Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What ya talk'n bout

What ya talk'n bout, "where Billy Bob"? I ain't lost. I know where I'm at. But it ain't gonna be for long. The reason I say that is....
(to be continued)

Yesterday I went over to the island (Port Aransas) and did my stuff. On the way, I stopped off in Aransas Pass to check bout renewing my Texas driver license. Well, shoot, that weren't so bad. After wait'n in line for 30 minutes the nice lady says...."fill out that form over there". What form....Oh, you mean this one way at the end of the line? Then another 30 minutes in line and the nice lady says...."where your social security card"? I says I don't need one since my s/s is on my Medicare card. After a couple calls to somewhere she gives me one them looks and begins input into the "system". Then she took my fingerprints....of which she made another observation..."you have super glue on your fingers". Then she made me take off my glasses to read some letters on line 5......"what letters"???  "Put them back on and read line 4". Then she took my pic. I says..."who that old fart"? Then she says..."give me $25 and don't come back for 6 more years"...."next".

At the island, I did absolutely nothing but take care of business. In and out in less than an hour. On the way back, stopped at Churches and bought me up some chicken. Then close to El Rancho Abraham, I stopped off for a big ole chocolate shake. Brain freeze??? Have ya ever heard of brain freeze? That shit hurts old folks. Thought I was gonna die the first 4 times.

Then I took a nap. Boy howdy did I ever take a nap.

Today has been a day of rest. That means "do'n nuttin". Niece Emma still not finished with her cleaning job. Well...maybe she is and I just don't know it yet. But I'm good with that.

Doing nuttin gets boring from time to time. So....I mess with the boat for a while. This thing ain't never gonna get done......didn't I say something bout tak'n a year to build??? Ain't no sense taking a pic 'cause ya would never figger out what I did today. Little stuff takes a long time. See that little boat.....there's 2 of them and only took 4 hours.
And then....see that little boom and boarding ramp.....that another 3 hours.

Ok....what else do I have to say??? Hell....I don't know. Sure like all the encouraging comments y'all post. If it weren't for comments, I would just go to sleep for a few hours and dream.

.....I been here long enough. And since I got all my stuff took care of, why would I want to stay any longer? Daughter didn't answer phone. If I can't get in touch with her, how the hell she gonna know when I get to Houston? I need to visit her for at least 5 days before heading to Georgia. Now....where the hell I gonna stay when I get to Ga.??? Hope it ain't some run down cheap R/V park like the one back in Deming. Maybe I can find me a "beer joint" and camp in the parking lot. I been knowed to do that ya know.


  1. Gee Billy Bob, when you get to Houston you will be getting pretty close to me. Cut-N-Shoot is only 45 or so miles north of Houston. Of course, Houston is a spread out place and you can drive most of the day, make only a couple of turns, and still be in Houston when night falls.

    I get lost in that place real easy. Of course I have been known to get lost in a 4 traffic light town. . .

  2. That dang masterpiece of a boat is looking waaay too good to ever get wet!!

    All in all it sounds like a better day than you had planned on. AND I told ya so!! Don't take long to get a new license for us ole farts! :-)

    AND you notice I DID NOT post a note asking where the hell you were all day long!! :-) ( I did get three emails begging me for your phone number, which I won't give out. :-)

  3. Dizzy....I'll be staying at the Steven F Austin State park....they got a golf course ya know.

    LOL Ben, seems every time I gonna do something, you find a way to make it easier. And what ever you do....don't give anyone my phone number. But actually, it really don't make no matter, I usually don't answer anyhows.
    Boats belong in water....that what they designed for.

  4. So when are you gonna auction it off?

  5. Ok, enough's enough, someone tell BB how to make a new post!! :-)

  6. Are you in Houston yet? You know I have always wanted to go camp at Stephen F. Austin State Park, maybe one of these days I will get to do so.

    Glad you got your driver's license taken care of. When my mom went to renew hers she had her check all written out for whatever the amount was. However, they only let her renew hers for two years, so without a checkbook we had to rummage through our purses to come up with the new lower amount but in cash ( I don't do cash).

    Don't know what the new criteria is for senior citizens but at least I am glad they did not turn her down :-(