Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updated....soups on...A rambl'n mind in all directions

Today is Sunday....right? The further I go down the road, the less I know what day it is. Twicest this week I done that. Then I got to think'n bout that.....what difference does it make? Makes no difference at all if'n you happen to be retired.

Yesterdays trip to Walmart was a total success. Well, almost. Ya see, Walmart don't carry lumber an' stuff like that. I needed a short 2x6....an' they didn't have it. I filled my list all but a couple three items. Went up to the checkout lines....an" I want you lookie here, I'm next in line. My God, they had 8 lanes open on a Saturday afternoon.

All was well push'n that cart up an' down all them aisles, until a little over bout a hour an' a half passes by. That when I start feel'n weak all over an' look'n to find a place to sit down for a bit. I still got to go all the ways to the other side the store. Pick up my meds ya know. I'll just go unload all the stuff I bought an' come back in. "Ok, where the hell did ya park the damn car"? Ten minutes sit time in the "billy jeep", I go back in....then head home. I miss a turn.

I suppose I'm bout the only one what don't pay no attention to time changes. Had it not been for my computer show'n the wrong time, I would think it was a hour earlier....accord'n to my clock hang'n on the wall. Well actually, it's the other way around......I just didn't know. But know'n the exact hour of the day is just like know'n what day of the week it is. It just don't make no matter one way or a nuther. The way I look at it, the sun come up in the morn'n an' the sun set in the even'n. Anything in between is day light.

A coupl'a years ago I was think'n I wouldn't live long enough to be affected by what's go'n on in the world. But now, I'm hav'n me some different thoughts on that. Things are happen'n way too fast an' I would probly have to die tomorrow to miss what's planned/pushed/forced for our future. Politics suck. Please don't comment left or right on this.

The cold front hit last night. Not with the vengence I was expect'n. Very little rain an' moderate winds an' a low temp of 45. Now that ain't so bad when ya consider the rest of the country further north....but I still don't like it a bit. This winter has put a hurt'n on the old Billy Bob. I like to go outside an' do stuff. Sit out there sip'n up a cup...swak'n up some golf'n balls....stuff like that. With the warm sunshine bear'n down on me. Hmmmmm, how ya spell that....bear'n or bare'n? Anyhows, sit'n in "da house" all winter sucks big time.

Due to the fact that I was so weak at Walmart yesterday, today I will eat. Don't eat every day ya know. Gonna brew me up a big pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup. Found me some froze assorted vegetables what gonna really taste good in it. Got a big ol' chunk of beef (2 1/2 #'s) with lot's a marbles an' fat on it.

Speak'n of marbles.....there was a time in my life I had me over a thousand marbles. I was a gambler with marbles, play all kinds of marble games. That's what ya did in the early 50's....ya played marbles. The 6 foot circle game was my fav, but I weren't the best shot. Shooters was a special marble....ya protect 'em with your life....or a simple fist fight. Got me a few black eyes an' bruises over a shooter. Ya ever hear of "hit one ya git 'em all"? That's where my collection growed.

Ya see how my mind works. I mention one thing an' before I know it I'm think'n bout something else completely unrelated to what I was talk'n bout. Damn, I hope I never lose that.

Somebody ask me if'n I want to play a round of golf. Well yeah, I want to "try". My back issue would be the only reason I don't show up, but I bet ya a dollar I'll be there.....think'n the exercise will help my back.

Speak'n of golf......follower Joey said he bought some golf'n clubs. Dang I cain't wait to hear bout his first outing on the golf course. Come on Joey, click on Billy Bob's Place....let us know.

Ok....think'n I may have wasted a bunch of time....I'm out of here.

See what I was tole you.....soups on.


  1. Those of us who have been active and done stuff when we were young can be thankful we have memories to draw on. Think of what it must be like for someone who has no good memories of the past, or even worse, for those who can't remember the past. I have wonderful memories but still have the notion "I ain't done yet!". I think you are sorta like that too, Billy Bob.

  2. O yeah, we played marbles, and you bet, i was hot. We allll lusted after a steel one lol. I had to show g/dotter and hubby how to play last year.... lolol.
    Just turned off my pork stew,,,yummmmm. Got cornbread too.
    Hey where's the tators? lololol.

  3. "Speak'n of golf......follower Joey said he bought some golf'n clubs. Dang I cain't wait to hear bout his first outing on the golf course. Come on Joey, click on Billy Bob's Place....let us know."

    Did Wayne get some more golf clubs?