Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The rich an' the homeless

I read many blogs. I'm amazed that there are so many different mind sets out there. I rekon it's safe to say that Billy Bob's mind....kind'a of fits into a category of it's own. I'm just a little different from most other folks. An' most other folks don't like it.

When I mentioned mind sets, we all got one. Some of 'em was programed at a earlier age. Other folks, they just got super rich an' programed them selfs to look down on us homeless an' penny pinch'n folk. This trait also shows up in some the blogs I read.

So what am I talk'n bout here? Well, here's a example. I pulls in a RV park. The sign said it was a resort. Ha, resort hell....it was a RV park. They assign me to a pull in site, right next door to a huge 40 foots diesel pusher....with it's slides out. One hang'n in my site. Winders are all covered up with blinds an' the sweet sounds of classical music fills the air. I whips my 30 foots old motorhome "Alice" into my assigned site an' come to a screech'n halt. "Alice" was NOT a quiet motorhome. Big ol' 454 engine an' two properly broke in mufflers. Boudreaux is put on a 25 foot rope an' out the door he go.....sniff'n an' pee'n on stuff. This was my first encounter with my new neighbors. I see them peek'n out through the closed blinds....look'n "Alice" over, point'n fingers an' say'n stuff to each other.

After I gets all set up, I heads out to the picnic table with a fresh cup of coffee, and cajun music play'n in the background. Boudreaux check'n out stuff at the end of his long rope. Here come my neighbor. Don't introduce his self or nuttin....he just says "you need to put your dog in the motorhome". He had barked at another dog. I simply told him "I got a cat too". Then he proceeded to tell my I need to turn my music off that he could hear it in his motorhome. An' he detested cajun music. Whoa boy howdy, I got me a goodern neighbor here.

The day progressed, no more than a hour, an' here come the manager with a sour look on his face. He had received numerous complaints from other campers that I was a bad influence with my old motorhome an' a dog what had barked at other barking dogs. By the way, this RV park is a pet friendly park an' the nasty neighbor had two perfectly trimmed "pedigree" poodles. I'm think'n there was only one complaint. I abided by the rules. Shortened Boudreaux's 25 foot rope, turn my cajun music down a notch an' proceeded to build a campfire in my  BBQ grill. That sucker sure do smoke when ya fire it up on high an' throws a old 2x4 in there. After the way this "rich" guy treated me, I can burn all the 2x4's I want to. By the way, he also complained to me, while he is wash'n his big ol' tire, that my "mongrel" dog peed on the tire.
Does Lug Nut look like a mongrel dog???

 I check the length of Boudreaux's rope. Nope, it don't reach the tire.

To make this story short, my "rich" neighbor moved his shiny new 40 foot rig to a new site. Right over there next to that big ol' expensive Prevost. All was good for the next two weeks with no visits from management.

Actually, "Alice" was a fine look'n motorhome. She was a classic "Open Road" by Tiffin. Had just pass the ten year old mark when I bought her. So she weren't really "that" old. Late 2002, I pulls into a fairly nice RV park in Van Horn Texas. They had changed the name from park to resort since my last stay. An' they also changed the rules. No motorhomes older than ten years. I had just washed "Alice not 4 months earlier an' I says "what the hell"??? The manager/owner knowed motorhomes like the back his hand. He ask me...."Is that a Open Road by Tiffin"? We sit down an' talk for bout a hour bout Tiffin an' their motorhome construction. I got me a excellent site, 10% discount an' all, right next to the fenced in pet area, pool tables not a hunnert feet away an' they had the bestest homemade lemon cake ya ever eat in your life. I think I eat a whole dad burned cake in my 2 days there.

Well shoot....why not? Let's get back to talk'n bout what ails me. When I write bout my aches an' pains an' stuff like that, I hold a lot back.....not want'n to disclose all my ailments. Some the things I mention is only skin deep an' some people think there ain't nuttin of it. "Oh, you'll be Ok in no time at all....all ya gotta do is some exercise". Well, that's not entirely true. Ya see, when some folks have back injuries, they get scoliosis. That's the crooked "S" shaped backbone. An' I got that. Had it for years. I'm think'n it's caused by more muscle activity on one side than the other to protect the back injury. I don't go shirtless so's nobody can see it. Through research, I have found that scoliosis can cause internal damage to your body. Heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder...stuff like that. Some of the symptoms I've read about, I have. But maybe not life threatening.
I checked a few places in Corpus Christi to give my back a "look see". I wasn't too impressed with the results. Think'n maybe I'll just get me some more dental work done here. Couple fill'ns or what ever the dentist was talk'n bout. The back will have to wait till I'm comfortable with a doctor. I do want to get back "on the road again".

"On the road again"....Ha, forget that. I ain't even gonna talk bout it. With the weather we have this winter, get'n out there in it, is out of the question.

Speak'n of weather, today is much warmer than yesterday (58 degs). Yesterday sucked. It was cold (44 degs) with some wind an' wet as hell. Humidity wise. Tomorrow is gonna be nice....an' then there's another small front to hit bout Saturday....I think. Hell, I don't know....I ain't no freak'n weatherman. I just watch them idiots on TV....what is wrong half the time. But I am look'n forward to warmer temps. Like upper 70's an' 80's.

I'm need'n some of my Billy Bob beef stew vegetable soup. The stuff they been bring'n out from the house.....even Sadie Mae turns her nose up to it. That damn goat, he don't care if'n it's good or not. Speak'n of that damn goat.....last night Sadie Mae was need'n to go outside an' pee. I open the door an' there that goat lay'n on the ground right at the bottom the steps. If'n ya remember how I acquired Lug Nut over there in Atalanta, this goat is do'n bout the same thing. Hang'n round "da house" want'n to be fed. NO, the damn goat will not be leaving with me when I pull out of Sinton.....so don't even mention it.

Ok, that's it. I'll see ya folks tomorrow.        



  1. Hope you take care of what ails you in particular your back. I hate to harp on this but you HAVE insurance...some of us are not as lucky.

  2. BB, I was making a joke when I said you ought to take the goat. Eh? I gotta say I enjoyed reading this post above all those you have written. Made me laugh a lot ....and get mad. Piss on those rich, better-than-thou bas#####. I hate the type and proud of the way you got them told. I hope that 2x4 smoked them good. Off subject now. Click on my mugshot and take a look at my finished project I just posted about today. Keep 'em coming, guy. You are the Best Blogger in my book!

  3. Oh, meant to mention I had scoliosis from age two, according to one chiropractor. One hip was 1/2 inch lower than the other. I knew I walked funny! Several (maybe many) adjustments later I became perfect with the back and both hip bones in perfect position. Just a thought of what the chiropractic did for me. Just wish I had the moola for treatments now, since it has been almost six years since my last adjustments. There are 4 stages of bone/spine issues of deterioration, I was told and shown and mine is 3 1/2. Dang, sure hope I don't become humpbacked!

  4. Dang BB, you ought to take that goat just in case you have to park beside another big RV with a rude guy who don't appreciate dogs and Cajun music.

  5. You mentioned a couple of reasons why I quit RVing (there were a few more). I found out never to stay in a place called "Resort". What a crock! Now I'm back to what I have always been - a "camper", and I love sleeping in a tent, but I sure do miss having my own bathroom in the middle of the night and at shower time!

  6. There is some people out there with those fancy rigs, makes me wonder why they rv'ing. Sure not our kind of people. Mostly we don't have no problems with neighbors, if they friendly fine, if not thats fine too. We know we are moving in a week or so anyway.