Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is a contraption.
Or as they say in the profession, an ingenious drive device. Now don't be laugh'n any them girlie giggles. This ingenious device is a prototype of the sternwheel drive system what gonna make my boat get up on a plane. Ya see, it's like this, most remote control model Mississippi Riverboats are driven by belt drive. But old Billy Bob ain't gonna do it that way. Sissy's use belts and pulleys. If'n this contraption don't work, well then I rekon I'll be a sissy.
Now....this is the concept. Do we have any engineers out there with any suggestions.
Ok, I looked over my drawing and gonna have to make some changes. As it is, the motor will only drive one arm on the paddle wheel. I need to drive both arms 90 degrees offset. The only way to do that is to be a sissy and install a belt drive to a single shaft connected to both arms on the paddle wheel. Simple, huh???? Back to the drawing board.

Daughter Angela finally called me, but I didn't ask her why she hadn't called earlier. One thing ya don't want to do is piss off one my redneck kids. They get even ya know. Set your lawn on fire and stuff like that. Then they don't call ya for a year or two. I think they all need to join a church somewheres and quit mak'n that moonshine liquor stuff. I truely love all my kids.

OH....speak'n of kids....I am, as of yesterday, a great grandpa. This be the first one, but with bout 18 grandkids, I'm 'spect'n I'll have a ton of great grandkids in nuttin flat. That what happen when ya produce a bunch of young'uns. I truely love all my young'uns (7), grandyoung'uns (18) and great grandyoung'un (1).

Been windy as hell again today. Hope I can get out of this high humidity tomorrow morning....some time before noon. Although, I hear something bout it gonna rain in Houston. That's all I need. Have ya ever see them skeeters at the Steven F. Austin State Park when it rains??? Ya better be stop'n off at Walmart and buy ya some that skeeter spray stuff. Maybe this year I can get me a pic of one them raccoons com'n out the dumpster with his dinner.


  1. Sounds like you got the engineering all worked out.. NOW retake that snapshot and show us the whole dang part!! Then we can critique it for you. :-)

  2. congrats of being a great gramps. sheeesh are you that old?

  3. Some of them skeeters are as big as a raccoon and as mean as a pit bull.

  4. B B what makes them great is that you have the parents an grandparents there to take care of them while you set back and admire what you caused.I got 8 of those great ones.

  5. OGT...couple my young'un are older than you is....yup,I rekon I be that old.

    Anony....so I can expect to find raccoons fly'n round the place with a chain round their necks. By word!!!

    Ted...welcome to Billy Bob's Place. I don't rekon I'll be do'n no baby sit'n after I get up from my nap. Them grandkids don't like papaw when he wakes up. Grouchy ya know.