Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dawgs....an' cats

I weren't serious......dang!!! Little Sadie Mae is a good dog. But she has issues.

Where did I get a dog that don't do nuttin? Well, it's like this. Boudreaux died in the summer of '04 from epilepsy and heat stroke. He was a 30,000 mile dog. He was a good dog....chase balls an' sticks an' stuff like that. He was Billy Bob's constant companion. Gotta replace that dog. Get one just like him. By this time in my life, I should have learned that dogs are not all alike. You can never replace a dog and expect the new dog to be like the old dog.

Well anyhow's, I went to this dog get'n place in Corpus Christi with "git'n a new dog" in mind. They had bout a hunnert of them run'n round in this big ol' pin, all want'n somebody to take them home. There was this little black dog what follow me everywhere I go, jump'n up an' down....tail wagg'n......say'n "pick me, I will love you forever". Well, I pick "her", Sadie Mae. She were all excitis, lick'n me all the way back to "da house".....tail wagg'n. When I get her home.....plop, she lay down on the ground next to my feet. Been that way ever since. Like a throw rug.....never do nuttin. Don't get me wrong now. I'll never regret giv'n Sadie Mae a new home and I'll never regret the love she shows me. She is a perfect dog....if'n "do'n nuttin" is perfect. Would I replace her if she passed on before me? You bet. There are hunnerts of dogs out there that need love and attention.....somebody to care for and love them. What little I have left to give is a plus for them.

Speak'n of dogs. Then there was JoJo. Now this was a dog, mostly human. At least he thought so. He did stuff just to piss me off....I know he did, I swear. He could whisper. He was a food thief. Steal your grilled shrimp in a heartbeat. He drank coffee....when ya wasn't look'n. Go roll in stink'n dead fish on the dock, then jump up in my lap. He hated water. Fell overboard many times attempting to "jump ship" to the dock. Cops and animal control could not catch him. He pee on anything that don't move. Run down the beach 'long side the car do'n 20 mile a hour. JoJo made his last dive into the water one cold winters day. He was dearly missed for many years.

          In memory of JoJo


This page is dedicated to JoJo.
He passed away on friday 4-23-99
JoJo was the best friend I have ever known
He was always there with a smile and a whisper
He showered me with kisses as no human can do
He was the happiest of dogs
Never complained of anything
We were always together where ever I went
He loved the beach and garbage cans
I will dearly miss myJoJo.
                 More about JoJo the Superdog


   JoJo was born out of wedlock to a little Poodle and some other little terrier type dog in the month of Sept. 1994 on a ranch in somewhere in south Texas. His birthday was celebrated on the 24th of Sept. since that is the birthday of our one and only, Barnacle Bill. Each year he was presented with his own birthday cake, usually made up of the best canned dog food money can buy mixed with the finest left overs from the refrigerator.  JoJo was given to Barnacle when he was only 5 weeks old. He was so tiny he would fit in a coffee cup. But he finally grew up to a "romping" 20 pounds. When Barnacle purchased 'COYOTE' (41' Formosa sailboat), JoJo took to boat life with full gusto. He was the keeper of the boat. No one could come aboard unless Barnacle was there and even then JoJo let them know he was second in command.

Never to be forgotten
JoJo did his first mystic dive into the icy waters of the Gulf of Mexico at the early age of only 4 months in the darkness of the evening. "Man, it's dark in here." My son, Daniel, and I couldn't see hide nor hair of him for the darkness, but we could hear his little paws slappin the water like 90 miles per hour. Flashlight....where's the flashlight??? "Where's the God damn flashlight"
Little JoJo was found sittlin atop the rudder which sticks out of the water only inches. This may be the first of many reasons JoJo hated water so much. But, when he was at the beach, he had no difficulty in running into the water biting little waves or going in swimming. Go figure!!!
JoJo's next trip to the water was in dead of winter. My God, it must have been something like in the lower 40's. You see, JoJo didn't like being left on the boat all the time while Dad was working his ass off just to make ends meet. So off the boat he would jump. JoJo was rescued by none other than the dock master that JoJo had taken a bite out of just a month earlier, and JoJo would still try to bite his ass after he recuperated ....hehehe
This jumping off the boat cost Barnacle $130 on one occasion. JoJo decided to expand his area of roaming, he was spied by one of our local law enforcement officers. Making his escape from 5 local fat police, 2 marina attendents and one good looking animal control officer, he scrambled back to the boat where he was safe. What the hell did those cops think they would do if they caught JoJo??? He would have eaten them alive....hehehe!!! Well since he was a known boat jumper, the animal control officer knew where to go for the ticket.The judge was somewhat amused that his finest officers couldn't catch a little 15 pound puppy....lol.
JoJo and I made a trip New Orleans one year to join in the evening festivities which goes on and on and on. He wore his finest bright red collar and leash which made him looking little gentleman. JoJo really enjoyed the attention he received from all the ladies. And of course Barnacle enjoyed it too....!
In front of one shop, JoJo and I were invited inside to 'look around'. As fate would have it, JoJo headed to the lady's wear department with me taggin along on leash. JoJo said... "oh, nice dress" and promptly hiked his leg to mark it. To which the owner was not at all amused.  We were politely asked to leave the store. The guy had no sense of humor. 
On another trip, to Galveston, Texas, with my daughter Angela, JoJo took it upon himself to leave his mark on anything and everything that happened to be in his path...marking them all. Poor little Angela was sooo embarrassed. 
JoJo learned at an early age (not on his own I'm sure) of what he had. This little JoJo was a Texan you know!!! And things in Texas grow big.... When prompted (see I told ya) to show the ladies what he had, he would lay down and raise his leg. Hell, every time I do that , it's off to jail with ya!!! I can't even wizz in public without someone crying and whinnin....lol.
JoJo's favorite past time was going for a ride. Oh how this dog loved to "go for a ride". He would stand with all fours on the window sill (or what ever you call the damn thing) no matter what speed I was going. Only fell one time, but fear not, Barnacle always held on to him. On one occasion cruising the beach (one of his favorite spots), he rode on the hood grinnin from ear to ear.
The dog just wasn't right!!! While I was hosing down the cockpit one day (JoJo didn't like the water hose) JoJo took his escape to the safety of the forward deck. Just playing around, knowing JoJo "hates" being squirted, I made a squirt to the forward deck. JoJo made his way further forward to the bow sprit. Another squirt and  JoJo backs his off the port bow and into the waiting waters 8 feet below. You talk about a pissed off dog!!! Wouldn't talk to me for hours.
Now you talk about run. This dog could run.
When let off the boat for his evening walk, he made his way down the dock like a rabbit being chased by a howling coon dag, dodging in and out of anyone or anything in his way. I mean, he stopped for absolutely nothing!!!
On his beach runs, this little runt of a dog would run at full speed (20 mph according to VW) for no less than a mile. Well, he did make a few stops along the way to mark things. And mark things he did. Where do dogs get all that piss??? Now a garbage can was his favorite adventure source. He would spent at least 5 minutes at each one sniffing, digging and marking, while I sat my ass in the VW waiting.
Had a boat neighbor that was the proud owner of one of those Rotwollers..... this guys dog was a horse!!! JoJo sent that wimp sucker down the dock many times. The owner came to my boat one evening and asked me, "would you tell JoJo to leave my dog alone"??? hehehe....
JoJo and Barnacle were the best of buddies.
He will never be forgotten and will live on in my memories forever.

The above was copied from my old homepage from back when I lived on a sailboat. Amazingly, this site is still on the internet after all these years. Barnalce Bill's Place

Ok....got a few things to do......laters.


  1. I didn't know you used to live on a sailboat! That's cool!

    I think I could live on a boat without too much trouble!

  2. That made me laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I can see why you loved JoJo so much...he was a trouble maker just like you, hehehe...:D