Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slide out out

I'll attempt to make this short as possible this morning. Ya ever been run slap over by a big ol' 18 wheeler truck? Attack by a herd of raging mad pit bulls? Fall out a 10 story window? Well, that what old Billy Bob feel like this morning. But it's get better with each sip of coffee.

Yesterday started with an early trip to the lumber get'n place. Got all the materials to build a picnic table for the upcoming event...."slide out party". Me and Robert met up with other son Billy at House of Pancakes for a nourishing breakfast. Then on to "da house" to begin construction.

This could have been the end of a successful day, but with two hefty redneck boys with nothing to do, we man handled the slide out slap on top that picnic table.

Now it was time to inspect for damage. My God, the floor is rotten.

This gives you an idea why Billy Bob was dread'n tear'n stuff apart. It's actually less damage that I had expected, so that puts me ahead of the game...right?

Ok.....son Robert is all fired up. Time to begin another day of break'n stuff.....or hopefully fix'n stuff.


  1. WOW. That is all I can say. WOW. It is good to see sorta how one of those is put together (or torn apart). Makes me double (triple?) think about whether I can keep up with the upkeep on one of them.

  2. What you need is one gigantc roll of duct tape and a can of WD-40.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmm,,, didnt think supervising was so bad...

  4. That is a mighty pretty picnic table you designed but I'm sure your boys built :D

    All kidding aside, I am with Shadowmoss...would really have to think twice about getting a motorhome. I don't think I could deal with the maintenance issues nor could my pocketbook :(

    1. Check that Texas inspection sticker date :)

  5. Oh wow, that looks awful. I'm glad you have the help to get it fixed. I found rot in one of my damaged storage bays. Got damaged when I had a blow out, So now I need to go visit family -- I have brothers that can maybe fix mine!

  6. Better to find it and fix it now, instead of having part of "da house" fall out onto the highway somewhere!

    Glad the boys are there to lend a hand! Good luck!

  7. Ok its my time to cherp in. I did meet up with dad, and robert. I did tell them to work smarter not harder. So this is how I happened ontyo the scene, over to the right of the "picnic table" work bench scaffold, there is a miderbox on a stand. just behind it is a skill saw and saw horses. i prefer the miderbox with stand. So that is what I used. As far as the scaffold we built it to dads specs. and it turned out just right (we think). more later.