Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wind, rain and tornadoes

After yesterdays mention of "get'n back" on Advair to relieve my breathing issues, I guess I should explain that I've been "on" Advair for over 4 years. In 2007, I was given a breathing evaluation screening.....suck'n an' blow'n into all these machines an' stuff like that. It was determined that my lungs were not up to snuff....they needed some help. Advair was prescribed to me when I had my open heart surgery in 2008. Oxygen not on my "bucket list" at this time. So.....I am well aware of the pit falls and advantages of Advair. I'll be on it for the rest of my life and at some point in time I expect to be on oxygen as well. In the mean time, I'll keep trudging along at a slow pace an' hope for the best.

I had every intention to pull out of here by noon today. But......did you see the weather reports? More freak'n storms to the north of here right in my path. Flood warnings, winds and rain. Did ya ever drive a big ol' motorhome in the wind?

I remember one time....I was in Illinois headed west to St. Louis. It was cloudy. Then the wind start blow'n. Then it start rain'n cats an' cows. It were bad. Made a quick decision....."git off da raod". What I did in some little town. Park "Sally da house" next to a gas station and waited out the storm. When I got back on the interstate.....MY GOD.....big ol' trucks turn over all over the place. Rest area light poles all down. Trees uprooted. It were a tornado. Traffic was backed up for a hunnert mile in both directions. That's not the first time I encountered tornadoes in my travels and probably won't the the last. Missed another in Oklahoma a few years back. Another in Missouri. All touched down right where I was gonna be if'n I hadn't "git off da road" to wait out the storm.

Ok, no more talk bout tornadoes and storms. I'm gonna just sit here and wait for them to pass.

That damn goat got in "that jeep" again yesterday. Ya know how I know? When I went out to get water for my coffee this morn'n, there was tore up empty cigar packs lay all over the place. That damn goat done ate a whole carton of my smokes. Silly ass goat.

Ok...got things to do....laters


  1. Our storms are headed your way,,later today,,Be ready to duck.

  2. Bad weather and RV's do not mix well.

  3. Now just who is the silly ass goat if you're talking lung problems and still smoking?! I think the silly ass goat did you a favor...now pay attention to what his message was and give up the smokes ;) Please.

    Someone who cares.

  4. Did some mention barbecued goat? Yummy!