Thursday, May 31, 2012

UPS to the rescue

Boy howdy, did we get some stuff done yesterday. Nothing major, just little piddle jobs. Like I says before, things I been put'n off for the last 5 years.

Son Ronny jump right in with both feets an' removed all the doors and drawers from the lower kitchen cabinets. Strip them down of all hinges and pulls. Then he takes my random orbital sander and sand all the old grease, dirt an' grime, and underlay'n varnish slap off'n them things. Wore two high dollar .69 cents foam brushes plumb down to the handle slap'n polyurethane on them. Walla, brand spank'n new drawers and doors. One more project completed.

Another project I been put'n off for far too long is replacing the under sink shelf. From day one, that shelf had been a nightmare and eye sore.....sags in the middle....stuff falls all over the place. Well, that project is almost done too. Reinstall will be done when the slide out repair has been completed. Since we were working under the sink, the plumbing has been modified to Billy Bob specifications......make more room to store stuff.

Project #3 for the day was to remove that ugly carpet from the entrance steps and install flooring. Boy howdy, old Billy Bob done wored his self plumb out measur'n and cut'n. But it fit....yee ha. Will complete sometime today....or tomorrow. 

The aluminum angle (1/4" 2"x3"x4 feets) arrived yesterday evening. Son Robert is already this morning setting up the drill press for drilling and countersinking bolt and screw holes. Did you know......cutting of aluminum is done with regular wood working tools??? Just thought you would like to know.

Ok....time to pick up and arrange tools for another day. Stay tuned.

How do ya give a simple explanation to a simple question? RV Dan asked yesterday how do ya remove a slide out. This photo is about the best I can do. That piece of flooring is an example of what trim was removed from the inside if the slide before it would fit through the hole in the wall. It acts as a stop against the inside coach wall so's ya don't go out too far. It is screwed on to the aluminum square tubing you see in the pic. Hope this helps Dan.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I ain't really lost...

"Damn Billy Bob, don't ya remember how to get back home? Ya see, me and Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep" and head 'em up to Home Depot to spend some bucks for the continuing modifications to "Sally da house". "HEY...I don't remember passing Walgreens on the way to Home Depot". What the hell....we on the wrong road.

Home Depot was nice to me as I was driv'n that damn heavy hand truck/cart, or whetever ya call it, down one aisle after another. People was get'n out the way.....mumbl'n something under their breath. I had me enough junk on that cart to build a 2 story house. Right at $1100 in materials and oddities. Holy cows, that more than I was expect'n. But, had I hired a RV repair shop to do this "fix", it would be more like $11,000....and I would be liv'n in a motel somewheres. Thanks to my loving sons, I have saved ten big ones right quick like.

By the time I got back home, I were wored slap out. Too many people seem to be go'n the same place I were. Traffic was heavy.....wait 5 minutes at every freak'n red light. Anyhows, I had stopped at the Krystal Hamburger place and got me 4 little square hamburgers, a order of fries, a bowl of Krystal chili and a fried pie. By the time I finish eat'n all that stuff....it were nap time. A long nap, right bout 2 hours. So's I make me up a pot of coffee and go sit out on "da porch"....do some think'n. That was it. That was my day.

Son Ronny should be show'n up at "da house" here in a few minutes. At least that what he tole me yesterday on the phone. Says he wants to work. Well, I bet ya a quarter I can find him something to do....if he shows up and is willing to get his hands dirty. Ya gotta keep a watchful eye on these boys if'n ya want to get some work done. That's what supervisors are for ya know.

Got us a little rain last night. Couple leaks made their way into "da house" where we got it covered up with a big ol' bout 20x20 feets blue tarp. Problem is, it's supposed to rain again today and again tomorrow. With parts arriving today via UPS, I'm gonna be outside work'n on the bottom of the slide out. Then it will be ready for reinstallation. The damn thing better work too since it has been modified by Billy Bob & Company.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sit'n in the yard

Boy howdy, you just don't know how good it makes the old Billy Bob to sit back on da couch an' look at his new floor. Although, the couch is sit'n out in the yard on a picnic table.

With the flooring completed, with the exception of bout 5 sq. feets in the bedroom, I been concentrat'n on little things I been want'n to do for the last 5 years. Like install'n the FRP on the wall behind the stove.....what turned out to be the entire wall behind stove and sink. You go Billy Bob.
Now that were one tedious job mak'n that FRP stuff fit. What didn't fit, I got me a tube of caulking the same color. Fill them little cracks right up.
Also pulled out the microwave so's I can fix the little bell thingy what ain't worked in a few years. Gotta have the bell ya know. Might even clean it....make it look brand spank'n new.

Sure do dread chang'n clothes and go'n to Walmart and Home Depot.....but I'm out of food an' donuts, ran slap out of materials to complete some the little odds and ends an' Sadie Mae wants to go for a ride.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tinker'n with stuff

"Holy crap Billy Bob, why you yell'n an' cuss'n like that"??? Well shoot, you would yell an' cuss like that too if'n you waked up to leg cramps. 6:30am, that what time it were, when I comes fly'n out that bed with a cramp in both my legs. Boy howdy....that all I can say bout that.

Brewed me up a pot of coffee an' got to think'n.....what if? I been tote'n this sheet of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) around for the last 5 years contiplat'n on install'n it behind the stove to make household chores a little easier. Broke out the measure tape and start cut'n. Fit pretty darn good until I notice it don't fit. What the hell??? The counter top ain't straight. It got a bend in it....bout 3/8 inches. I see what happened....when they super glued this thing together 8 years ago, they glued the counter top in crooked. Gonna take some fandangl'n to fix that. But....I got me a idea. More on that later. In the mean time, I better do some dishes what are in the way.

The fortunes of war. I been think'n bout how fortunate my family an' me has been. My dad and uncle were in WWII. Both came home without a scratch. Had an uncle on my mothers side came home from Korea without a scratch....but ya light off a firecracker and he go berserk....spelled bizerk in my book. Son Ronny survived a tour of duty during to Kuwait fiasco without a scratch. I survived the Cuban blockade and the Viet Nam conflict without a scratch.....although I did catch alcohol poisoning and food poisoning one time while stationed on the USS Canberra.
To all those that lost their lives in all the wars and conflicts, past and present, the old Billy Bob stands to attention this Memorial Day. Thanks for your contribution to a strong America and the freedoms I have today.

Ok, my camp'n son Robert and family is back from a wonderful camping trip to the north Georgia mountains. Sure are glad I didn't go. He only camps for a couple days and is ready to come home. The boy don't "no nuttin" bout camping.....Sheesh!!!!

 Oh yeah, before everbody get some kind of fool idea that Billy Bob don't do nuttin, yesterday I took a cabinet plumb apart and "fix" it. It was out of square, door bout to fall off, just plain in need of some TLC attention. Got it all put back together with a few new pieces of wood and some bigger an' better screws. Save me bout a hunnert dollars....yeah it did.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog'n clouds

Boy howdy, what direction we gonna go this morn'n? Blog writ'n ain't as easy as some think ya know. There lots of think'n ya gotta do in order to make a good blog post. Sometimes ya just don't quite make it. This morn'n is one them days where my mind is go'n in all different directions.

Yesterday, I took the advice of a faithful follower and took the day off to rest my weary bones. Ya all know how hard the old Billy Bob has been work'n rip'n out all the carpet in "da house", replac'n rotted wood and install'n all new hard surface wood flooring. Some of ya may have the impression that my boys have done all this work, but let me tell ya right now, it were Billy Bob what got 'er done through careful plan'n and supervision (God knows those boys need plenty that). Well the flooring is almost done but not quite.

Anyways, I got me up bout 4 days of much needed nap time yesterday and never once picked up a hammer or fired up a table saw. I just laid back and enjoyed what rest I could muster in one day. This is a holiday weekend ya know.

I ain't made no plans for what I'm gonna do today, but I can betcha I'm gonna do something. One of my favorite activities is to sit around sip'n a cup, think'n an' "do'n nuttin". But when I got myself a project to keep me busy, I'm in hog heaven. And with the boys close by, I can think of lots of projects to keep them busy and  out of trouble. I got me some pretty good boys ya know. If they would just listen to their daddy an' do things his way. Little do they know that this may be their last chance to work along side their daddy for another 7 years or so. "Sally da house" should be in tip top shape when I head 'em up back to Texas long bout August or there a bouts.

Speak'n of Texas, talked to "pesky neighbor" Wayne over in Deming yesterday night. He do'n good. Says he lost a bunch of weight, but I got to see that with my own two eyes. Tells me my old park'n space is still vacant and wait'n for me to come visit. Boy howdy, just to sit on "da porch" sip'n up a cup just one more time sure do sound good. If'n ya remember, old Billy Bob builded that "da porch" way back in November of 2005. It withstood the high winds of the desert, torrential rainfalls, blow'n snows and served as a workshop for many projects. Yup, love my "da porch". If I ever get a chance to build another, it will be exactly like "da porch".....maybe a little bigger. 

Ok......things to do. Check back laters to see if'n I lied to ya.

Just had to come back to prove I ain' no li'yer. Got the bedroom flooring finished as far as I can go till we inspect the bedroom slide out. I think I talked bout this once before that it's also too low.....will drag on the new flooring.  No rotted wood has been found, so there is another problem hidden up under the bed somewheres. Rats.....we probably have to sleep on the couch for a few nights.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lay'n back

Before I get into a bunch of nonsense and work issues..............

Yesterday, Dizzy Dick brought up a subject I have delt will most my life. What if??? If you had took a different direction in your life than the ones you did, you would not be where you are today. Only by chance would you ever get back on the same road you are on today.

I were engaged to be married to Phyllis, but married Mary instead. What if I had married Phyllis??? I took a job with The University of Texas. What if I hadn't? I didn't go to college. What if I had? Each "what if" puts you on a different road going to an unknown destination in life. Ponder on that for a while.

Ok...that's plumb enough serious stuff....how bout some nonsense? Boy howdy....yee haa an' all that Billy Bob stuff....git down James Brown....uh huh.

Can't rightly say that I had a restful sleep last night, but I got up feel'n pretty dern good this morn'n. Most mornings I get up with a slight case of sciatica....them pains what run down your leg all the ways to your toenails. If'n ya ain't never experienced this sort of pain, it's a 10 on the pain scale.

Oh....while I think bout it, I stapled my hand the other day. I were look'n a a staple gun I was gonna use to staple some carpet. I squeezes the handle and "what the hell", I got a half inch long staple embedded in the heel of my hand. Surprisingly I felt no pain....until I pulled it out.

Anyhows.....yesterday I got quite a bit done on the bedroom floor. Although it took me over 6 hours to do what I would normally do in 2 hours. I took my time, took my breaks and protected my back. I may just finish that job up today....only bout 10 more square feets to install. "Then what ya gonna do Billy Bob"???

Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to normal....only 3 days worth

Boy howdy, you just don't know how good it feels to be sit'n here all by myself sip'n a cup and think'n. No interruptions, no size 15 feets tramp'n dirt on my new floors, no dogs run'n in an' out....and best of all, no silly questions to answer from 8am till 10pm. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

With all the work go'n on with "Sally da house", it's been hard for me to make interesting blog posts. Not many people find construction an interesting subject. Women have no interest at all.....they want flowers an' stuff like that. I could go out in the garden an' take a pic of a cucumber. Or some little maters.

Ok, I'm in the mood to pull up more carpet in the bedroom. Catch up to ya later on in the day.
Holy crap.....it's 3 oclock pm

See, I tole you I was gonna rip out some carpet in the bedroom.
Oh frit....where is the freak'n padding Billy Bob???? Outside somewhere's I rekon. Now how I gonna get the padding under the glues together floor? I betcha I can figger it out in nuttin flat. Ya wanna watch???


Just for Butterbean!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nap??? What nap?

Boy howdy let me tell ya, yesterday I was lay myself down on that couch over there, gonna take me a nice nap. Just bout the time my eyeballs was fall'n down, up drives my wonderful son Robert. Raring to go tear'n up some more stuff so we have something to fix.

Most of yesterday was try'n to get my old back in some kind of shape for the "fix it" projects today. Nope.....it just like it were yesterday. Today has been just piddl'n round put'n stuff back together.....not photo worthy. The front part of "da house" is complete an' ready for the slide to come back in. But the slide ain't fix yet. Parts to arrive bout wednesday next week. Damn....I can hardly wait.

I been eat'n pretty good. Ya see, Robert is a darn good cook when he puts his mind to it. Had us some grilled pork chops last night what tasted just like grilled chicken. Long bout my age, everything taste just like chicken. Had some burned hot dogs the other night. Of course, hot dogs now days is a combination of chicken and other unknown processed meats, so they tasted like chicken too. Sure are glad I like chicken. Yum yum!!!

 Did I mention that I gonna be buy'n a brand spank'n new set of tires for "da house". I got one what has got a big ol' cut on the sidewall and all the others are sun cracked.

I figger after 7 1/2 years it's time to replace before I tear the side out "da house" from a blow out. Have ya ever see the damage a blow out does to an RV? Not a pretty sight. "Sally da house" wears size 225 70 R19.5 shoes. And they don't come from Payless Shoes. A set of 6 new tires should set me back right at $2400, plus tax an' all the other charges they gouge me for. But she's worth it I rekon.

Ok......I'm done for the day. I'll be "home alone" for the holiday weekend, so maybe I can rest up my back and be ready to "hit it" come tuesday morning.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unhappy floor

Location Douglasville, Geogria

Yup, I sure are unhappy. When I struggled my way out of the comfortable bed at 8:30 this morn'n, my heart hit the brand spank'n new floor. It's all filthy dirty. Little specks of dust is lay'n all over the floor dancn'n a jig an' grin'n back at me. Now if you think I'm gonna sweep and "swiffer" this floor every freak'n day, somebody done told you wrong. I were think'n on something like once a month....or something like that. So what do ya do? Ya cover it up with a bunch of throw rugs. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Now that the flooring is almost completed, I'm switch'n my attention to the repair to the bottom of the slide out. Materials have been ordered and should arrive middle of next week.

Some of you probably have no idea, but the old Billy Bob does. Ya see, due to poor factory design, the floor has separated right there where that big ol' piece of angle aluminum is gonna be bolted on. Had the wall been placed on top of the floor instead of the floor butting up to the wall, we wouldn't be hav'n this conversation. It ain't go'n nowheres when I get done. I know how to fix stuff ya know.

Been a wonderful day here at "Roberto's RV Resort & Repair". Weather is beautiful and there ain't nobody home to cause me undue stress. A day of relaxation.....and possibly a much needed nap. Yee Haa!!!  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Alone..

Boy howdy, these boys don't give me no break time at all. Got two big ol' husky, bout 6 foots, sons and two, 6 foots three inches, grandsons trip'n back and forth all over the place, while I'm sit'n here in my supervisors chair keep'n a watchful eye on construction. I don't even have time for a fresh pot of coffee out on "da porch". The old Billy Bob is get'n wored slap out without his "breaks" and naps.
But today is different. The grandsons are in school and Robert is on a side job. That leaves me with my Billy Boy (the cop) what comes and goes.....depending on how much work is involved. He's a good boy!!! 

Yesterdays progress went very good....a successful day, considering all the "NO Robert, that ain't gonna fit".

Didn't get many photos yesterday, but you get the idea of what we are do'n to "Sally da house".

Ok, I got bout 4 more pieces of flooring to finish the whole front of "da house". Will take pics of the finished product when I get all the tools and stuff removed.

Check back in bout a hour or so.......

Ok, so it took more than an hour. Takes me a while to pick up tools an' stuff.

That there are one fine look'n floor even if'n I do to say so myself. But.....it's been discovered the "scratch" durability sucks. I guess that's the reason people put light color flooring in RVs....scratches don't show. But mine do.

The above photo is the handi work of my son Billy. He took his pocket knife (table saw) and whittled out the bull nose for a flush floor fit and overhang into the step well. He get that from his daddy. Although, his mama know how to drive nails too.

Next project is repairs to the bottom of the slide out. Now if'n the old Billy Bob is got it figger out right, it ain't gonna be that big a job. More on this "fix" later.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And the beat goes on....

Boy howdy let me tell ya....I ain't never in my life seen nuttin like this. Where is the floor joists??? Where are the aluminum floor members? Where is anything to hold this floor up?

This is the point we are at as of this beautiful "fish'n weather" morning. After the removal of the old styrofoam, there are no flooring supports, members or joists to make the floor rigid. Nothing but a piece of 1/4 inches plywood beneath the styrofoam. Under that 1/4 inches plywood are little supports spaced out every bout 3 feets. You can get an idea what I'm talk'n bout from the above photo.......where I added a couple supports to help carry the load of the slide out. Now.....did you know....the waferboard flooring is in one solid sheet 35 feets long and 8 1/2 feets wide? Installed before any walls were built. Not the way I would design a floor, but they never called me to get my opinion when they constructed "Sally da house". They should have.

Today plywood flooring will be installed in the kitchen and bath areas. Glued down to the new replacement 2" styrofoam.
This may possibly be the flooring I will installing some time next week. What ya think....huh?

All this work my son Robert is doing is taking a toll on my back. And my stress level is right out there on the edge. But it's going smoothly considering what we have to work with. Just can't believe there is no support for the flooring system......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

This is all the update I have up to this point. Maybe the old Billy Bob will be back in a few more days with some nonsense. Ok....back to work, work, work. 


See....I was tole you it was an easy job.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slide out out

I'll attempt to make this short as possible this morning. Ya ever been run slap over by a big ol' 18 wheeler truck? Attack by a herd of raging mad pit bulls? Fall out a 10 story window? Well, that what old Billy Bob feel like this morning. But it's get better with each sip of coffee.

Yesterday started with an early trip to the lumber get'n place. Got all the materials to build a picnic table for the upcoming event...."slide out party". Me and Robert met up with other son Billy at House of Pancakes for a nourishing breakfast. Then on to "da house" to begin construction.

This could have been the end of a successful day, but with two hefty redneck boys with nothing to do, we man handled the slide out slap on top that picnic table.

Now it was time to inspect for damage. My God, the floor is rotten.

This gives you an idea why Billy Bob was dread'n tear'n stuff apart. It's actually less damage that I had expected, so that puts me ahead of the game...right?

Ok.....son Robert is all fired up. Time to begin another day of break'n stuff.....or hopefully fix'n stuff.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Picnic table construction

Boy howdy, I just get here and everybody says "let's go to work". So I'm work'n on a material list to build a picnic table. Less the sit down benches.
Upon this heavily constructed picnic table will be placed a 800 pounds extendaroom slide out....but not today.  The more I look this job over, the more I find I don't want to do it. But somebody gotta do it.

Rolled into my sons yard right bout 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Ain't nuttin to it when ya knows what you're do'n. Back this big sucker into RV space #1, right next door to the carpenter shop. Got water and electric hook ups on site. Cain't beat that wit a stik.

Ok, got to cut this short.....son is get'n kind of "pushy" to go to the lumber yard. Be back laters......

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now you must pay the piper

Location: State rest area 30 miles south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on I-20

Woooeeee, old Billy Bob is down for the count this morning. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. I feel like somebody done beat me with a highway stripe an' a couple exit signs. I hurt all over this morn'n. Although, I have got the best sleep the last 3 nights I've had in years. Go to sleep by 11pm and never wake up till 7:30 am.

But life must go on. Here in a little bit I will climb behind the wheel and continue on down the road a piece. With only 230 miles to destination, I feel I have done a pretty good job of lay'n down 830 highway miles in just 3 days of travel. I haven't really felt too bad physically, considering I've been "push'n the limit". My limit.

So why the hell am I in such a hurry? Well, ya see, it's like this.....my son Robert has camping on his mind and you know how his daddy feels bout camp'n. Maybe we can get in a good camp'n trip before we tear "da house" to pieces. Once we start removing the slide out extendaroom, "da house" is grounded until all repairs are finished.

Ok....got to put my sandals on, climb behind the wheel and head 'em up. See ya down the road a piece.  

1:15 pm update: Location Georgia

Boy howdy I mean to tell ya, the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae is 1 mile inside the Georgia State line. Pull over to the side the road at the Georgia State funded rest area. This is a good'un if'n ya wanted to stay a couple days.
Holy smokes, that's a car on fire over there. The first photo didn't come out as I pushed the wrong button for bout the hunnert time. I would a been a good one with smoke a hunnert feets in the air, fire trucks, cops, and a line of traffic back up for miles. Then on up the road a piece was all kind of road construction. Who say Alabama ain't got no money?? They had workers stand'n round lean'n on shovels just wait'n for a paycheck.

Ok, so I don't practice what I preach all the time. Yeah I could have stop off somewheres for a day or two, or I could have stuck to my own rules.....200 mile a day and no more than 6 hours travel time. Once I got on the road, I was feeling pretty  darn good. Of course I took me up some aspirin for my aches and pains
and an alka seltzer for the old queezy belly. I'm fine. Just weren't 4 hours ago.

Gonna hang out here for a bit at the rest area. Lay back and enjoy the gentle breeze over a fresh cup of coffee.

Final update: I are here safe and sound. That's all folks....see ya tomorrow.

Monday, May 14, 2012

X's Texas

Travel location...Monroe, La.

What a title for a blog post huh? What do ya think I was think'n when I came up with that?

You may want to go back to yesterdays post to read the update from 12:30am.....AM???? Didn't ya mean PM? Yeah I did....Bob from Athens reminded me that. 

I always find a twinge of disflavor when I cross the border into another state. Kind of like leav'n a best friend behind to watch over the place....but not really trusting he will keep a watchful eye. I'm half ways across Louisiana this morning. Been here since yesterday afternoon but was to lazy to make an update of my new location.

You can tell when you turn onto an interstate.....traffic and no flowers.

Home is where ya park it
After traveling right at 280 miles yesterday, it was time for a rest. And what better place for a rest then a State Rest area. Since there is only one rest area across La. on I-20, I chose this one to kick back, take a short nap, walk the dog and spend the night.

Sadie Mae says "what's that...is that a cat"??

Today's plan is to just cruise down the road a piece and look at all the beautiful scenery. "Look out Billy Bob, ya almost hit that car".  I did that a couple times in my life "winder gawk'n", rubber neck'n or what ever ya want to call it, instead of watch'n the road. Don't take a split second an' you in a ditch somewheres. But I'm very careful....only gawk for half a split second.

Well it's bout that time to head on down the road a piece. If every thing go as planned, I will be in Alabama later on this afternoon. Gonna bypass Mississippi altogether. Shoot right through there lickity split like it ain't even there. Hunnert mile a hour.

Look for updates....
 2PM.....got it right this time I betcha. Or close anyhows......but does it really matter???

Already half ways across Mississippi, but then, Mississippi ain't near as big as Texas.
Pretty much decided to go on for another 120 mile or so. Rest area over there in Alabama has me a space reserved. Ya gotta call ahead ya know. 

This is a freak'n Interstate highway. Fix the damn pot holes and them bumps. Have ya ever notice when ya cross a bridge on the highway, you're gonna hit a bump or uneven pavement. Go'n over them bridges and stuff ain't so bad in a smooth riding car, but when you're driv'n a house it's like "Oh my God, I'm gonna blow a tire....run off'n the road in that big ol' ditch over there". Scare hell out me sometime.

Ok, so there's this pick up truck pull'n a trailer full of gravel down the interstate. Speed limit is 55 and that what everbody do'n. Pick up truck decides to stop. Whoa boy howdy did he grab some attention right fast. There was tires squeel'n, white smoke everywheres an' that big ol' 18 wheeler is right behind me. He takes to the center median....probably pretty pissed.....miss'n me too close to call from where I was sit'n. Sure were glad to see that pick up truck take the next exit.

Oh, before I forget....another 45 minutes wasted look'n for a gas station this morning.

See ya down the road a piece........
5:15....final update for the day.
Location......somewheres in Alabama
That didn't take as long as I figgered. Ended up only go'n over my daily driving allowance by 1 hour and drove a total of 280 miles. Not bad for an old fart like me HUH??? A little over 800 total trip miles in 3 days? "That's too much Billy Bob....slow down, relax, take it easy".

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sleep'n all day along side the highway

Location: Ridge, Texas

Today's post title could be a song title. Kind of sounds like one don't it? Well, that's what happened this morning. I didn't wake up till 7:30....sun shin'n in my bedroom window.

Just out of curiosity, I decided I would take a look see under the hood of "da house" to see if there was an obvious explanation why my dash air ain't work'n right. I fount the little vacuum motor jobber doo what operates that duct door. What the hell, the little plastic hose attached to it is rotted to pieces (underhood heat). Ain't never gonna work that way. "Now how ya gonna fix that Billy Bob"??? I got me some oxygen hose somewheres what old "pesky neighbor" Wayne give to me. An old trick of the trade to decrease the inside diameter (Bic lighter and stretch) and all was hooked up and working in less than 30 minutes. Well shoot....that were an easy temporary fix. Another job for the boys.

Had someone not mentioned it on their blog, I would have never knowed today is Mothers day. I don't know what it's like to have a mother, so I have never given this day much thought or celebration. To all the "moms" out there, Happy Mothers Day from Billy Bob and company.

Yesterdays travels must a took some my "piss an' vinegar" out me. I don't feel worth a poop this morn'n. I'm gonna blame it all on too much time behind the wheel and the stress of finding a gas station "da house" would fit into. This is the reason I seldom drive over 200 miles a day. Over that is just too much for this old body to endure. If'n ya ever done much travel'n and driv'n under the speed limit, you will notice your average miles a hour is 50. Take into account the number of rest stops I have to take, I average just under that in a 6 hour road time day.

Ok.....time to crank this rig up and head off down the road a piece. See ya in Louisiana this afternoon.

12:30am update:
Travel location Carthage, Texas, 30 mile or so south of Shreveport, Louisiana.

 Well, I done went an' done exactly what I had intended.....got on the road before it got any kind of hot. Don't think it's gonna though. Its only 81 degs sit'n under these trees in a nice picnic area....sip'n a cup and feel'n proud I didn't get lost yet. Not many more miles on these old country roads till I hit the interstate. Will be on I-20 for the rest of the trip all the ways to Georgia. I'm figger'n today I will probably drive a little further than what I did yesterday. Too much sun light to burn. We'll see when I get to my next stop.
In the mean time....I'm gonna go outside an' lay back for a few. Maybe take me a nap.    

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Departing Sinton, Texas

Well boy howdy, here it is departure day finally. Had I left yesterday, I would have had a perfect day to travel. Dad burn weather people don't no nuttin.

I don't know if I should consider myself lucky or just experienced. Ya see, "Sally da house" was sit'n in an area what got drenched with all the rain we had. The ground was soft....and a little bit up hill. When I droped into gear, "da house" strained to get roll'n. The wheels had sinked a couple inches into the soft ground. I knowed better than to "rock" back and forth as this would only make matters worse. I been stuck before ya know. With light pressure on the gas pedal, "da house" eased up onto solid ground.....so I floor boarded it. Just kid'n....sheesh!!!

For the last couple days, old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n up to snuff. Upset stomach, nervous...that kind of stuff. Whether it's anticipation or dread, I don't know. Probably something I ate. Like last night. I had one them pre put together meal deals in a bag I was want'n to try. My God....that were some nasty tast'n stuff. Even Sadie Mae didn't like it.

Speak'n of meal deals....I need to go to the store before I pull out. I'm completely out of "good" coffee water, ain't got no bread for sammiches, nuttin to snak on, milk is get'n sour....yup, I need to go to the store.

Well, what more can I say? See ya down the road a piece. Laters.

6PM Update......
Here is where I are....pencil point. 240 mile down the road.

Well, here it is 7 hours later and I'm still in Texas. But boy howdy let me tell ya bout "git'n gas" in a big ol' motorhome. Ya see, most of the gas stations have changed their pumps to where a motorhome can't get to the pumps no matter what way ya look at them. The station I usually fill up in Sinton, I can get to the pump just fine....what I did. But then the damn pump wouldn't work. "Ya ain't git'n no gas here Billy Bob". I got just a bit over a 1/4 tank....surely I can get gas up the road a piece. I drives, an' I drives, an' I drives, ain't no stations I can get into up to the pumps in none them little Texas towns. Now I'm in Victoria. Tank is low. Got to get gas in Victoria. Oh....I just pass one I might get into....but let me check out that one up the road a piece first. Well hell yeah I can get in this one....what I did. Put my card in the reader thingy and it say...."you ain't a member". HUH???? Ain't a member. To get gas ya gotta be a member? (Sam's Club). Back to the other station. Gonna fill up. Nope. Only let me get $100 worth...and I need'n $200 worth.

No sense go'n into detail on my dash air. It's still cool'n and all that, but the damn blower ain't blow'n much air. That duct flapper thingy won't open. Something else to fix. But not today. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The right decision

Location Sinton, Texas

Boy howdy I mean to tell ya, I made the right decision to sit right where I am. Yesterdays storms were much more than I had expected. Tornado warnings, tornadoes spotted, severe thunderstorms, flash flooding....now that what I'm talk'n bout.

Sure were a good thing I didn't attempt to launch the "bubba boat" yesterday. There ain't no tell'n where I would be this morn'n. But really, yesterdays rains and winds here at "da house" were nuttin compared to what happen last night. My God....scare hell out me.
Stuff blow'n all over the place....broke stuff.
 See that glass top high dollar table? It broke. Glass in a gazillion little pieces.

"Sally da house" was skeered too. She was shiver'n in the wind....shak'n like a big ol' pit bull attack her. Then I hears this big ol' BOOOM.....lightning done struck the transformer, or something like that. Ain't got no power. Hopefully it's only the fuse up there on the transformer.....simple fix.

Nephew Joseph is supposed to be in from the oil fields this afternoon, so I rekon I'll stay here one more day. I usually don't like to get on the road on a week end, but what the hell. The route I have planned shouldn't have much traffic on any given day. Bypassing Houston is always a good choice. Although, I don't mind driving in heavy traffic.

That damn goat is missing this morn'n. Had to let him out his cage last night during the hail storm so he could find some cover. Where are you goat? I'll take a walk around the property and see if'n I can find him. Ain't no tell'n where he went. Hope he didn't get struck by any of the lightning we had last night.
Update: Fount that damn goat. He was layed up under some protective cover. He's fine. Smart goat.

Guess today will be spent pick'n up the rest of my construction debris what I got lay'n all over the place. You know, concrete blocks, house jacks, 2x6's and stuff like that.

Ok....got things to do. I'll be back or I won't. Laters. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm confused in Sinton, Texas

Now I'm totally confused. I'm look'n for a lake. Not just any old lake, but one I visited last year when it was over a hunnert degrees every day. "Well shoot Billy Bob, just go back in your blog". I did that. From what I read in my old blog posts, I never knew where I was at or what I was do'n. If this confused me, it's bound to have confused my followers. There ain't no pictures too gaze upon neither. Just a bunch of meaningless words.
So.....if'n I can remember, my location will be posted in the title from now on.

Yesterday was a good day. Had a wonderful visit and afternoon with the OFM Barney over in Rockport. We jabber jawed for a bit at the Castle and then went out on the town for some Mexican food. Dropped by Walmart to pick up my medications what I had dropped off a couple hours earlier for refill. Barney hit th fish'n gear department grab'n all kinds of fish'n lures for our trek down to the fish'n pier. If there are any Chinese fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Barney gonna catch them.

When we arrived at the pier the water was almost crystal clear. Fishes like that ya know. I grabs a pole, tie on my special fish catch'n lure an' throws it in the water. Make a few cranks on the handle and "BAM"....fish on. It weren't a big 'un, but it was a eat'n size legal keeper.

A few more casts were made....something like a hunnert or so, with two more hook ups....what got off my line. It was a fine day for fish'n the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. By the way, that fish is called a spotted sea trout, better known as a speck. Good eat'n sum a gun I mean to tell ya. Fillet that sucker out, cut it in 1 inches strips, dip 'em in buttermilk, dredge them in squished crackers and pan fry in hot grease. Yum boy howdy. Do ya know how to make buttermilk? A cup of milk an' bout a tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice. Good for cook'n, but not drink'n.

If you look real close at the above image, you will see why old Billy Bob is reluctant to hit the road headed north. There some mean look'n weather in the forecast for the next couple days. And I don't want to be slap in the middle of it. Ya can't outrun storms like this when they go'n the same direction what you are. They gonna catch up to ya right in the middle of a nap. Then ya screwed.

I ain't got a thing planned for the day that can't wait till tomorrow. Was think'n bout go'n to Aransas Pass and launch the "bubba boat".......but, the winds are blow'n pretty good outside. Sky is covered with clouds as far as the eye can see. To get out of "da house", I may just take a ride that way. Who knows, I might catch me up a fish somewheres. Did I mention I like to fish???

Ok....that's it for now. Laters.

A hour later.....modifications.
 I were sit'n here mind'n my own business, sip'n a cup an' got to think'n....ya gotta install the fish finder transducer doo hickey on the trolling motor. So's I break out my miniture table saw (Dremel tool) and start modify'n the transom mounting bracket to fit on the trolling motor. Plastic fly'n all directions. "Slow down Billy Bob, ya got all day". I wire ties that sucker on there.....finished....I'm done....poooof, just like that. 

Now what ya think bout them apples??? Yeah I know, gonna knock that sucker plumb off first time I drag the trolling motor cross the bottom in too shallow water.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weather predictions...

Boy howdy, it's gonna rain. Or that what the weather guys have to say bout it anyhows. There was a time I would just jump behind the wheel and take off, not pay'n no attention to what was ahead of me. Many of them times I ended up driv'n in gale force winds and torrential rain storms. Not a fun trip. White knuckles all the way. Now that I'm a bit older....and wiser, I take a look at what is in front of me before I hit the road.

Ok....so what if it rains? Well, it's like this. I don't like rain and I don't like driv'n in rain. And beside that, there's a lake up the road a piece I want to stop off at, launch the "bubba boat" an' catch me up some fish. Got to try out that new fish finder ya know.

It rained here yesterday. Not a hard rain, but enough to keep the old Billy Bob lock up in "da house". I had planned on mak'n a trip to Walmart to refill my prescriptions and pick up a few grocery items. You know, donuts and stuff like that. Since I ain't gonna be leav'n today, I'll mosey on down the road and do what I was gonna do yesterday.

Everybody tells me I need to quit smok'n. Well, I agree, but I ain't fully convinced that smok'n is the only cause of people die'n from lung problems. Oh sure, all the doctors and our know it all government says smok'n will kill ya, but my God, just cause a guy dies don't mean he would have lived forever if'n he didn't smoke. Don't get me wrong now 'cause I know all them chemicals and stuff what is in a pack of smokes. I also know what chemicals and crap what's in the air we breath and the foods we eat (pink slime, chemicals and preservatives) every day. Smok'n is a vice. And so is over eat'n, alcoholism and chas'n after married wimmins. There ain't no get'n around it.....ya gonna die, if'n ya smoke or not.

Ok....got things to do....laters.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wind, rain and tornadoes

After yesterdays mention of "get'n back" on Advair to relieve my breathing issues, I guess I should explain that I've been "on" Advair for over 4 years. In 2007, I was given a breathing evaluation screening.....suck'n an' blow'n into all these machines an' stuff like that. It was determined that my lungs were not up to snuff....they needed some help. Advair was prescribed to me when I had my open heart surgery in 2008. Oxygen not on my "bucket list" at this time. So.....I am well aware of the pit falls and advantages of Advair. I'll be on it for the rest of my life and at some point in time I expect to be on oxygen as well. In the mean time, I'll keep trudging along at a slow pace an' hope for the best.

I had every intention to pull out of here by noon today. But......did you see the weather reports? More freak'n storms to the north of here right in my path. Flood warnings, winds and rain. Did ya ever drive a big ol' motorhome in the wind?

I remember one time....I was in Illinois headed west to St. Louis. It was cloudy. Then the wind start blow'n. Then it start rain'n cats an' cows. It were bad. Made a quick decision....."git off da raod". What I did in some little town. Park "Sally da house" next to a gas station and waited out the storm. When I got back on the interstate.....MY GOD.....big ol' trucks turn over all over the place. Rest area light poles all down. Trees uprooted. It were a tornado. Traffic was backed up for a hunnert mile in both directions. That's not the first time I encountered tornadoes in my travels and probably won't the the last. Missed another in Oklahoma a few years back. Another in Missouri. All touched down right where I was gonna be if'n I hadn't "git off da road" to wait out the storm.

Ok, no more talk bout tornadoes and storms. I'm gonna just sit here and wait for them to pass.

That damn goat got in "that jeep" again yesterday. Ya know how I know? When I went out to get water for my coffee this morn'n, there was tore up empty cigar packs lay all over the place. That damn goat done ate a whole carton of my smokes. Silly ass goat.

Ok...got things to do....laters

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blabber mouth

Weren't gonna make a post today, but there are a few followers that check my blog every day just to see if the old Billy Bob has got something important to say. Most the time I don't.

I learned me a lesson yesterday with that big ol' long post bout my dogs. Won't be do'n that no more. My daughter once told me my blogs are too long. Not everybody has as much "time" on their hands as I do to be read'n long blog posts. So I'll try to make this one a little shorter. "Oh yeah Billy Bob ya blabber mouth, ya ain't never make a short post".

For the last 2 days I ain't been feel'n all that good. I know it ain't from something I ate. Been hav'n them breath'n problems again. Just can't seem to get enough breath. Get dizzy just watch'n the movements on TV. Have to close my eyes or look off somewheres else. But that was the last 2 days. Today I feel fine. Started tak'n my Advair again to open my airways.....what seems to help. Do ya know how much that stuff costs if'n ya ain't got prescription insurance. Holy cows....thanks to BCBS it only costs me $35.

Gonna have to toss Sadie Mae in the shower an' give her a scrub down with Dawn. She been scratch'n, get little globs of hair all over "da house".....and in my bed. She got herself some fleas. Dawn kills fleas....pooof, they dead, just like that. Once I get out of south Texas, shouldn't have no more fleas. 

All intentions are to pull out of here by noon tomorrow. Been here long enough. I been think'n when I get up the road a piece, I'll stop off at Lake Somerville and maybe catch me up some fish. It's just a thought at this time. If'n I'm think'n right, I get a 50% discount on the camp'n fees. Cain't beat that with a stik. That means I got to got to Academy today and buy me up one them fangled fish finders. Yeah, I better do that while it's on my mind. Maybe buy me up that battery I were tell'n ya bout a while back.

Go'n to Academy....... May be back with photos later.

 See what I was tole you??? All mounted to the battery box and ready to go fish find'n.

Speak'n of battery, Academy was slap out of the battery I wanted.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dawgs....an' cats

I weren't serious......dang!!! Little Sadie Mae is a good dog. But she has issues.

Where did I get a dog that don't do nuttin? Well, it's like this. Boudreaux died in the summer of '04 from epilepsy and heat stroke. He was a 30,000 mile dog. He was a good dog....chase balls an' sticks an' stuff like that. He was Billy Bob's constant companion. Gotta replace that dog. Get one just like him. By this time in my life, I should have learned that dogs are not all alike. You can never replace a dog and expect the new dog to be like the old dog.

Well anyhow's, I went to this dog get'n place in Corpus Christi with "git'n a new dog" in mind. They had bout a hunnert of them run'n round in this big ol' pin, all want'n somebody to take them home. There was this little black dog what follow me everywhere I go, jump'n up an' down....tail wagg'n......say'n "pick me, I will love you forever". Well, I pick "her", Sadie Mae. She were all excitis, lick'n me all the way back to "da house".....tail wagg'n. When I get her home.....plop, she lay down on the ground next to my feet. Been that way ever since. Like a throw rug.....never do nuttin. Don't get me wrong now. I'll never regret giv'n Sadie Mae a new home and I'll never regret the love she shows me. She is a perfect dog....if'n "do'n nuttin" is perfect. Would I replace her if she passed on before me? You bet. There are hunnerts of dogs out there that need love and attention.....somebody to care for and love them. What little I have left to give is a plus for them.

Speak'n of dogs. Then there was JoJo. Now this was a dog, mostly human. At least he thought so. He did stuff just to piss me off....I know he did, I swear. He could whisper. He was a food thief. Steal your grilled shrimp in a heartbeat. He drank coffee....when ya wasn't look'n. Go roll in stink'n dead fish on the dock, then jump up in my lap. He hated water. Fell overboard many times attempting to "jump ship" to the dock. Cops and animal control could not catch him. He pee on anything that don't move. Run down the beach 'long side the car do'n 20 mile a hour. JoJo made his last dive into the water one cold winters day. He was dearly missed for many years.

          In memory of JoJo


This page is dedicated to JoJo.
He passed away on friday 4-23-99
JoJo was the best friend I have ever known
He was always there with a smile and a whisper
He showered me with kisses as no human can do
He was the happiest of dogs
Never complained of anything
We were always together where ever I went
He loved the beach and garbage cans
I will dearly miss myJoJo.
                 More about JoJo the Superdog


   JoJo was born out of wedlock to a little Poodle and some other little terrier type dog in the month of Sept. 1994 on a ranch in somewhere in south Texas. His birthday was celebrated on the 24th of Sept. since that is the birthday of our one and only, Barnacle Bill. Each year he was presented with his own birthday cake, usually made up of the best canned dog food money can buy mixed with the finest left overs from the refrigerator.  JoJo was given to Barnacle when he was only 5 weeks old. He was so tiny he would fit in a coffee cup. But he finally grew up to a "romping" 20 pounds. When Barnacle purchased 'COYOTE' (41' Formosa sailboat), JoJo took to boat life with full gusto. He was the keeper of the boat. No one could come aboard unless Barnacle was there and even then JoJo let them know he was second in command.

Never to be forgotten
JoJo did his first mystic dive into the icy waters of the Gulf of Mexico at the early age of only 4 months in the darkness of the evening. "Man, it's dark in here." My son, Daniel, and I couldn't see hide nor hair of him for the darkness, but we could hear his little paws slappin the water like 90 miles per hour. Flashlight....where's the flashlight??? "Where's the God damn flashlight"
Little JoJo was found sittlin atop the rudder which sticks out of the water only inches. This may be the first of many reasons JoJo hated water so much. But, when he was at the beach, he had no difficulty in running into the water biting little waves or going in swimming. Go figure!!!
JoJo's next trip to the water was in dead of winter. My God, it must have been something like in the lower 40's. You see, JoJo didn't like being left on the boat all the time while Dad was working his ass off just to make ends meet. So off the boat he would jump. JoJo was rescued by none other than the dock master that JoJo had taken a bite out of just a month earlier, and JoJo would still try to bite his ass after he recuperated ....hehehe
This jumping off the boat cost Barnacle $130 on one occasion. JoJo decided to expand his area of roaming, he was spied by one of our local law enforcement officers. Making his escape from 5 local fat police, 2 marina attendents and one good looking animal control officer, he scrambled back to the boat where he was safe. What the hell did those cops think they would do if they caught JoJo??? He would have eaten them alive....hehehe!!! Well since he was a known boat jumper, the animal control officer knew where to go for the ticket.The judge was somewhat amused that his finest officers couldn't catch a little 15 pound puppy....lol.
JoJo and I made a trip New Orleans one year to join in the evening festivities which goes on and on and on. He wore his finest bright red collar and leash which made him looking little gentleman. JoJo really enjoyed the attention he received from all the ladies. And of course Barnacle enjoyed it too....!
In front of one shop, JoJo and I were invited inside to 'look around'. As fate would have it, JoJo headed to the lady's wear department with me taggin along on leash. JoJo said... "oh, nice dress" and promptly hiked his leg to mark it. To which the owner was not at all amused.  We were politely asked to leave the store. The guy had no sense of humor. 
On another trip, to Galveston, Texas, with my daughter Angela, JoJo took it upon himself to leave his mark on anything and everything that happened to be in his path...marking them all. Poor little Angela was sooo embarrassed. 
JoJo learned at an early age (not on his own I'm sure) of what he had. This little JoJo was a Texan you know!!! And things in Texas grow big.... When prompted (see I told ya) to show the ladies what he had, he would lay down and raise his leg. Hell, every time I do that , it's off to jail with ya!!! I can't even wizz in public without someone crying and whinnin....lol.
JoJo's favorite past time was going for a ride. Oh how this dog loved to "go for a ride". He would stand with all fours on the window sill (or what ever you call the damn thing) no matter what speed I was going. Only fell one time, but fear not, Barnacle always held on to him. On one occasion cruising the beach (one of his favorite spots), he rode on the hood grinnin from ear to ear.
The dog just wasn't right!!! While I was hosing down the cockpit one day (JoJo didn't like the water hose) JoJo took his escape to the safety of the forward deck. Just playing around, knowing JoJo "hates" being squirted, I made a squirt to the forward deck. JoJo made his way further forward to the bow sprit. Another squirt and  JoJo backs his off the port bow and into the waiting waters 8 feet below. You talk about a pissed off dog!!! Wouldn't talk to me for hours.
Now you talk about run. This dog could run.
When let off the boat for his evening walk, he made his way down the dock like a rabbit being chased by a howling coon dag, dodging in and out of anyone or anything in his way. I mean, he stopped for absolutely nothing!!!
On his beach runs, this little runt of a dog would run at full speed (20 mph according to VW) for no less than a mile. Well, he did make a few stops along the way to mark things. And mark things he did. Where do dogs get all that piss??? Now a garbage can was his favorite adventure source. He would spent at least 5 minutes at each one sniffing, digging and marking, while I sat my ass in the VW waiting.
Had a boat neighbor that was the proud owner of one of those Rotwollers..... this guys dog was a horse!!! JoJo sent that wimp sucker down the dock many times. The owner came to my boat one evening and asked me, "would you tell JoJo to leave my dog alone"??? hehehe....
JoJo and Barnacle were the best of buddies.
He will never be forgotten and will live on in my memories forever.

The above was copied from my old homepage from back when I lived on a sailboat. Amazingly, this site is still on the internet after all these years. Barnalce Bill's Place

Ok....got a few things to do......laters.