Saturday, May 12, 2012

Departing Sinton, Texas

Well boy howdy, here it is departure day finally. Had I left yesterday, I would have had a perfect day to travel. Dad burn weather people don't no nuttin.

I don't know if I should consider myself lucky or just experienced. Ya see, "Sally da house" was sit'n in an area what got drenched with all the rain we had. The ground was soft....and a little bit up hill. When I droped into gear, "da house" strained to get roll'n. The wheels had sinked a couple inches into the soft ground. I knowed better than to "rock" back and forth as this would only make matters worse. I been stuck before ya know. With light pressure on the gas pedal, "da house" eased up onto solid ground.....so I floor boarded it. Just kid'n....sheesh!!!

For the last couple days, old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n up to snuff. Upset stomach, nervous...that kind of stuff. Whether it's anticipation or dread, I don't know. Probably something I ate. Like last night. I had one them pre put together meal deals in a bag I was want'n to try. My God....that were some nasty tast'n stuff. Even Sadie Mae didn't like it.

Speak'n of meal deals....I need to go to the store before I pull out. I'm completely out of "good" coffee water, ain't got no bread for sammiches, nuttin to snak on, milk is get'n sour....yup, I need to go to the store.

Well, what more can I say? See ya down the road a piece. Laters.

6PM Update......
Here is where I are....pencil point. 240 mile down the road.

Well, here it is 7 hours later and I'm still in Texas. But boy howdy let me tell ya bout "git'n gas" in a big ol' motorhome. Ya see, most of the gas stations have changed their pumps to where a motorhome can't get to the pumps no matter what way ya look at them. The station I usually fill up in Sinton, I can get to the pump just fine....what I did. But then the damn pump wouldn't work. "Ya ain't git'n no gas here Billy Bob". I got just a bit over a 1/4 tank....surely I can get gas up the road a piece. I drives, an' I drives, an' I drives, ain't no stations I can get into up to the pumps in none them little Texas towns. Now I'm in Victoria. Tank is low. Got to get gas in Victoria. Oh....I just pass one I might get into....but let me check out that one up the road a piece first. Well hell yeah I can get in this one....what I did. Put my card in the reader thingy and it say...."you ain't a member". HUH???? Ain't a member. To get gas ya gotta be a member? (Sam's Club). Back to the other station. Gonna fill up. Nope. Only let me get $100 worth...and I need'n $200 worth.

No sense go'n into detail on my dash air. It's still cool'n and all that, but the damn blower ain't blow'n much air. That duct flapper thingy won't open. Something else to fix. But not today. 


  1. Happy trails to ya, my friend! Hope you run into some good fishing weather!

  2. The weekend is a good time to go through big cities but not to stop at state parks. All the people who were in the city are now in those state parks. You will relax when you start going down the road. I do. Just love going on down the road looking out that big ole windshield. Have a great trip and have toooo much fun like Barney does.

  3. BB, that is one reason I start looking for a gas station when my tank gets half empty. In the class-C that would get me to my overnight stay and I would look for stations before stopping for the night and then I knew where to fill up in the morning. You done good today. I like to go 250 or 300 miles a day at the most. Gives me time to relax.