Monday, March 31, 2014

A day of golf in high winds.....that gonna be fun

This morn'n I'm think'n I'll just keep my mouth shut an' let all of you sort it out.

Have ya ever go to bed an' wake up sometime dur'n the night an' not know if you was asleep? I done that last night. Ya see, I was hav'n a hard time get'n comfortable....an' couldn't go to sleep. It was 1am. Then sometime later, I waked up an' didn't really know if I had been asleep or not. That was weird.

Dad gun alarm went off an' I reach over an' hit the snooze button....bout 6 times. Dang I don't want to get up yet. But....I got things to do ya know. First thing is to get rid of this damn back pain......cain't stand up straight again this morn'n. Now if'n ya ever hit a golf'n ball, ya gotta stand up straight. Otherwise, there ain't no tell'n where that ball gonna go. Hit trees, in the water, in deep grass, there ain't no tell'n where ya gonna find that ball. When the old Billy Bob plays golf, he got to know exactly where his ball is at all times. Today is a golf ball swak'n day for the old Billy Bob an' the OFM Barney.

Along with all the recent back pains I been hav'n, my mind is wored to a frazzle. Dad gum thing don't work right. Ya see, I ain't exactly happy in my present situation. I'm at a point where I Grrrrrrrrr at everthing. Even myself. I'm freak'n depressed with my situation. Now I ain't like that every day, but this morn'n I even Grrrrrrr'ed that damn goat out there....for no reason. I'm think'n it comes from be'n stuck somewheres where ya don't want to be.

Ok, go head an' say it....I ain't stuck. Well actually I am. Ya see, I still got a few little repairs/projects to make on "Sally da house". I ain't able to make them right now. Nephew Joseph has got hisself all worked up over some silly crap, so I don't get much help from him. He's been Grrrrrrr'n all over the place too. The normal research I usually do before hook'n up an' go'n down the road a piece, I ain't even started yet. Dang....I need to get busy.

I mentioned over a week ago, I would go to Port Aransas an' Walmart last week (was gonna go last week). Tomorrow I'll jump in the "billy jeep" an' head that way. That takes a day. Then I got me a big ol' pile of clothes to be warshed. That will take another day. See what I'm talk'n bout? I'm stuck.

Ok, aspirin has kicked in.....where the hell is my golf'n shoes?


  1. I know exactly what you mean about being awake at night, and then you look at the clock an hour or 2 later and don't know if you've been sleeping or not. I think we are both sorta weird!

  2. Gotta have that sleep for everything else to fall into place!

  3. Do the projects you need to do on Sally require they be done before you hit the road or can they wait? If they can wait do them when you get to Georgia and your sons can help you.

    Hope you have a nice day of ball swaking with Barney.

  4. That was a heck of a golf game today we had wasn't it.