Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's a bad day when it rains

Some times when ya wake up in the morn'n, ya know it's gonna be one them days. Don't know how much more I want to say bout that, so's I'll just recap my day so far. You be the judge.

First time I waked up, I had to pee like a sum a gun....so I was in a hurry. Right foot got all fanged up in them covers an' over the edge the bed I went. Into a big pile on the floor. Well that was Ok 'cause I been there an' done that before. But, when I open the door to the bathroom, I goes in before it's fully open.....hits my forehead on the edge of the door. No real harm done. But I did feels it.

I grabs holt to my coffee pot filter thingy what holds the grounds. I drop it. Grounds all over the floor. I fix that. Now I pour me a big ol' heap'n cup. What the hell, I miss the cup. Bout half a cup all over the same place the used grounds were. Not a good start. 

By this time I'm think'n I need to be back in bed. But I still have blogs, news an' other stuff to read. Let Sadie Mae out to pee. Get my other eye wide open. Back pains to ease up. Take a couple pills. That's my morn'n tasks that have to be carried out before I am able to attack another day.

When I look at the thermometer this morn'n I says...."now that cain't be right". It's freak'n 34 degs outside. And it rained all night long....water puddles all over the yard. And that got me to think'n. Where did that damn goat sleep last night?

I pretty much got that goat trained. All I got to do is holler "GOAT", an' here he come. Gets him some pet'n an' a bite to eat. Well, for the last few weeks, he sleeps right outside my door most every night. Before I shut down last night....and before the rains started, he was right there...outside my door. Just lay'n there. He ain't there now.

Now I'm get'n behind again. Got to activate my debit/credit card. Just a phone call away. Got to call my insurance company. Seems they are hav'n a problem get'n my money. Something bout the information I give them ain't right with my bank. I do autopay on my insurance ya know. I have phone troubles (it says insert simm card) so I rekon I need a new phone. That's a trip to Corpus Christi. And I don't want to go to Corpus Christi. I hate phones an' I pretty much hate Corpus Christi. Well now wait a minute....when I want to spend bout a thousand dollar on toys an' stuff, that's the place to go. Oh yeah, I got to order that circuit board thingy too. Dang, just think'n bout all that stuff make me want to take a break.

I rekon I better leave today's post "as is" so's I don't write no more "bad" stuff. Maybe I'll play round with this damn phone an' get it to work'n. *take sim card out of phone #1 an' put it in phone #2*

Oh yeah, I didn't get a chance to answer the comments yesterday. Had company most of the day.  


  1. Mercy! Your waking to a new day sounds much like mine. Spilling coffee grounds; now that is a mess when they's old and wet, whichin mine was. Poor goat sleeping in the rain. Have a heart; let him come in on nights like that. Eh? lol

    A shame you can't get that circuit board looked at before spending for a new one...if that is possible. I'm ignorant when it comes to stuff like that. About many other things too.
    Real live company is most wonderful. Sittin' here just awishin I'd have some. Fat chance of that! Always hearing "but you live so far"; heck, it's not any farther for them than it is for me. Right? Right.
    Don't concern yourself with weez common taters; always here when you want to comment or even chat/ ter. Oh, I forgots, youse don't chat or chatter, onlyz comment.
    Hope today is good for you, Billy Bob. I shorely duz.. Ize got snows meltin'. Yahoo!

    PS byz the way, that riverboat is very purty; how long is it. Wish you could video it doin' a real live cruise.

    1. An' here I was think'n I were the only person on earth that had bad days. I guess most people just don't share them the way I do. And you....
      Ain't nobody but the manufacturer can check out that circuit board. It ain't really that expensive, so I'll just order a new one.
      There are times I would rather have no company at all. Like yesterday. An' I hate talk'n on a phone.
      Bout a video of that boat on a live cruise, I posted one a while back. I'll try to find it an' post the link....probly tomorrow if'n I can remember.

  2. Welll it woulda killed me to fall off my bed, to start with. It's HIGH. Have to have a step-up thingy to get on it. THEN, picked up my coffee pot and it was EMPTY! Now, wth? Checked that clock later, guess it thot daylite savings time had arrived and reset itself. Or, i forgot to punch the button... lol. That was the start of my day. And you need to take better care of Goat,, let him sleep with ya.... hahahaha

  3. Ice storm here now.

    Lost power after I wrote the first line. It came back on so hope it stays on. Hey, maybe that goat is under your bed. . .

    1. Under my bed??? You don't have a motorhome do ya Dizzy? Under beds in a motorhome are a storage area. Can a goat get under YOUR bed?
      *dang I worry bout that guy*

  4. I hate it when I run into the bathroom door in the middle of the night! Or bump against the wall, or all those things you mentioned. Didn't ever used to do that.