Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now you must pay the piper

Location: State rest area 30 miles south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on I-20

Woooeeee, old Billy Bob is down for the count this morning. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. I feel like somebody done beat me with a highway stripe an' a couple exit signs. I hurt all over this morn'n. Although, I have got the best sleep the last 3 nights I've had in years. Go to sleep by 11pm and never wake up till 7:30 am.

But life must go on. Here in a little bit I will climb behind the wheel and continue on down the road a piece. With only 230 miles to destination, I feel I have done a pretty good job of lay'n down 830 highway miles in just 3 days of travel. I haven't really felt too bad physically, considering I've been "push'n the limit". My limit.

So why the hell am I in such a hurry? Well, ya see, it's like this.....my son Robert has camping on his mind and you know how his daddy feels bout camp'n. Maybe we can get in a good camp'n trip before we tear "da house" to pieces. Once we start removing the slide out extendaroom, "da house" is grounded until all repairs are finished.

Ok....got to put my sandals on, climb behind the wheel and head 'em up. See ya down the road a piece.  

1:15 pm update: Location Georgia

Boy howdy I mean to tell ya, the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae is 1 mile inside the Georgia State line. Pull over to the side the road at the Georgia State funded rest area. This is a good'un if'n ya wanted to stay a couple days.
Holy smokes, that's a car on fire over there. The first photo didn't come out as I pushed the wrong button for bout the hunnert time. I would a been a good one with smoke a hunnert feets in the air, fire trucks, cops, and a line of traffic back up for miles. Then on up the road a piece was all kind of road construction. Who say Alabama ain't got no money?? They had workers stand'n round lean'n on shovels just wait'n for a paycheck.

Ok, so I don't practice what I preach all the time. Yeah I could have stop off somewheres for a day or two, or I could have stuck to my own rules.....200 mile a day and no more than 6 hours travel time. Once I got on the road, I was feeling pretty  darn good. Of course I took me up some aspirin for my aches and pains
and an alka seltzer for the old queezy belly. I'm fine. Just weren't 4 hours ago.

Gonna hang out here for a bit at the rest area. Lay back and enjoy the gentle breeze over a fresh cup of coffee.

Final update: I are here safe and sound. That's all folks....see ya tomorrow.


  1. Hey... you be careful!
    (I know you ain't gonna listen, but it makes me feel better to say it!)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. You know what they say...it isn't the destination, but the journey that's important!

    Just don't overdo it, my friend!

    Happy trails!

  3. Sorry to hear you have "road" sickness. Maybe you should have over a night, your son would wait on you. If he wouldn't, just tell him you will give all your millions to someone else. . .

  4. You hard headed man you!! No sense telling you to take it easy because you are going to do what you like anyway (me shaking my head from side to side) sure wish blogger would allow smiley faces...now that is a change I would like to see!

    Glad you are feeling better :)

  5. Hey BB that I20 east of Birmingham is Bad, Bad it's about time they are doing something to it. it was the worst road that i have driven in a long time.