Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Alone..

Boy howdy, these boys don't give me no break time at all. Got two big ol' husky, bout 6 foots, sons and two, 6 foots three inches, grandsons trip'n back and forth all over the place, while I'm sit'n here in my supervisors chair keep'n a watchful eye on construction. I don't even have time for a fresh pot of coffee out on "da porch". The old Billy Bob is get'n wored slap out without his "breaks" and naps.
But today is different. The grandsons are in school and Robert is on a side job. That leaves me with my Billy Boy (the cop) what comes and goes.....depending on how much work is involved. He's a good boy!!! 

Yesterdays progress went very good....a successful day, considering all the "NO Robert, that ain't gonna fit".

Didn't get many photos yesterday, but you get the idea of what we are do'n to "Sally da house".

Ok, I got bout 4 more pieces of flooring to finish the whole front of "da house". Will take pics of the finished product when I get all the tools and stuff removed.

Check back in bout a hour or so.......

Ok, so it took more than an hour. Takes me a while to pick up tools an' stuff.

That there are one fine look'n floor even if'n I do to say so myself. But.....it's been discovered the "scratch" durability sucks. I guess that's the reason people put light color flooring in RVs....scratches don't show. But mine do.

The above photo is the handi work of my son Billy. He took his pocket knife (table saw) and whittled out the bull nose for a flush floor fit and overhang into the step well. He get that from his daddy. Although, his mama know how to drive nails too.

Next project is repairs to the bottom of the slide out. Now if'n the old Billy Bob is got it figger out right, it ain't gonna be that big a job. More on this "fix" later.


  1. Sounds like you got all the help you need and the place is looking good!

    Really looking forward to the update pictures!

  2. Whoowhhheee what a slick job you guys are a doing!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. butterbean carpenterMay 23, 2012 at 8:26 AM

    ALL OF THE PICS ARE GREAT, EVERY DAY!! How do you move around with all of those BIG guys in there with you?? I bet if you went fishing they'd get'er done quicker!!! Wish I had kids that'd do stuff to help.. Yep, dark shows scratches worser(that ain't a word) than light.. That bull-nose looks great!!
    You oughta get'em to do That Jeep, while you're there!! Them kids could put the lift-kit back on it for you!! hahaha That's a pretty backyard to sit and sip a cup in..

  4. What ya mean don't fit, just get a bigger hammer ! Ain't no reason to waste time recutting if it is with in an inch or so, sixteen pound framer will nudge em in place.

  5. Looks like that was a MAJOR job! And done really well.