Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Still here....kind of sorta

"Holy cows Billy Bob, where the hell have you been"???

Yup, I gonna say Holy Cows too. I been sit here do'n the best I can under circumstances. Now where do I start to bring everbody up to date?

Well shoot, let's start with the couch. When Robert bring it to "da house", that sucker was tore up something terrible. Well....only the seat part an' one arm rest thingy. Medium strength foam rubber was bought an' I went to work with my butcher knife an' got it all sized to fit [*] this close to perfect.....within a inch or so. No really, it fit perfect. Then we went off to Joann's fabric sell'n place. Bought up 3 yards of vinyl upholstery, a close color match but not perfect. Cuss a little bit along the way. After 3 or 4 days I put that upholstery on the foam rubber an' wire ties it to the spring frame thingy. For somebody what ain't never done no upholstery, this thing look pretty damn good. A couple little mistakes what I ain't gonna point out an' the couch is in place in "Sally da house".
Oops....posted the wrong photo:

Try this one without the bottom thingy installed yet....."damn Billy Bob".

Whoa wait, it's too freak'n high. By bout 2 inches. Short women sit on it an' their feet don't touch the floor. Ya see, when we worked on the slide out, we raised it bout a 1 inches give or take. To lower the couch would be bout a 2 day chore....cut 2 inch out the steel legs an' put back together. But....the arm rest thingys would also have to be modified. Do I or don't I????

Ok, do I like the couch back in "da house" an' the most comfortable recliner in the world gone? Well, at the moment I can truthfully say "Oh hell yes". But I sure do miss sit'n in that recliner watch'n the TV at night. My liv'n room floor is once more big enough to git down dirty danc'n. Ha, betcha a dollar I cain't do that shit no more. 

I ain't started the "billy jeep" in bout 2 weeks. Wonder if'n the freak'n battery is dead again. There is still a code in the computer an' I'm skeered to drive it. Sucker stop run'n an' I have to walk my ass home. Now if'n I was bout 20 years younger, that code would mean absolutely nuttin to me. I could easily walk back home at that age. But damn, at 74 year old, I ain't gonna be do'n no walk'n.

Got me a appointment with the hernia doctor, but it's 2 weeks from now. They gonna have to run a few tests on me to see if'n I will live through a operation under general anesthesia. I'm gonna ask the doc if'n the operation can be done under sedation an' local anesthesia. In some places that's an' option. Gonna also ask the time period for the operation. I only have bout 2 more months here in Georgia, so's it has to be done rather quickly. You know....like tomorrow.

I been hav'n me some hip pains again. But that could be my fault. Couch repair, mov'n the desktop......pick'n up heavy shit. The pains still ain't near as bad but damn, I'm hav'n to take aspirin. Appointment on the 14th is another injection in the F5 joint. Hope it helps.

Ha, I goes outside an' I cranks up the "billy jeep". Sound just like a brand spank'n new one.

"member that new coffee pot I was tell'n ya bout? Well, I still don't like it. It brews up super quick, but then ya gotta wait 5 minutes for the coffee to dran out of the grind thingy before you install the lid. That's 10 minutes to brew up a 8 cup pot. Think'n I'll be buy'n me another Mr Coffee pretty soon that I can pour me a cup before the brew'n process is finished. When I want coffee, I want it now.

Ok, I'm out of here. Maybe my nest (* still don't work) post will be sooner than this one was.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Work'n on a couch

Ok....shoot, it's almost 6pm. I ain't got much time for a blog post.....but here it is.

I already tole you bout grandson Tim pull'n the starter an' replac'n that part an' the "billy jeep" fir'n right up. Some of ya may not have see that news so's here it is again....the "billy jeep" is fixed.

Now, bout this back an' hip of mine. I had the RFA (kill nerves) last week an' I was near pain free for a couple three days. Damn I were excitis. But, for the last two days, I have me some pains back there. In fack, I just take me a couple aspirins bout a hour ago while I was warsh'n up a big ol' pile of dirty dishes. God I hate do'n dishes.

A couple days ago, think'n it was Saturday, I goes out in the shed to work on "fix'n" my couch. Robert had gone an' pick it up at the other house an' boy howdy let me tell ya....that damn dog done eat the thing slap up. The seat part was all tear to pieces an' need new foam rubber an' a upholstery job by Billy Bob Upholstery...Inc. I'm almost certain I can do it. I mean like shoot, the cover on my recliner look like a factory job.
Anyhows, the new foam rubber has been cut to size an' doo dads glued on. It's ready for the upholstery shop. Ok, here's what I'm gonna do. The old upholstery on the back is still good, so all I gonna do with that is warsh it. Now the new sit down part will be a cloth material instead of vinyl. With all the company I get, who's gonna notice the difference? A close color match will be attempted.

Ok, I was in the shower. I look down an' holy shit, there's a big lump. A couple year ago a doc tell me I got a little hernia. Well that sucker musta grow bout 10 fold. I do some research. It can cause constipation, poop'n problems an' pee'n problems. I got 'em all. Now I got to call that damn doctor what I don't like one bit an' have him refer me to a hernia doctor. Damn!!! What next?

I don't know how to respond to the "driv'n back to Texas" comments. If'n it was departure day tomorrow, I would never make it. I would do good just to drive a hunnert mile. I am totally a piece of spaghetti. I ain't got no energy to do nuttin an' all my leg muscles are almost gone. What's the old say'n..."use it or lose it"?

Bout Texas an' Georgia. This is probably one of the hardest decision I'm ever gonna make. Sure I could go back to Texas, but that's gonna put me all by myself with nobody to look after me if'n I need assistance. Nobody to run me to doctor appointments. Do you know it's been months since I drive the "billy jeep"? With no intense back an' hip pains no more, I may be able to make me a Walmart run. Damn I miss Walmart. There's a ton of stuff I miss. Anyhows, Texas may not be in my future....although I DO have to go back for safety inspections, driver license an' stuff like that. But I'm think'n I'll have to come straight back to Georgia. Medical issues yet to be performed. Damn git'n old sucks.

Louie, you have no idea how much your offer mean to me. I'm think'n there was only one other time in my life I was made a offer like that. If worst come to worst Louie, I will call on you first.

Ok, I got to find something to eat. See ya laters....

Oh wait, I almost forget. Here I was think'n reset'n this damn computer back to day one would fix it. It didn't....the damn thing still lock slap up. Got so mad this afternoon when it lock up, I slug the thing right in the mouth. Rebooted an' in 5 minute, it lock up. Think'n .357 magnum!!!


Friday, March 11, 2016

Update on Update....yeee haa

Ok, I'm gonna make a short update to what's go'n on.

First an' most important.....I ain't got that damn pain in my right hip no more. Well, I know it's there 'cause I can feel  this tiny little irritation back there. So let me tell ya how this came to be. The radio frequency ablation was performed by the "other" doctor....an' boy howdy let me tell ya, it was soooo much different than my usual doctor when he did the 3 RFAs on the lower back.

The little sedative installer nurse girl ask me if'n I'm relaxed yet. I says no. She put some more that knock ya out stuff in there. I'm relaxed gooood. The doc jabs this needle thingy in the SI. "Do ya feel that"? Well yeah I feel that, but it don't hurt....proceed. I feel a zap zap zap as he does his thing. Then zap zap zap, I feel it again. Hmmmm, did he kill more than one nerve....I got 2 holes in my back. The nice nurse helps me back to the recovery room hold'n me up with 2 arms. Damn, I cain't walk worth a crap.....an' I'm happy.

Robert helps me to the truck an' we headed down the road. Then he helps me into Arbies for a ruban sammich. Just seen it on the TV an' had to try it. That will be the last ruban I try at Arbies.

I don't feel no pain at Arbies or on the way home. But shoot, I'm still sedated. Back at "da house", I takes me a short nap. I wake up to NO PAIN. That evening the only pain I had was from the puncture wounds where the tubes was inserted. Today, that pain has gone away. I would rekon I'm right at bout 80 to 89% pain free back there. See how long this lasts.

Now bout that "billy jeep". I decided when we returned from the doctor....I'm gonna start up the engine. Ha, that sucker fire right up no problem. Turn it on an' off bout 10 times.....no problems. Damn, is it fixed?

Then yesterday I cranks it up again. It don't start up....DAMN!!! I reset the computer to clear the codes an' TRY to crank 'er up again. It don't start.....got the same code again. This means I'll be work'n on a "billy jeep" replacing the crankcase position sensor. It's not a easy job....put it up on ramps, remove the starter an' hope to hell the sensor comes out with no problem. Will let ya know after I get up enough gumption to crawl up under that thing.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout this Dell computer lock'n up? Well I got me so freak'n stressed I decided I would restore it back to day one. I hit the clickity click buttons an' it says "DO NOT turn off your computer. For two hours I watch as the percentage thingy goes up....10%, 20%, 40%, 60%....damn, this is slow. I stop watch'n it. Then a hour later I look again. The damn computer has locked up at 80% complete. Did a cold start an' now I ain't got nuttin. Think'n dumpster. Oh wait, here's another option to reset back to day one from backup. I don't do backups, but maybe theres one on the computer. Yeeee Haaaa, there is. I hit that reset button. A fan is placed behind the computer just in case the lock up is from a over heat problem. A hour later I have me a computer again. Will it still lock up? Won't know until I remove the fan. Did you know that this is the first computer I ever own that does NOT have a cooling fan?

Ok, that's all ya git at this time....I got things to do.

Oh my God, you never gonna believe what happen.
Ya see, I was sit'n here think'n bout the chore of climb'n up under the "billy jeep". I hears a car pull up in the driveway. It was my wonderful grandson Tim. "Hey Tim, have ya ever pull a starter before"? I guess you know what happen from that point on. Tim crawl up under there, pull the starter an' removed the sensor. Installed the new sensor an' put the starter back in. With crossed fingers an' toes, I cranks up the "billy jeep". Fire right up....go a hunnert mile a hour I betcha. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Belongs in a dumpster post

Not too sure why I am here, but here I am. I done sit down a hunnert time to update my blog an' ever time I do it, I end up throw'n it in the dumpster.
"Today Billy Bob, I'll break yer arm if'n ya even think bout throw'n this in the dumpster".

One update I ain't even thought about is the freak'n water heater what was broke a couple month ago. That sucker is work'n like a brand spank'n new one. Ever time I walk past the switch thingy hang'n on the wall, I wonder if'n maybe the little red light burned out. It ain't never on.

What else have I been work'n on? Got the parts in for the (hopefully) repair on the "billy jeep". That was a stressful situation let me tell ya. Ya see, the parts was sent by USPS....ha, shouldn't have to say no more bout that. My parts was miss'n. Ya see, I done a USPS tracking on them parts an' they was delivered. HIL Harry says "they ain't here". So's I lose half a night sleep wonder'n how the hell I gonna find my parts. Now don't get me wrong, I had a wild hair to put my shows on an' wrap a plastic bag over my head an' go out to the road an' check the mail box. Damn it were rain'n up a storm.
The next morn'n here come HIL Harry. In his hand he got this little package....the parts. Guess where the mail lady put the package. You guess it....in the mailbox. "Damn Harry....mail goes in the mailbox".

Nope, parts are still lay'n on the desktop. "Robert, where are the car ramps"? They ain't here. There ain't no ways in hell anybody gonna get under the "billy jeep" without a set of ramps. The starter needs pulled to get to an' replace the crankcase position sensor located behind the starter. While we're at it, we gonna change the camshaft position sensor too....whether it needs it or not. These two items are what has replaced the distributor....the thingy with the wires go'n to the spark plugs. There are no spark plug wires on the "billy jeep". If there are, I sure as hell cain't find 'em.
Anyhows, "billy jeep" is still mess up an' won't run right.

Yesterday grandson Tim bringed my couch back for me to attempt to repair an' reinstall back in "da house". Holy cows, you shoud see what a underage big ass puppy can do to a couch. I got foam rubber to replace. Locate some vinyl with as close a match as I can an' build me some new upholstery for the sit down part. I still have "yo mama's" sew machine for that job. Can the old Billy Bob do it? We'll see.

Health issues are still bout the same. Git sick for a week an' feel pretty good for a week. I'm back on the stomach medication what causes constipation, but what the hell....I got laxatives. Although....I am only tak'n 1 a day instead of 4 a day. I experiment ya know. Think'n I can increase to 2 a day....no constipation.

Dad gum feet is swelled up again. Been like this for a freak'n week. I did some research. "Git off'n yer ass Billy Bob, too much sit'n causes feet to swell". Doctors ask me all the time...."how much time do you spend on your feet a day"? My answer has been "one hour". That's bout the best I can do without a ton of back pain an' pass'n out from "I cain't breath". Damn smokes!!! Yes I'm back to a pac a day. Shit sucks.

Tomorrow I get my SI back ablation....kill that nerve. I'm think'n I may also need to do it again for the F5 nerve. Nerves come back ya know after kill'n 'em. That also sucks. 

It's get'n closer to "I gotta be in Texas". That causes more stress an' God I hate stress. Ya see, my driver license expires this year an' I gotta get me another one. "Sally da house" has got to get a safety inspection....as does the "billy jeep". There is NO LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Total darkness.....what the hell am I gonna do?

 I bout had it with this damn cat. He has a cat attitude....an' I mean attitude. I was hope'n he would be a 'inside/outside' cat, but he ain't. He's a 'outside/outside/outside/inside' cat. Inside only for a bite to eat an' sleep at night. Then back outside as soon as I open the door. Damn cat!!!

I done everthing I can think of, plus what I found on the internet, to fix this computer. After upgrading to Win 10 an' downgrad'n back to Win 8.1, it still locks up for some unknown reason. My last attempt will be to restore back to day 1 an' see if'n that will fix it. Computers didn't used to do this shit until Bill Gates says...."hey, let's try this an' see what happens". My computer never done this until I upgraded to Win 10. HUGE mistake. By the way, there are millions of others that have this same problem....with no known cures. Microsoft refuses to discuss it with a cure.

Ok, I'm done for this dumpster post. Sure do wished I had some excit'n news to share with ya, but there ain't none.