Monday, March 17, 2014

Big city shop'n

Well shoot, I got up late this morn'n an' as far as I'm concerned...I don't give a flip. I mean, what difference doe it make what time ya get up? If'n ya ain't gonna do nuttin, it don't make no matter. The only time ya gonna catch me get'n up early, still dark outside, would be if'n I had a tee time at the golf course at 7am. What's your reason for get'n up before the sun come up????

Dang, I sure do wished I didn't post them pics yesterday. I weren't plan'n on look'n all sexy an' hot an' good look'n like some of ya think. When I look in the mirror every morn'n, all I see is a nightmare....horror, scare hell out me. An' that is the reason I plan to "trim" my hair an' beard. Now if'n I could find somebody to do it FOR me, I would be sooooo grateful.

Ya see, I got to get them clippers back there where I cain't see. Any trim'n I do will be "dumb luck" as far as accuracy an' appearance. Only thing I got to do is get them thin hairs cut off'n my neck below the hair line. Bugs the crap out me. The beard will only be shortened. As is, I feel like I look like a old gold prospector or a town drunk.

The trip to Corpus Christi was close to a success yesterday. A couple items on my list were not found or purchased due to cost. Two 12 volt light bubs for $4.99? I think not.

First stop was all the way on the southeast side of town, next to where Walmart used to be in Flour Bluff. T-Mobile was the destination. I tole the nice guy I wanted a cheap phone, not a freak'n hand held computer what would do any an' every thing. An' that's exactly what I got.

 Not that I really needed it or nuttin like that, but the nice guy talk me right into it. This one, just like my old one, should last right bout 8 years or so.

From there we went to Pep Boys....gonna look see what they have in lines of cargo mats. Well I want you lookie here, I fount a flat mat what will work just fine. All I got to do is ....modify it (trim to fit). Think'n I may have the skills to do a decent job at that.
The 12 volt light bubs listed above (1003's), I passed on. They sell for a dollar apiece less at Walmart. These are the light bulbs I use for lighting in "da house". They only draw bout 9 to 11 watts depending on applied voltage. They are almost as bright as a regular ol' RV bulb (1141 an' 1156?) what draws right at 20 to 27 watts.

Then we cruised over to Academy for some new sandals. They got millions of tennis shoes an' stuff like that, but I cain't wear regular shoes. Only sandals.....what they have a very limited supply on display. I don't buy me no sandals at this Academy. So we head to Portland to check out the new Academy there. I'm hurt'n by this time of day. Too much walk'n an' look'n at stuff.

We head for the sandal section. Oh, this one looks nice....so I try it on. That one looks nice too....so I try it on. Decisions decisions......I buy 'em both. "Git me out of here, I got to go lay down".

Back at "da house"....my god, 4 1/2 hours of continuous shop'n is done. It was a long an' tiresome day for the old Billy Bob an' he feels it today.


  1. My wife likes to shop, but I don't. Oh well, you know the old story, if mamma ain't happy, no one is happy.

    1. It's funny that you would bring up the subject Dizzy, but I been think'n bout that for a few days. I DO believe in make'n mama happy, just to keep the peace, but I don't believe in a man giv'n up his manhood to do so. I had me a mama one time that all she care bout was controll'n my life so's she would be happy. I divorced her.

    2. Now that's one way to take care of business, laptop carped out last week and been fixing up a older one to take it's place (those little screws are hard to see any more )and wanted to know what you did with your POS Jeep Sport?

  2. Billy Bob I had the same trouble finding 12v lights too. All of our indoor lights are 12v too (we live in a small rv) Anyway... I found a great place for all kinds of light bulb's This link might be the one you're looking for
    http://www.memotronics.com/product?pid=398 Is this what you are looking for?
    We've done business with them two times and their customer service is great with fast shipping.
    Have a great day!

  3. New sandals & a new phone, a good day!

  4. I like your way of thinking...can't decide between two pairs of sandals...buy both!

  5. Four and a half hours of shopping plumb wears me out! I prefer short little trips.