Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Picnic table construction

Boy howdy, I just get here and everybody says "let's go to work". So I'm work'n on a material list to build a picnic table. Less the sit down benches.
Upon this heavily constructed picnic table will be placed a 800 pounds extendaroom slide out....but not today.  The more I look this job over, the more I find I don't want to do it. But somebody gotta do it.

Rolled into my sons yard right bout 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Ain't nuttin to it when ya knows what you're do'n. Back this big sucker into RV space #1, right next door to the carpenter shop. Got water and electric hook ups on site. Cain't beat that wit a stik.

Ok, got to cut this short.....son is get'n kind of "pushy" to go to the lumber yard. Be back laters......


  1. Thot you were the supervisor!!

  2. Hey I see all sorts of stuff for the table part and the bracing but only two legs. Are you that good at balancing ?

    1. That's a front and a side view.....4 legs.

  3. Glad you made it to your son's house ok. Like the new header picture.