Friday, March 14, 2014

Golf ball swak'n is sooooo much fun

Although yesterdays morn'n temp was rather cold, yesterday was a wonderful an' beautiful day.
Hot damn, it were cold yesterday morn'n......but I gonna told ya right now, me an' old Barney had us a good time. Take yer choice, they both mean the same.

I could sit here an' write a big ol' long story bout yesterdays golf'n game with the OFM Barney, but I know better. I'm think'n that out of bout a hunnert people, me an' Barney are the only ones what give a care bout golf. But wait, I got to tell ya bout just one hole. I steps up to the tee on hole number 1. Sits my ball on that tee an' I rares back an' swak that ball right down the middle the fareway. For my next shot, I'm in a position I can knock that sucker up on the green with one perfectly hit shot. That's what they do on TV ya know. I pull out my trusty 5 wood.....what always goes the correct distance and straightness. BABAAAMM!!!!....I clobber that little ball with all my mite. It goes off to the left, way left, an' lands on a tee box for another hole. What the hell"??? Story short....I mark down a 7 for a par 4 hole. All in all, me an' Barney had us such a wonderful game, we gonna play again today.You gonna hear bout it tomorrow.

After we ate us up a great afternoon meal at the Mexican eat'em up, I headed home so's I could lay down for a bit. Took me up a big ol' aspirin an' relax....didn't do nuttin. Had me a couple visitors....one ask me bout my golf'n game.....I was in hog heaven. The other, he don't give a flip one way or the other bout no golf'n game.

I had done forgot all bout it, but spring break in Port Aransas is in full swing. I need to go to Port Aransas. Ha....I won't be go'n this week that for sure.
I used to live over there ya know, an' I know all bout them spring breaks. 'member I tole ya bout the year Joan Jett showed up to do a concert? There was estimated over 200,000 kids scream'n an' a holler'n.....drink'n beer. I was stuck in the bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper traffic. Fights broke out an' Joan was removed from the scene by helicopter.

Ok, my mind has gone blank again. Maybe something excit'n will happen today....like get me a good score on the golf'n course. Barney fall in the water. Something like that.  


  1. Nothing like a fun Golf Game with the OFM.

  2. I never did like much of rock & roll, but I loved Joanie Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll"! Good luck on the game today. If I played golf I'd be out there swak'n balls today because it's going to be a beautiful day here in Sacramento.