Saturday, March 29, 2014

I like Mexican food......golf sucked

Well, here we are again with nuttin to say. By now, I rekon everbody is get'n pretty tired of my short posts an' look'n for something excit'n to happen. But it ain't gonna happen again today. Shoot....this stuff sucks.

Was my golf ball swak'n day yesterday excit'n? Well hell no it weren't. Actually it sucked. I weren't hit'n them golf'n balls worth a crap. I was hit'n trees, go'n off in the woods, short of the green by a hunnert yards, miss'n 3 foot putts....I weren't do'n nuttin right, golf sucks. But, the highlight of the game was to spend a hour or so with a RV'n an' golf'n buddy at the Mexican restaurant eat'n up some the bestest food ya ever eat. I could'n hold no more.....I was full to the brim.

Me an' the OFM Barney go sit outside....they got a little table thingy out there with a couple seats, an' me an' Barney sit there talk'n bout what we gonna do for the rest our lives. Ha....nuttin special there. We both feel'n the aches an' pains of "get'n older" an' "cain't do that no more". I been think'n for quite some time now that I need to make some changes in my life. Well, that ain't so....changes ain't gonna help. All I got to do is accept the fact that my excit'n days are gone....poooof, just like that.

Remember that last dream I had an' said I was gonna forget it....due to my age an' my ability to build it? That would be my "Sally da house" shelter an' patio. Well, that shelter (dream) is back in my mind again. My idea was to build it all by myself with no outside help....a Billy Bob only project. What a silly idea to come up with for somebody that cain't even pick up a dad burned concrete block no more. Or dig a little hole in the ground. Well......I'm look'n for help!!!! To my specifications of course......me "da boss".
So stay tuned as I sit out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n.This idea is subject to change at any moment.

My summer trip to Georgia is in a questioning stage right now. "What to expect when I get there?"....is the opening question.
Think'n maybe I better leave it at that for the present time....more later.

Ok....remember them cats, mice or rats I was talk'n bout? Well, it are cat puppies up under "da house", not rats or mices. We can hear them talk'n (cry'n), but we cain't see 'em....they hid pretty darn good. But, them cat puppies got to find themselfs a new home before I pull out of Sinton....still undecided on a date. 


  1. I had those baby pups when i moved here, too. They were wilder than anything i ever saw. i finally got them out from under the house, and when they got older they disappeared. Then i would see that poor old mama across the street under that one, doing it over and over. I felt so sorry for her, trying to feed herself and kittens all the time, and i didn't dare feed them. Learned not to put any food out, cause no telling what would show up.

  2. I'm think'n that if'n I lived in a place where rats an' mice lived, I would be happy to have me some them wild cats run'n round the place. And I would feed 'em too. But like you, I wouldn't necessarily like 'em up under the house.

    1. I've always heard if you feed a cat well, they have no reason to hunt for mice. I see no tracks of mice; 4 "raisin hell" dogs and slamming against then bouncing off cabinet doors, would make any sensible mouse vamoose, I'm a thinkin'. Then there IS that feral cat under my abode that I wouldn't dream of feeding for I've went though that experience for 4 long straight years in the past - one dropped-off tiny kitten, in time, produced about 40 more that I could never touch. Some $#&^ has spiced our neighborhood with cats again!

      Seems like every time you mention food, I'm at the point of already starving and your description makes me salivate somethin' terrible. I'm wishin' I lived close to a Mexican restaurant; but I'd puff out like a balloon in short notice. How can you stay so skinny and eat Mexican so often?

  3. I don't want anything living under my house, although I think there is a frog somewhere close by. I sure wish I could get a glimpse of him. I think the change of scenery in Georgia would revive your spirits.

  4. I know.... you're getting all your bad shots out of your golf game before you get to Georgia haha...
    glad you had a good meal, I had a big Ol chili cheese Hot Dog. $12 buck. everything here is higher than a giraffes ass. Going to Old San Juan tomorrow do some looking around. like that you still want me to build/help your RV thingy porch. Your Georgia trip gonna be just fine, so , stop intercepting the worst. Okay love you , tomorrow.

  5. SNL Cold Open. President Obama trying to sell Obamacare....


  6. I actually enjoy reading your short posts if it makes you feel any better! My husband and some of his friends went golfing also and said it was a total failure of a day. We too have had issues in the past with animals living under our home so it must be pretty common! Mexican food can be a great comeback from a terrible golfing day.

    Diane Baker @ Alejandra's Restaurant