Friday, May 11, 2012

The right decision

Location Sinton, Texas

Boy howdy I mean to tell ya, I made the right decision to sit right where I am. Yesterdays storms were much more than I had expected. Tornado warnings, tornadoes spotted, severe thunderstorms, flash flooding....now that what I'm talk'n bout.

Sure were a good thing I didn't attempt to launch the "bubba boat" yesterday. There ain't no tell'n where I would be this morn'n. But really, yesterdays rains and winds here at "da house" were nuttin compared to what happen last night. My God....scare hell out me.
Stuff blow'n all over the place....broke stuff.
 See that glass top high dollar table? It broke. Glass in a gazillion little pieces.

"Sally da house" was skeered too. She was shiver'n in the wind....shak'n like a big ol' pit bull attack her. Then I hears this big ol' BOOOM.....lightning done struck the transformer, or something like that. Ain't got no power. Hopefully it's only the fuse up there on the transformer.....simple fix.

Nephew Joseph is supposed to be in from the oil fields this afternoon, so I rekon I'll stay here one more day. I usually don't like to get on the road on a week end, but what the hell. The route I have planned shouldn't have much traffic on any given day. Bypassing Houston is always a good choice. Although, I don't mind driving in heavy traffic.

That damn goat is missing this morn'n. Had to let him out his cage last night during the hail storm so he could find some cover. Where are you goat? I'll take a walk around the property and see if'n I can find him. Ain't no tell'n where he went. Hope he didn't get struck by any of the lightning we had last night.
Update: Fount that damn goat. He was layed up under some protective cover. He's fine. Smart goat.

Guess today will be spent pick'n up the rest of my construction debris what I got lay'n all over the place. You know, concrete blocks, house jacks, 2x6's and stuff like that.

Ok....got things to do. I'll be back or I won't. Laters. 


  1. Weekends are not too bad for going through Houston. But you never know which roads they may be working on. Have a save trip and keep us informed along the way.

  2. You stayed in 'da house' during all that? Man, now i'm really wondering about you,,,, but,,,gotta ask,,was it a BIG thrill?

    1. Where was I supposed to go Trouble??? Go sit in "that jeep" with all the winders wide open? To me....tornado warnings are not a big thrill. But I did like the big BOOOM. Love big BOOOMS. Remind me the war or something like that. Blow the side off'n a mountain with dynamite. Stuff like that ya know.

  3. Glad ya made it through okay. Hope your power comes back on soon. Do you have a surge suppressor or surge protector? We don't often plug in, as you know we do mostly solar, but we just ordered a Progressive Industries surge protector for the times that we do. I think I would just unplug before a storm hits. We even do that in the house with our tvs and laptops.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard