidity wise. Tomorrow is gonna be nice....an' then there's another small front to hit bout Saturday....I think. Hell, I don't know....I ain't no freak'n weatherman. I just watch them idiots on TV....what is wrong half the time. But I am look'n forward to warmer temps. Like upper 70's an' 80's.

I'm need'n some of my Billy Bob beef stew vegetable soup. The stuff they been bring'n out from the house.....even Sadie Mae turns her nose up to it. That damn goat, he don't care if'n it's good or not. Speak'n of that damn goat.....last night Sadie Mae was need'n to go outside an' pee. I open the door an' there that goat lay'n on the ground right at the bottom the steps. If'n ya remember how I acquired Lug Nut over there in Atalanta, this goat is do'n bout the same thing. Hang'n round "da house" want'n to be fed. NO, the damn goat will not be leaving with me when I pull out of Sinton.....so don't even mention it.

Ok, that's it. I'll see ya folks tomorrow.        


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's a bad day when it rains

Some times when ya wake up in the morn'n, ya know it's gonna be one them days. Don't know how much more I want to say bout that, so's I'll just recap my day so far. You be the judge.

First time I waked up, I had to pee like a sum a gun....so I was in a hurry. Right foot got all fanged up in them covers an' over the edge the bed I went. Into a big pile on the floor. Well that was Ok 'cause I been there an' done that before. But, when I open the door to the bathroom, I goes in before it's fully open.....hits my forehead on the edge of the door. No real harm done. But I did feels it.

I grabs holt to my coffee pot filter thingy what holds the grounds. I drop it. Grounds all over the floor. I fix that. Now I pour me a big ol' heap'n cup. What the hell, I miss the cup. Bout half a cup all over the same place the used grounds were. Not a good start. 

By this time I'm think'n I need to be back in bed. But I still have blogs, news an' other stuff to read. Let Sadie Mae out to pee. Get my other eye wide open. Back pains to ease up. Take a couple pills. That's my morn'n tasks that have to be carried out before I am able to attack another day.

When I look at the thermometer this morn'n I says...."now that cain't be right". It's freak'n 34 degs outside. And it rained all night long....water puddles all over the yard. And that got me to think'n. Where did that damn goat sleep last night?

I pretty much got that goat trained. All I got to do is holler "GOAT", an' here he come. Gets him some pet'n an' a bite to eat. Well, for the last few weeks, he sleeps right outside my door most every night. Before I shut down last night....and before the rains started, he was right there...outside my door. Just lay'n there. He ain't there now.

Now I'm get'n behind again. Got to activate my debit/credit card. Just a phone call away. Got to call my insurance company. Seems they are hav'n a problem get'n my money. Something bout the information I give them ain't right with my bank. I do autopay on my insurance ya know. I have phone troubles (it says insert simm card) so I rekon I need a new phone. That's a trip to Corpus Christi. And I don't want to go to Corpus Christi. I hate phones an' I pretty much hate Corpus Christi. Well now wait a minute....when I want to spend bout a thousand dollar on toys an' stuff, that's the place to go. Oh yeah, I got to order that circuit board thingy too. Dang, just think'n bout all that stuff make me want to take a break.

I rekon I better leave today's post "as is" so's I don't write no more "bad" stuff. Maybe I'll play round with this damn phone an' get it to work'n. *take sim card out of phone #1 an' put it in phone #2*

Oh yeah, I didn't get a chance to answer the comments yesterday. Had company most of the day.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? That's a good question. First off, 'cause it's so cold outside (42 degs), I ain't go'n out there. Secondly, 'cause I don't feel like do'n nuttin, I probly won't. It's that simple.

I watched that golf'n game on TV yesterday. The guy I was root'n for didn't win. Dumb ass was hit'n bogies an' a double bogie...lost by one stroke. Anyhows, I got the urge to go outside an' swak me a few golf balls. It was almost 5:30pm by the time I set out the door. I grab some golf balls, a few tees an' my Cobra driver. It was 79 degs out there an' very little wind. Are ya ready for this.....????

I hit me a couple balls. They look pretty good. Miss where I was aim'n by bout 20 yards or so. That when I feels this cold slight wind on the back my neck. I turns around....and holy crap, the sky is black. The wind picks up some more an' I'm headed for "da house". Now remember, this is right bout 5:30pm. By 6:00pm, the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour (bout 25 or so), the temp has drop to 62 degs....an' go'n down fast. By 7pm it was cold, wind still blow'n.....45 degs. By 9pm, the Walmart special temp thingy settled out at 39 degs with only a slight 10 mile a hour breeze. That's a 40 deg temp drop ya know. Sadie Mae only take bout 1 minute to go out an' pee. Jump'n on the step want'n back in. Last nights low temp was 31 degs.   

As far as being at a low point in my life, I've been there before. And I somehows pulled out. I do realize that I ain't get'n no younger an' one day I'm gonna go on "that trip" an' never be seen again. I cain't predict the day I will board that last train, nor am I too concerned. Ya see, I already done bout everthing I could ever want to do. My last dream was throwed in the dumpster 'cause I'm too freak'n old to build a mansion (RV shelter and patio). I have no dreams left.

I know.....some of ya already seen my dream photos, but some of ya ain't.

There's still  possibility I could have my RV shelter, but it would have to be constructed by somebody else. It would no longer be a dream. So I just throwed it away. What days I have left, I would like to be in a comfortable location. Not too hot in the summer an' not at all cold in the winter. Jamaica???

Ok, I called the dentist office. Yes, there is a possibility I could get dizzy an' light headed mix'n my drugs (meds). But I only had that one day....I'm good to go.

Boy howdy, I had me a terrible dream last night. "Sally da house" catched on fire. What do I grab as I head out the door? Laptop computer, .357 an' my Henry rifle. Add all that up an' I got a total of bout $1300 in my hands. Up there in my secret hid'n place is $5000 in hunnert dollar bills. I left it. My safe, what contains my titles an' other important papers, is still sit'n in the closet. In the dream, there was a water hose sit'n outside. I put the fire out with it.

This got me to think'n....what if'n this was to really happen? You do know that fire is the biggest fear for RV'ers....right? At the present time, it would take me a good 15 minutes to round up all the important stuff. Some is in the front an' some is in the back....with only one door to exit. Yes I have emergency exit winders. One in the front an' one in the bedroom. Maybe I should rearrange stuff so's I can get out in bout 15 seconds an' have all the important stuff in my hands. Today, since it's cold outside, I'll do some think'n on that. What don't hang on a wall, will go in the little safe an' it be placed close to the door. Oh wait....what about my Mississippi river boat?
"Pssssst Billy Bob. Ya got a big ol' remote control airplane too".

That's a year of put'n together there ya know. An' it still ain't completely finished. Had to do some modification to convert it to remote control an' build a work'n smoke generator for it. Smoke come out them two stacks when it's underway.
Did I ever tell ya bout the time I sinked it.......
It's been repaired an' sit'n on it's shelf in "da house".

I think this is bout all I care to write bout today. Although, I could write for another hour with all the stuff roll'n round in my head. Camp'n. Fish'n. Dig'n dirt for gold. Go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour. Stories of my early years. You know what I'm talk'n bout....a mind what never sleeps.