Monday, May 31, 2010

That's over

Old Billy Bob is back!!!! Boy howdy, let me tell ya.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Go'n Fish'n

Ok, here's the deal. Jesse is here and ready to go. But is old Billy Bob ready to go??? Nope. Spend yesterday "do'n nuttin" and now I gots to get it done NOW.

This will be my last post for a few days (maybe a week) since I'm gonna be in the tall north Georgia trees and no internet. Hmmmm...wonder if'n that little store has wifi???

Ok folks....see ya laters.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Boy howdy, old Billy Bob ain't got no time for sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup. I weren't up no more than 30 minutes this morning and here they come.

My precious "other" daughter Doris Lynn thought of me this morning and sent me an egg and ham on biscuit. All the way from her house (down the road a piece)(out in da sticks). And with real eggs...from real walk'n and squalk'n chickens. Not them things ya get at Walmart from generic chickens.
Hmmmm, did she wash them eggs off first?

Today we hav'n a graduation GTG for grandson Colby. Gonna be bout a hunert of grandkids, sons and daughter in laws, friends, neighbors and a few homeless folk what live across the street in the woods. All five my Georgia kids plan to attend wear'n baseball caps and combat boots. If they see this, they gonna disagree. I love my "redneck" kids.

If'n I can find some time this afternoon I'll post a few more pics.....but I ain't got time right now. My presence is being requested on "da porch".

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Pics

Boy Howdy.....this editor thingy ain't work'n the way I want it to......junk!!! Sorry there weren't any scenery pics....rain ya know.

Down the road a piece....

Lost on the Interstate

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were driv'n down the road and right behind me was this big ol' black cloud???
Not only does a black cloud bring rain, wind, sunless days, hurricanes and tornadoes, it brings all kind of bad luck just look'n for a place to land. Right slap dab in the middle of old Billy Bob's exciting world of travels. As of today, I have one (1) enormous black cloud for sale at a discount price....listed on Craigs List and Ebay.

So sorry that I've been so long in making an updated post, but it ain't easy driving through all the above and making a post at the same time. For me, it would be like chewing gum and walking at the same time.....it ain't gonna happen.

Let me see if I can remember where I was a few days ago before I got "lost". Did I mention I was going to Houston??? Well that ended up a cluster with all the rain. Had a wonderful visit with Angela and family, but like I mentioned once before, I wore slap out. I was sad when I passed Katy, Texas on I-10 headed towards Lose-anna.

A decision was made to take I-10 to Georgia instead of going north to I-20. This was a mistake. Went through Houston high gear 60 mile a hour and fore I knowed it I was in Beaumont, Texas...."OH CRAP Billy Bob, ya gotta get some gas". Bout 75 mile down the road a piece I was poosh'n on da brakes....everyone had done stopped....what go'n on??? Up front me I could see nuttin but miles of big trucks and cars chuggin along at bout 2 mph tops. Three hours later the nice Lose-anna highway patrol says "get off here". Here to where??? I fount me a nice camping site at the local Winn Dixie grocery store where I spent the night.

Next day...what ever day that was....I was back on the road again. Is that a black cloud over there?? Yep...and it gonna rain. What it did. Do you know that I passed through 3 States without stopping at 1 Walmart store??? Boy howdy that ain't right.

On I-20 maybe 50 mile or so from the Georgia State line here some nice Alabama State police say'n "get off". Get off to where???? Drove some them country roads for miles before I was back on the road again. Now I'm tired and wore slap out again. By the time I made it to Georgia I was ready for a nap or something. Had to lay down. And what a better spot than the rest area right up the road a piece. That where I spend the night. Oh...did I mention...it rained for miles and miles and then it rained all night long? And I'm only 25 miles from destination..."Yo Mama's RV Resort and Spa".

Weren't pull up in the yard 5 minute and here they comes. Daughter Doris Lynn and crew. Mama cook us all up a big ol' breakfast of pintos, fried taters, eggs, "happy Harry" salsa and fresh made tortillas. Boy howdy did old Billy Bob need a nap after all that good eat'n stuff. But then...here come son Ronny beat'n on my door holler'n "HEY". And then...grandson Colby gonna graduate at 8pm. What about my nap....I NEED my nap.

Graduation took what little "among the living" out of me before we got there. This old boy ain't done none this stuff in years. I suppose Colby gonna be at McDonalds early this morning put'n in his application for a corporate job or something like that. His mama done told him rent would be due come the first of the month.

OK....gonna cut this short. I'm here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wore slap out

This is too much for an old fart like me. Who says that grandkids are easy??? Boy Howdy!!!!

You talk bout a house full today. My youngest son come in from Garland, Texas just to see his daddy. Says he made it in just a little over two hours....how fast that boy been driv'n??? In his hand he had a sack full of breakfast tacos. Now how that boy know his daddy was hungry??? Then here come the rest of the crew. And you talk bout a day of chas'n grandkids, run'n dogs out from under feet, chat'n with the kids and watch'n critters, old Billy Bob done wore his self slap out. If this is a taste of what I gonna get when I get to Georgia, I don't want to go. Did I say Boy Howdy yet????

Again tonight, I will not attempt to post any pics.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Craps...where I at???

Here what I wrote yesterday....before I lost internet......
The day started off just perfect for a visit from daughter and grandkids. Nice and cool, not a breeze in the air, no sunshine and clouds everywhere. Well....I thought it was perfect. But then....here come the rain. What put us all in "da house". How would you like to spend 24 hours in here with 3 rambunctious little redneck grandkids???

See what happens when ya leave food in Billy Bob's refrigerator....he eats it so he don't have to cook. Um yum yum, cold french fries, cold chicken thingys and cold gravy. Ya can't beat that with a stick.

Just what I thought...lost internet connection. Freak'n rain caused the dish to settle into the soggy ground. Then I had to go outside in the pour'n rain to readjust....what I did. Now I have the weakest signal I have ever had, but at least I'm back online.  
Well I thought I was back online....it's on and off, so I gonna attempt to post.

It didn't post!!!

It been rain'n all night long and all day long......it just quit 30 mins. ago. Outside adjust dish again. 
Not gonna try to post any pics cause my internet is still sporatic....the means I don't know if it gonna work or not. 

Had a great time outside with Angela and grandkids. I says to Hanna, "your shoes are on the wrong feet". Hanna says, "that's ok".

They not here yet today. Can hardly wait. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the road again

Boy howdy, what a beautiful morning to be get on the road. No wind. No rain. No clouds. Perfect.

Here's the plan. Be on hwy 77 by 11am and head'em up north....no, not to Dallas.... Houston. By 4pm I should be get'n close to the Steven F. Austin State Park where I gonna stay and visit my daughter Angela for 5 days...or so. If all goes well, I may find a campsite where I can set up my Hughes Net satellite dish.....walla....internet. If not, I'll be off line for a few days.

Now all I got to do is figger out how I gonna turn "da house" around so it's pointed down the road. I can't back out into the street 'cause there a big ol' ditch on the other side that would love to have a 36 foot motor home sit'n in it. Got all my construction equipment put up, slides are in and Emma is wash'n the dishes.....good girl. How comes she didn't finish her cleaning job??? Dang kids.

Ok....got things to do.....see ya down the road.

Holy craps, is old Billy Bob good or what. Ya see that little hole through them trees, well that where I get'n internet from. Took some do'n to get what little signal strength I could get, but who cares....yee haa, I have internet.

Now for the bad news. That beautiful perfect for traveling weather I was told ya bout, well it done changed to the worse. Fight'n the wheel all the way to Sealy, Texas, blow'n "da house" and "that jeep" all over the road. But, I made it to Walmart just fine and bought me some good eat'n stuff. Sweet stuff for the grandkids and some big ol' pork chops for me. Bread, sugar, coffee and all that.

Then, when I arrived at the State park, the nice lady says, "you can't stay here for 5 days". Seems they take reservations now and old Billy Bob got left out in the cold. Then the nice lady look at me and says..."are you 76 years old"??? What the hell is she talk'n bout 76 years old??? Anyhows, an hour later I got me a nice camp'n site (with holes in the trees) for the next 2 days. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob??? KOA for 3 days????

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is a contraption.
Or as they say in the profession, an ingenious drive device. Now don't be laugh'n any them girlie giggles. This ingenious device is a prototype of the sternwheel drive system what gonna make my boat get up on a plane. Ya see, it's like this, most remote control model Mississippi Riverboats are driven by belt drive. But old Billy Bob ain't gonna do it that way. Sissy's use belts and pulleys. If'n this contraption don't work, well then I rekon I'll be a sissy.
Now....this is the concept. Do we have any engineers out there with any suggestions.
Ok, I looked over my drawing and gonna have to make some changes. As it is, the motor will only drive one arm on the paddle wheel. I need to drive both arms 90 degrees offset. The only way to do that is to be a sissy and install a belt drive to a single shaft connected to both arms on the paddle wheel. Simple, huh???? Back to the drawing board.

Daughter Angela finally called me, but I didn't ask her why she hadn't called earlier. One thing ya don't want to do is piss off one my redneck kids. They get even ya know. Set your lawn on fire and stuff like that. Then they don't call ya for a year or two. I think they all need to join a church somewheres and quit mak'n that moonshine liquor stuff. I truely love all my kids.

OH....speak'n of kids....I am, as of yesterday, a great grandpa. This be the first one, but with bout 18 grandkids, I'm 'spect'n I'll have a ton of great grandkids in nuttin flat. That what happen when ya produce a bunch of young'uns. I truely love all my young'uns (7), grandyoung'uns (18) and great grandyoung'un (1).

Been windy as hell again today. Hope I can get out of this high humidity tomorrow morning....some time before noon. Although, I hear something bout it gonna rain in Houston. That's all I need. Have ya ever see them skeeters at the Steven F. Austin State Park when it rains??? Ya better be stop'n off at Walmart and buy ya some that skeeter spray stuff. Maybe this year I can get me a pic of one them raccoons com'n out the dumpster with his dinner.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wind, wind
go away....
ya made me stay here
another day

Holy crap, what the hell is go'n on?? Was all hook up and ready to pull out of here this morning, but then the winds come up. Not little 15mph winds, I'm talk'n 25 and more. Ain't no way I gonna be driv'n in that stuff.
Tomorrow is supposed to be something like today, so don't know what I gonna do. 
So.....I took a nap.

"LOLOLOL....HAHAHAHA...look what ya did Billy Bob".
"Ya painted your camera, the computer and that chair epoxy white"
"S happens when ya paint inside "da house" ya know". 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy moms make good mothers

Ok, here's the deal. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"???

Ya see, it's like this......my daughter in Houston changed her phone number. No freak'n wonder I ain't talk to her. And then....I stayed up till 2am waiting for her to call me last night just like her big brother said she was gonna do. And since I can't call her 'cause I don't know her new phone number... "Nasa One Obie Kanobie, we have a problem" and I didn't change my phone number......Sheesh!!! 

Anyhows, it rain last night right bout the time I was enjoy'n a wonderful dream bout opening up my own Walmart store. Well actually, it was more on the lines of a redneck flea market. I jumps up and rain is com'n in the windows. Some on my laptop sit'n on the kitchen table.

Speak'n of kitchen table.....there ain't no such thing as a kitchen in a motorhome. The sink, stove, microwave, coffee pot and kitchen table is in the same room as the living room.....what ain't really a living room. It's an extension of the cockpit from where ya drive this thing. Motorhomes can be very confusing.

Now I have to make a decision. Do I sit here "do'n nuttin" or hook up "that jeep" and head to Houston for a couple rounds of golf? Golf sounds pretty good but I sure would like to see my daughter, SIL and grandkids. Guess I better fire up another sip'n pot, sit on "da porch" and do some think'n.

Oh, by the way....the brand spank'n new shelf for "da boat" come out so close to perfect that no one would ever know the difference. Ya wanna see???

 See there, I told ya. And, if'n ya look up there in the left corner, you can see Pancho Villa and 5 of my "mafia" kids.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

95% humidity and sweat'n

Ok, here's the deal. Oh wait a minute, I have no idea what the deal is.

Sit'n here in 95% humidity sure do make ya wanna be somewheres else. And it make ya sick. And now it rain drop'n. And Lug Nut is whin'n he want inside. Boy howdy Billy Bob, don't ya just love the gulf coast???

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....we was get'n a hurricane. Just a little one mind ya. Well it rain so much it fill up the Gulf of Mexico so much my dock was under water.....and them electrical wires was smok'n. My first mate at the time wanted to inform the "dock master" that the wires was on fire, but old Barnacle Bill informed her that they would turn it off and then the A/C wouldn't work. And wading down the dock ya could feel them little electric thingys crawl'n up your legs....make the hairs stand up. Just thought you should know that!!!!

I broke my boat yesterday. Ya see, it was like this. I was drag'n a little rug back in "Sally da house" and my shirt got hung on the front of the boat....and stuff start com'n apart. The stuff I had just finished spending all morning put'n together. Rigging. After a couple hours of put'n it all back together, you would never know that a disaster had took place.
To prevent such an occurance of ever happening again, today I will be building a brand spank'n new shelf for "da boat". Ya see, it's like this. I got this big ol' hunk of 12 inch wide oak out in the VW storage shed that need to be used before it rots. And since everything in "da house" is oak, what better piece of wood would fit the decor????  Huh??? What ya think bout that?

I have to admit I've been slack on making my daily posts....but I got a good reason. I ain't done nuttin. It's either been too hot or I ain't been feel'n too great. Been do'n some heavy think'n bout what that damn doctor told me before I left Deming. Why the hell didn't they tell me before they cut me open that "it don't last forever". Now....exactly what the hell did he mean by that???

Ok....I got stuff to build. Kind of like build'n stuff out in the middle of the desert, but on a smaller scale.

Ok....now that I got that done....cut'n, sand'n and a couple coats of 5 year old urathane...the freak'n batteries are dead. I always like to take a pic or two when I'm do'n my best work. Oh oh....did you see them little air bubbles? What the hell....???? I suppose that means more sanding and a coat or two of urathane. Sheesh!!! Gonna take me a month to finish a simple little shelf. Can hardly wait.

Let me see....what else can I talk bout to stir up all my followers?? I could bring up the subject of "beer joints" again. Or maybe plumb, straight and on the money. Quality workmanship always draws my attention. As does "shoddy" workmanship. A man should always strive to do superior workmanship. But....don't be look'n at my boat. Boy howdy, I could use some my own medicine. Did ya know I put a window where a door supposed to go??? That mean someone gonna be climb'n through a window to go take a leak. Sorry ladies, but that's what men do.

Ok...gotta go do something.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What ya talk'n bout

What ya talk'n bout, "where Billy Bob"? I ain't lost. I know where I'm at. But it ain't gonna be for long. The reason I say that is....
(to be continued)

Yesterday I went over to the island (Port Aransas) and did my stuff. On the way, I stopped off in Aransas Pass to check bout renewing my Texas driver license. Well, shoot, that weren't so bad. After wait'n in line for 30 minutes the nice lady says...."fill out that form over there". What form....Oh, you mean this one way at the end of the line? Then another 30 minutes in line and the nice lady says...."where your social security card"? I says I don't need one since my s/s is on my Medicare card. After a couple calls to somewhere she gives me one them looks and begins input into the "system". Then she took my fingerprints....of which she made another observation..."you have super glue on your fingers". Then she made me take off my glasses to read some letters on line 5......"what letters"???  "Put them back on and read line 4". Then she took my pic. I says..."who that old fart"? Then she says..."give me $25 and don't come back for 6 more years"...."next".

At the island, I did absolutely nothing but take care of business. In and out in less than an hour. On the way back, stopped at Churches and bought me up some chicken. Then close to El Rancho Abraham, I stopped off for a big ole chocolate shake. Brain freeze??? Have ya ever heard of brain freeze? That shit hurts old folks. Thought I was gonna die the first 4 times.

Then I took a nap. Boy howdy did I ever take a nap.

Today has been a day of rest. That means "do'n nuttin". Niece Emma still not finished with her cleaning job. Well...maybe she is and I just don't know it yet. But I'm good with that.

Doing nuttin gets boring from time to time. So....I mess with the boat for a while. This thing ain't never gonna get done......didn't I say something bout tak'n a year to build??? Ain't no sense taking a pic 'cause ya would never figger out what I did today. Little stuff takes a long time. See that little boat.....there's 2 of them and only took 4 hours.
And then....see that little boom and boarding ramp.....that another 3 hours.

Ok....what else do I have to say??? Hell....I don't know. Sure like all the encouraging comments y'all post. If it weren't for comments, I would just go to sleep for a few hours and dream.

.....I been here long enough. And since I got all my stuff took care of, why would I want to stay any longer? Daughter didn't answer phone. If I can't get in touch with her, how the hell she gonna know when I get to Houston? I need to visit her for at least 5 days before heading to Georgia. Now....where the hell I gonna stay when I get to Ga.??? Hope it ain't some run down cheap R/V park like the one back in Deming. Maybe I can find me a "beer joint" and camp in the parking lot. I been knowed to do that ya know.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Island hopping

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n too good. I know what it is, but I promised my kids I would travel 100,000 miles just to go on a camping trip and catch a mess of fish. And....I ain't even half way there yet. I still have an oil slick to drive through and floods all over the south. Then when I finally get there, it gonna rain.

Spent most of yesterday sit'n on "da couch" sip'na cup and going through about 1000 old pics. and old notebooks from years gone by. Found all kinds of stuff I been look'n for for years. "Oh, there it is". Stuff going back to the 60's....what would be almost 50 years ago. Boy howdy, how time flies.

Hung the airplane to the ceiling just in case I buy a helicopter. Been want'n one for years.

Someone mentioned I didn't post any new pics of the boat. Welcome back to LA OGT.

Now let me tell ya.....see them little stairs....that's 6 hours of back break'n work. Did manage to spray one coat of clear sealer on the decks to protect it when it goes in the water at some lake in Georgia. Hope that top heavy look'n thing don't turn over and run upside down.

Sure hope I don't have any problems renewing my Texas driver license. I hear from somewhere that Texas has new rules. I think I can do it online, but since I'm so close to the DMV in Artansas Pass, I'll drop by there and wait in line for a couple hours....just to take a look see.

Ok....gotta roll. Laters!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ok...got that fixed

Boy howdy Billy Bob, what the hell did you do now??? Well, it's like this...I was sit'n here staring at the computer screen and said..."hmmmm, wonder what would happen if....". Well it did.....but I'm back.

No, she's not done yet. Seems that cleaning a motorhome takes lots of planning and thought. Now that she has her car back from repairs, I'll never see her again.

My God, you should see what I done to the boat.

Ain't gonna be long until "I'm out of here". After spending the last 3 plus years out in the desert, I plumb forgot what humidity feels like. So, I gonna tell ya. If I never come back to the Gulf coast....boy howdy. I were sit'n there minding my own business and the thermometer went up to 92 degs. That ain't bad ya say, well let me tell ya bout what the humidity went up to. I had sweat roll'n off me like a pig on a spit. I were wring'n water out a towel, enought to make a pot of coffee...but gave it to the dogs instead. Humidity sucks. And skeeters....let me tell ya. Big 'uns.....5 pounds or more....with teeth.

Had a good trip to Corpus Christi the other day. But I got wore plumb slap out. Also left the memory card in the computer.....duh!!! Tomorrow I plan a trip to the island in "that jeep". Hope that sucker make it that far. 

Ain't been eat'n very good since I've been here. Maybe that why I feel so bad. No energy. Don't wanna "do nuttin". 

Now, bout that new law in Arizona......bout damn time something is done. I don't understand where anyone gets the idea of ask'n for identification is "racial profiling". I can see an illegal say'n that, but an American citizen.....hmmmmm. "Billy Bob, don't be start'n no political crap". 

Ok....got things to do.....laters....maybe.