Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost on the Interstate

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were driv'n down the road and right behind me was this big ol' black cloud???
Not only does a black cloud bring rain, wind, sunless days, hurricanes and tornadoes, it brings all kind of bad luck just look'n for a place to land. Right slap dab in the middle of old Billy Bob's exciting world of travels. As of today, I have one (1) enormous black cloud for sale at a discount price....listed on Craigs List and Ebay.

So sorry that I've been so long in making an updated post, but it ain't easy driving through all the above and making a post at the same time. For me, it would be like chewing gum and walking at the same time.....it ain't gonna happen.

Let me see if I can remember where I was a few days ago before I got "lost". Did I mention I was going to Houston??? Well that ended up a cluster with all the rain. Had a wonderful visit with Angela and family, but like I mentioned once before, I wore slap out. I was sad when I passed Katy, Texas on I-10 headed towards Lose-anna.

A decision was made to take I-10 to Georgia instead of going north to I-20. This was a mistake. Went through Houston high gear 60 mile a hour and fore I knowed it I was in Beaumont, Texas...."OH CRAP Billy Bob, ya gotta get some gas". Bout 75 mile down the road a piece I was poosh'n on da brakes....everyone had done stopped....what go'n on??? Up front me I could see nuttin but miles of big trucks and cars chuggin along at bout 2 mph tops. Three hours later the nice Lose-anna highway patrol says "get off here". Here to where??? I fount me a nice camping site at the local Winn Dixie grocery store where I spent the night.

Next day...what ever day that was....I was back on the road again. Is that a black cloud over there?? Yep...and it gonna rain. What it did. Do you know that I passed through 3 States without stopping at 1 Walmart store??? Boy howdy that ain't right.

On I-20 maybe 50 mile or so from the Georgia State line here some nice Alabama State police say'n "get off". Get off to where???? Drove some them country roads for miles before I was back on the road again. Now I'm tired and wore slap out again. By the time I made it to Georgia I was ready for a nap or something. Had to lay down. And what a better spot than the rest area right up the road a piece. That where I spend the night. Oh...did I mention...it rained for miles and miles and then it rained all night long? And I'm only 25 miles from destination..."Yo Mama's RV Resort and Spa".

Weren't pull up in the yard 5 minute and here they comes. Daughter Doris Lynn and crew. Mama cook us all up a big ol' breakfast of pintos, fried taters, eggs, "happy Harry" salsa and fresh made tortillas. Boy howdy did old Billy Bob need a nap after all that good eat'n stuff. But then...here come son Ronny beat'n on my door holler'n "HEY". And then...grandson Colby gonna graduate at 8pm. What about my nap....I NEED my nap.

Graduation took what little "among the living" out of me before we got there. This old boy ain't done none this stuff in years. I suppose Colby gonna be at McDonalds early this morning put'n in his application for a corporate job or something like that. His mama done told him rent would be due come the first of the month.

OK....gonna cut this short. I'm here.


  1. Dang Billy Bob, you sure better lose that black cloud before you come back through Texas. . .

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound and I am sure, no matter how you complain, you are enjoying the kids and grandkids.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Glad to see you remembered how to post BB.. :-) Now! Where's all the pictures of the clan? :-)

  3. Really happy to see your post. Glad you made it here to Beautiful Georgia. Have a wonderful time with the family, you can rest when they are all gone home. Plan to stay a day or two where you are for a rest before you head back out.

  4. Hwy patrol just trying to give the small towns a little revenue, by shutting down the interstate.

  5. yeah, what cowboy said.

  6. Too early to tell if'n I gonna enjoy the kids and grandkids....but ya know I am. I think 2 months with them is gonna wear me slap out.
    Work'n on some pics Ben....but now it's pizza and coffee on "da porch".

  7. For a second there I thought them nice cops had given you a ticket, glad that was not the case.

    Had no idea you were going to spend two months with your family.

    Awfully glad you are posting again, missed ya !!