Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do'n wheelies....thirty plus years ago.

Ok, so nobody wants to talk bout no stink'n antique cameras. What ya want to talk bout then???

Weather? Well, I got something to say bout the weather, but it ain't good. I mean.....like what the hell???

Ya wanna talk bout swak'n some golf balls? Now that's a subject I like to talk about. Where ya want me to start?

Speak'n of swak'n golf balls, that's all I been think'n bout for a dad gum week. There ain't nuttin like go'n outside, sit'n a golf ball up on a little stick an' then knock'n the hell out that ball with a big ol' golf'n club. BaaaBaaaaammm!!! Make ya forget all your worrys. Makes ya feel like a "man". Kind of like walk'n up to a tree after a fight with your other half an' beat'n the liv'n hell out that tree with a baseball bat. Don't ya feel better now? An' ya didn't hurt nobody.  Although you looked pretty silly beat'n hell out a tree to all your neighbors. "I want to go golf'n".

I got me a pretty good size shop'n list, Walmart an' such. Ain't got much groceries on the list....only stuff I probly gonna throw in a dumpster before the year is gone. Ya see, when I get a idea in my head that I want something, I write it down. Not much thought goes into if'n I really need it or nuttin like that....I just want it. Then after I "own" it....well that's another story.

As an example.....it was back bout 30 years ago, I wanted a American Motors AMX. If'n ya don't know what a AMX is, it's a off the showroom floor 'wheelie' producing hot sum-a-gun automobile.
Mine was exactly like this one....same color an' all.....'cept'n for that side exhaust pipe.

Now I ain't too sure this one come right off the showroom floor, but you get what I'm talk'n bout....that's a wheelie. 
I fount me a 1970, in pretty good shape, AMX just up the road a piece. Had a dent in the side an' a bent axle....what I fixed both in no time flat. I was all jump'n up an' down excitis. I put me 8" cheater slicks on that sucker for drag rac'n. Now if'n ya don't know what cheater slicks are, listen up. In able for a tire to be legal on the highways, a tire must have at least two grooves in it. So the manufacturers took a regular soft rubber drag rac'n tire an' put two grooves in it. Street legal. Then I parked that 1970 AMX in my yard. It sit there for almost two years. All interest was gone.....poooof, just like that. My mind was on how to make a 1974 Javelin go a hunnert mile a hour in second gear. Sold the AMX for less than I paid. I do stuff like that from time to time.

Dang, that was fun don't ya think? Sometimes I get to writ'n stuff an' poooof, just like that, I go back in time. I don't rekon many people had the kind of life like I did....so I sit here an' tell ya what it was like. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I growed bout 6 rows of okra? I was never so sick of okra in my entire life. An' them damn shoots growed into trees. Had to cut 'em down with a chain saw.

Ok....am I on the right track today? I got a few things I need to do....laters.

Here it is 3 hours later. My blog post did not update on other blogs. That makes me Grrrrrrrrrr.......


  1. okay, Daddy. I remember the AMX and The JAVELIN man the intentions. that was rough times...but here we are thirty yrs later and all is well. we made it. good job, retired, everything paid, god is good. boy can't wait to play/beat you in a game of golf. lol... okay keeping it short love you, tomorrow...

  2. I've wanted a few things so badly that I didn't think it out and wasted a whole bunch of money! I still do it sometimes, only I can't afford expensive mistakes - just cheap little stuff.

  3. I know what you mean about wanting something real bad, then getting it and losing interest! Done that a few times myself.

    Now days I just try and fight the urge!

  4. If you consider the worth of a post or topic of conversation by how many comments it get I guess I'll have to start commenting more. I tend be reading you at o-dark-thirty at work as I work nights, so my comments won't be quick. I am almost always here, though.