Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Craps...where I at???

Here what I wrote yesterday....before I lost internet......
The day started off just perfect for a visit from daughter and grandkids. Nice and cool, not a breeze in the air, no sunshine and clouds everywhere. Well....I thought it was perfect. But then....here come the rain. What put us all in "da house". How would you like to spend 24 hours in here with 3 rambunctious little redneck grandkids???

See what happens when ya leave food in Billy Bob's refrigerator....he eats it so he don't have to cook. Um yum yum, cold french fries, cold chicken thingys and cold gravy. Ya can't beat that with a stick.

Just what I thought...lost internet connection. Freak'n rain caused the dish to settle into the soggy ground. Then I had to go outside in the pour'n rain to readjust....what I did. Now I have the weakest signal I have ever had, but at least I'm back online.  
Well I thought I was back online....it's on and off, so I gonna attempt to post.

It didn't post!!!

It been rain'n all night long and all day long......it just quit 30 mins. ago. Outside adjust dish again. 
Not gonna try to post any pics cause my internet is still sporatic....the means I don't know if it gonna work or not. 

Had a great time outside with Angela and grandkids. I says to Hanna, "your shoes are on the wrong feet". Hanna says, "that's ok".

They not here yet today. Can hardly wait. 


  1. Well, glad you to to see the GKids,, but hell, BB, you should know by now the wind and rain and cold just follows you around. Don't sound like not long ago you was bitching about he wind and cold in Deming. Maybe you should find out where they is having a drought and offer them you services as a rain maker for a small nominal fee :-)

    Hope you get you a good connection pretty soon so you can post up pictures so we can see your redheaded Grand kids.