Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy moms make good mothers

Ok, here's the deal. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"???

Ya see, it's like this......my daughter in Houston changed her phone number. No freak'n wonder I ain't talk to her. And then....I stayed up till 2am waiting for her to call me last night just like her big brother said she was gonna do. And since I can't call her 'cause I don't know her new phone number... "Nasa One Obie Kanobie, we have a problem" and I didn't change my phone number......Sheesh!!! 

Anyhows, it rain last night right bout the time I was enjoy'n a wonderful dream bout opening up my own Walmart store. Well actually, it was more on the lines of a redneck flea market. I jumps up and rain is com'n in the windows. Some on my laptop sit'n on the kitchen table.

Speak'n of kitchen table.....there ain't no such thing as a kitchen in a motorhome. The sink, stove, microwave, coffee pot and kitchen table is in the same room as the living room.....what ain't really a living room. It's an extension of the cockpit from where ya drive this thing. Motorhomes can be very confusing.

Now I have to make a decision. Do I sit here "do'n nuttin" or hook up "that jeep" and head to Houston for a couple rounds of golf? Golf sounds pretty good but I sure would like to see my daughter, SIL and grandkids. Guess I better fire up another sip'n pot, sit on "da porch" and do some think'n.

Oh, by the way....the brand spank'n new shelf for "da boat" come out so close to perfect that no one would ever know the difference. Ya wanna see???

 See there, I told ya. And, if'n ya look up there in the left corner, you can see Pancho Villa and 5 of my "mafia" kids.


  1. Well, Hell BB, that dang boat display area looks Waaay too professional!!!
    And those pictures of your kin and Pancho? Do I see a remarkable family resemblance ? :-)

  2. A little trivia about Pancho According to one of Villa's last surviving widows, he officially married 26 times.So Ben you may have hit on something?

  3. Im holding back, and wont say what Im tempted to say about your daughter changing her number and not tellin you. Boat looks great up there. but u better watch it, someone might sneak in there and steal it some day.

    Pancho Villa and your old photos of your self do look simular. Is there something yer not tellin us?