Saturday, May 19, 2012

And the beat goes on....

Boy howdy let me tell ya....I ain't never in my life seen nuttin like this. Where is the floor joists??? Where are the aluminum floor members? Where is anything to hold this floor up?

This is the point we are at as of this beautiful "fish'n weather" morning. After the removal of the old styrofoam, there are no flooring supports, members or joists to make the floor rigid. Nothing but a piece of 1/4 inches plywood beneath the styrofoam. Under that 1/4 inches plywood are little supports spaced out every bout 3 feets. You can get an idea what I'm talk'n bout from the above photo.......where I added a couple supports to help carry the load of the slide out. Now.....did you know....the waferboard flooring is in one solid sheet 35 feets long and 8 1/2 feets wide? Installed before any walls were built. Not the way I would design a floor, but they never called me to get my opinion when they constructed "Sally da house". They should have.

Today plywood flooring will be installed in the kitchen and bath areas. Glued down to the new replacement 2" styrofoam.
This may possibly be the flooring I will installing some time next week. What ya think....huh?

All this work my son Robert is doing is taking a toll on my back. And my stress level is right out there on the edge. But it's going smoothly considering what we have to work with. Just can't believe there is no support for the flooring system......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

This is all the update I have up to this point. Maybe the old Billy Bob will be back in a few more days with some nonsense. Ok....back to work, work, work. 


See....I was tole you it was an easy job.


  1. It might be easier to build a new Sally da House from scratch, then you could build it to your own specifications. I am sure that the original manufacturers do it as cheaply as possible and cut all kinds of corners.

    1. What's the old say'n...."ya get what ya pay for".

    2. I absolutely adore the idea of aluminum flooring like this. I daydream about re-doing the kitchen floor in our new house someday, if only there were options like this now.

  2. Scary construction...sounds like you will be getting a much needed improvement and aren't you lucky you have a talented son to help you!

  3. OK I posted on yesterdays. Now I will post for todays, What dad forgaot to say is that I came by for an inspection and I was brain storming on what to do next. that bus has a problem, (no supports) the only supports that bus has is Robert and I. Now back to the story of work smarter not harder... well the slide out was being pushed out then we had to muscle the rest. I got to thinking I have a bad back so like daddy would say whats billy bob going to do... I tells you what his boy goin a do that is use a leverage point and long 2 x 4 push and slide. whole lots lighter. much much easier. well enough back patting here, daddy gonna hit me now.
    later and by the way good job Robert i will be by to inspect it later.

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