Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Island hopping

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n too good. I know what it is, but I promised my kids I would travel 100,000 miles just to go on a camping trip and catch a mess of fish. And....I ain't even half way there yet. I still have an oil slick to drive through and floods all over the south. Then when I finally get there, it gonna rain.

Spent most of yesterday sit'n on "da couch" sip'na cup and going through about 1000 old pics. and old notebooks from years gone by. Found all kinds of stuff I been look'n for for years. "Oh, there it is". Stuff going back to the 60's....what would be almost 50 years ago. Boy howdy, how time flies.

Hung the airplane to the ceiling just in case I buy a helicopter. Been want'n one for years.

Someone mentioned I didn't post any new pics of the boat. Welcome back to LA OGT.

Now let me tell ya.....see them little stairs....that's 6 hours of back break'n work. Did manage to spray one coat of clear sealer on the decks to protect it when it goes in the water at some lake in Georgia. Hope that top heavy look'n thing don't turn over and run upside down.

Sure hope I don't have any problems renewing my Texas driver license. I hear from somewhere that Texas has new rules. I think I can do it online, but since I'm so close to the DMV in Artansas Pass, I'll drop by there and wait in line for a couple hours....just to take a look see.

Ok....gotta roll. Laters!!!


  1. that boat is a beauty! does look top heavy though doesnt it. prolly be ok if there aint no wind when you float it.

  2. BB, I had to go in person to renew my DL also, didn't take long at my out of the way place down in the country, pick a place NOT in a large town. And I had to provide a second form of ID ( I had my passport with me, but think your SS card will work)

    And you gonna have to do the eye test thing and get a new picture!!

    I still say that boat is way to pretty to risk turning into a submarine!!!

  3. BB, that there boat is gonna be way to top heavy to float exceptin maybe belly up. Back in the "good ole days" when we wanted to move some corn from town to town in a hurry, we'd put a bunch of lead weights down around the frame of the hauler lowerin the center of gravity down almost to the ground. 0 to 60 took forever but most corners were negoiated around 85 or therebouts. If'n you want 'da boat' to float face up maybe you could add some fishin weight in the hull.

  4. Seems I saw a river boat that looked just like that on while I was watching the old TV show "Cheyenne" the other night. It had huge cotton bails piled on the front.

    I like the old coyboy shows. The Western channel has been playing them, like Cheyenne, Have Gun Will Travel, Maverick, The Virginian, Gun Smoke, The Magnificant Seven, and others. Those old black and white shows bring back a lot of memories.