Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nap??? What nap?

Boy howdy let me tell ya, yesterday I was lay myself down on that couch over there, gonna take me a nice nap. Just bout the time my eyeballs was fall'n down, up drives my wonderful son Robert. Raring to go tear'n up some more stuff so we have something to fix.

Most of yesterday was try'n to get my old back in some kind of shape for the "fix it" projects today. Nope.....it just like it were yesterday. Today has been just piddl'n round put'n stuff back together.....not photo worthy. The front part of "da house" is complete an' ready for the slide to come back in. But the slide ain't fix yet. Parts to arrive bout wednesday next week. Damn....I can hardly wait.

I been eat'n pretty good. Ya see, Robert is a darn good cook when he puts his mind to it. Had us some grilled pork chops last night what tasted just like grilled chicken. Long bout my age, everything taste just like chicken. Had some burned hot dogs the other night. Of course, hot dogs now days is a combination of chicken and other unknown processed meats, so they tasted like chicken too. Sure are glad I like chicken. Yum yum!!!

 Did I mention that I gonna be buy'n a brand spank'n new set of tires for "da house". I got one what has got a big ol' cut on the sidewall and all the others are sun cracked.

I figger after 7 1/2 years it's time to replace before I tear the side out "da house" from a blow out. Have ya ever see the damage a blow out does to an RV? Not a pretty sight. "Sally da house" wears size 225 70 R19.5 shoes. And they don't come from Payless Shoes. A set of 6 new tires should set me back right at $2400, plus tax an' all the other charges they gouge me for. But she's worth it I rekon.

Ok......I'm done for the day. I'll be "home alone" for the holiday weekend, so maybe I can rest up my back and be ready to "hit it" come tuesday morning.


  1. I know what you are talking about when you say things taste like chicken and buying new tires. I got 6 new ones just recently. The old ones only had 2800 miles on them but they were original and needed replaced. Mine our 26.6 inch tires and "boy howdy" they are really proud of those big Michelin tires.

  2. Does Michelin make trailer tires?
    You are very lucky you have such wonderful kids to help you. You are blessed!

  3. Do you have a Costco near you. I bougt 6 Michelin XRV tires for $325 each. They will not mount them so I had a local shop do that for $100.