Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ok...got that fixed

Boy howdy Billy Bob, what the hell did you do now??? Well, it's like this...I was sit'n here staring at the computer screen and said..."hmmmm, wonder what would happen if....". Well it did.....but I'm back.

No, she's not done yet. Seems that cleaning a motorhome takes lots of planning and thought. Now that she has her car back from repairs, I'll never see her again.

My God, you should see what I done to the boat.

Ain't gonna be long until "I'm out of here". After spending the last 3 plus years out in the desert, I plumb forgot what humidity feels like. So, I gonna tell ya. If I never come back to the Gulf coast....boy howdy. I were sit'n there minding my own business and the thermometer went up to 92 degs. That ain't bad ya say, well let me tell ya bout what the humidity went up to. I had sweat roll'n off me like a pig on a spit. I were wring'n water out a towel, enought to make a pot of coffee...but gave it to the dogs instead. Humidity sucks. And skeeters....let me tell ya. Big 'uns.....5 pounds or more....with teeth.

Had a good trip to Corpus Christi the other day. But I got wore plumb slap out. Also left the memory card in the computer.....duh!!! Tomorrow I plan a trip to the island in "that jeep". Hope that sucker make it that far. 

Ain't been eat'n very good since I've been here. Maybe that why I feel so bad. No energy. Don't wanna "do nuttin". 

Now, bout that new law in Arizona......bout damn time something is done. I don't understand where anyone gets the idea of ask'n for identification is "racial profiling". I can see an illegal say'n that, but an American citizen.....hmmmmm. "Billy Bob, don't be start'n no political crap". 

Ok....got things to do.....laters....maybe.


  1. Yeah, not eating enough will do you in. Maybe keep some high protein bars/drinks on hand for those times you're not up to cooking. They have them in the pharmacy section at Walmart.

  2. BB, I completely understand the not being hungry thing, sucks as us old farts need our food as much as the dang kids do. I had used some of those things that A Follower recommended, in fact I used the weight loss things as snacks at one time and they helped with the lack energy thing. BUT only used them as a snack not as a meal.

  3. BB,
    Glad to see you are back and mostly alive. Yea buddy, tell me about humidity. The frogs are making such a racket that when you go outside in the evening it is deafening. Course, one doesn't stay outside in the humidity very long. You know, if I moved to the desert and didn't sweat so much I would be twice as big. . .

    Don't experiment with the computer, we need to hear from you. Well, at least when you hit the road, da house will be nice and clean.

    How are the puppies doing?

  4. Was getting worried about you was about to call you...but heck how do you call someone whose telephone number you don't have? :)

    Careful with the mosquitos, those suckers are everywhere.

    Does that mean you are not going to Houston? I mean because of the humidity?

  5. just got back from Terlingua, and checking in. wheres the pic of yer boat?

    I put up some pics on my blog and some of the Gatherin Place. Am/Legion