Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not feel too good yesterday

Boy howdy....I was sit'n over there on the couch an' think'n maybe I would pass on a post for today. With not do'n nuttin an' them damn aches an' pains all the time, there just ain't much to write about.

I rekon I could tell ya bout the "billy jeep". It now has a Texas safety sticker on the windshield. An' them park'n brake shoes I was tell'n ya bout, they are installed an' half ass adjusted (too many clicks when I pull the lever). But what does it matter? I never use a park'n brake anyhows.

Yesterday was one of the worster days I've had in a long time. I could'a swored somebody shoot me in my hip while I was sleep'n. I didn't fall down or nuttin like that, but all day long I couldn't find a comfortable position. I even try walk'n outside, but that didn't last long. Sit outside in the blaz'n hot sun in my camp'n chair. That weren't no good. I did me some stretch'n exercises. That didn't help neither.

But that was only part of yesterdays "don't feel so good". I was light headed an' dizzy. A bit sick to my stomach....stuff like that. This I'm think'n may be from the penicillin I been tak'n. Maybe a reaction with my other drugs.

Speak'n of blaz'n hot sun, it was one hot sum-a-gun yesterday. But wait, don't get too excitis.....there's another arctic cold front headed this way. Freez'n temps, high winds an' rain predicted just a couple miles north of here. Be here Sunday night an' last for three days. Damn, I can hardly wait. With another cold front, I'm think'n I may have made the right decision to stay in Sinton until winter weather is behind us. Even though it's bore'n as hell.

Me an' that damn goat had us a little conversation yesterday. Ya see, when I got some old stale food I cain't eat, I goes to the door an' holler "GOAT". Here he come run'n across the yard. I sits down on my lower entrance step an' I feed him some stale donuts what are hard as a rock. He nudges me with his nose...."ya got any more"??? I shows him the empty box an' he nudge me again....knock me slap off'n that lower step. That when we have our conversation.

Ok, I have nothing.....I'll see ya all tomorrow. 


  1. Pain, it's whats for

    and then there'a aches.

  2. Are you taking the damn Goat when you leave Sinton? He's entertainment and blog material, after all.

  3. LMAOOOO,,, i think we have the same ailments....With that injection and adding some more pills, i'm almost pain free. The woozy spells are that vertigo, i think.
    Heck, you can go when you wanna,,, so enjoy that goat....

  4. Those dizzy spells and lightheadedness worry me. Sure do wish you'd go get checked out. One of these days you might end up horizontal and "can't get up"!

    1. When I have those I've checked blood pressure, normal, and sugar, normal, so no answer, except a touch of vertigo.

  5. Yes please get checked out, and mention the cramps and right after that, mention how little fluids you drink a day. :)


  6. Yep, once that cold front gets here, we got three more days of winter left.

    Billy Bob you have insurance, go get checked out...please!