Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Work'n on a couch

Ok....shoot, it's almost 6pm. I ain't got much time for a blog post.....but here it is.

I already tole you bout grandson Tim pull'n the starter an' replac'n that part an' the "billy jeep" fir'n right up. Some of ya may not have see that news so's here it is again....the "billy jeep" is fixed.

Now, bout this back an' hip of mine. I had the RFA (kill nerves) last week an' I was near pain free for a couple three days. Damn I were excitis. But, for the last two days, I have me some pains back there. In fack, I just take me a couple aspirins bout a hour ago while I was warsh'n up a big ol' pile of dirty dishes. God I hate do'n dishes.

A couple days ago, think'n it was Saturday, I goes out in the shed to work on "fix'n" my couch. Robert had gone an' pick it up at the other house an' boy howdy let me tell ya....that damn dog done eat the thing slap up. The seat part was all tear to pieces an' need new foam rubber an' a upholstery job by Billy Bob Upholstery...Inc. I'm almost certain I can do it. I mean like shoot, the cover on my recliner look like a factory job.
Anyhows, the new foam rubber has been cut to size an' doo dads glued on. It's ready for the upholstery shop. Ok, here's what I'm gonna do. The old upholstery on the back is still good, so all I gonna do with that is warsh it. Now the new sit down part will be a cloth material instead of vinyl. With all the company I get, who's gonna notice the difference? A close color match will be attempted.

Ok, I was in the shower. I look down an' holy shit, there's a big lump. A couple year ago a doc tell me I got a little hernia. Well that sucker musta grow bout 10 fold. I do some research. It can cause constipation, poop'n problems an' pee'n problems. I got 'em all. Now I got to call that damn doctor what I don't like one bit an' have him refer me to a hernia doctor. Damn!!! What next?

I don't know how to respond to the "driv'n back to Texas" comments. If'n it was departure day tomorrow, I would never make it. I would do good just to drive a hunnert mile. I am totally a piece of spaghetti. I ain't got no energy to do nuttin an' all my leg muscles are almost gone. What's the old say'n..."use it or lose it"?

Bout Texas an' Georgia. This is probably one of the hardest decision I'm ever gonna make. Sure I could go back to Texas, but that's gonna put me all by myself with nobody to look after me if'n I need assistance. Nobody to run me to doctor appointments. Do you know it's been months since I drive the "billy jeep"? With no intense back an' hip pains no more, I may be able to make me a Walmart run. Damn I miss Walmart. There's a ton of stuff I miss. Anyhows, Texas may not be in my future....although I DO have to go back for safety inspections, driver license an' stuff like that. But I'm think'n I'll have to come straight back to Georgia. Medical issues yet to be performed. Damn git'n old sucks.

Louie, you have no idea how much your offer mean to me. I'm think'n there was only one other time in my life I was made a offer like that. If worst come to worst Louie, I will call on you first.

Ok, I got to find something to eat. See ya laters....

Oh wait, I almost forget. Here I was think'n reset'n this damn computer back to day one would fix it. It didn't....the damn thing still lock slap up. Got so mad this afternoon when it lock up, I slug the thing right in the mouth. Rebooted an' in 5 minute, it lock up. Think'n .357 magnum!!!



  1. I think I will be here in Decatur Al the rest of my life. Oh well. There are much worse places to be marooned than Gavinland.

    1. I didn't want to be "stuck in georgia" for the rest my life, but there comes a time in life where it's no longer a choice. Being close to family is a plus in many ways. But....there's always the possibility that things will change.

  2. Welcome to the being stuck club. But, I bet you'll agree that being stuck in Alabama and Georgia are better than being stuck in Minnesota! At least, we all had some good years out there traveling so we can look back and enjoy our memories. If'n we could remember them, that is. Good thing we all kept blogs during our traveling years. Most of mine are at http://sandcastle.sandsys.org in case you want to follow some of mine on those days we don't feel like dong anything else.

  3. It is nice to close to family if you need help. Especially if you have not driven for a long time.
    Good luck with your decisions.

  4. Gosh, its still the same with me,,,as you. Living with pain 24/7 = not good. Well, i do get pain free at nite and sleep. And, i sure couldnt be away by myself somewhere. Darn BB, hate to hear about that hernia. Just another nuisance.

  5. hi BB.i know you have had a lot of trouble with your computers so just in case you lost my e-mail and cel phone number i will e-mail you and give you my cel number .
    if you want me to just come to georgia and drive you and sally and the billy jeep to the closest texas town ( marshall texas ) and them drive you all back to georgia i could just drive my car right to where you are and park it at "yo mama's".and then i would have my transportation back to good old south texas . so just let me know what you want to do BB. .

  6. hi BB. according to map quest atlanta georgia to marshall texas is only 9hr 46min 635.7mi . and i believe "yo mama's" is west of atlanta . so all of you stress and anxiety can be eliminated in a couple of days . or if you want to come all the way south ,the south rio grande valley is emptying out of all the thousands of winter texans senior citizens , so that should mean there are many home care workers out of work and all the hospitals including the va hospitals are a lot less occupied and including lots of empty R V parks .

  7. Billy Bob go to Oklahoma and get you the Jesus shot.
    Here's a little bit about it.

    Miller, a former rodeo cowboy who suffers from chronic pain, told the Houston Chronicle earlier this year he has received the “Jesus Shot,” a controversial but legal medication administered only by a single Oklahoma City-area doctor who claims that it takes away all pain for life.

  8. Surely you have finished that couch by now?! Am missing you.