Thursday, March 20, 2014

Squirrel hunt'n shut down

Upon arriving to the wooded area just up the road a piece for a rigorous day of squirrel hunt'n, it was noticed that the golf course parking lot was full. Them crazy old folks are meet'n up for a round of cow pasture golf. Now don't get me wrong, I like to play golf too. But it was squirrel hunt'n we had planned.

As we began our trek into the woods we were promptly stopped by the golf course management team. We had to rent a golf cart an' pay an outrageous entry fee to proceed further. Well shoot, if'n we have to rent a golf cart, we may as well carry some golf clubs. Of course, when you carry golf clubs on a golf cart, you gotta hit some golf balls. An' when ya hit golf balls, ya ain't got no time for squirrel hunt'n.

Yesterdays golf game was not anything to talk about, but it was learned that hit'n balls into the trees, the squirrels will leave the trees an' run into the fairways. With that known, maybe today would be a good day to hit balls into the trees again an' catch them squirrels as they run across the open areas. Actually, squirrel hun't sucks.

My new pair Magellan sandals don't fit just right. A little tight on the toes. But they purdy. Today I will wear the Docker sandals. They somewhat purdy too. Maybe help my golf swing.....????

Ok, let me tell ya. I been talk'n bout enchilada sauce an' yesterday I put some on my taco. Boy howdy you talk bout some good eat'n. Today I may order a taco dinner an' put enchilada sauce on all of 'em. Along with a good squirt of homemade "git yer attention" salsa.

Ok.....I got things to do. Laters...............

Dad nab it....Google.....Grrrrrrrrr




  1. hi there, sounds like you need to take the 410 next time you play golf, hit ball and shoot squirrels. best of both worlds. get you some crocks, much better feel and wear. enchilada sauce on taco's hummm have to try it. wtf stupid net sucks here. love you... tomorrow

  2. Looks like you getting out and about having fun. Thats good.